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  1. No problem, it's alway worth asking if you're not sure (I probably didn't explain well enough) given we've 4 days till the pledge manager closes anyway I'm sure we'll get more than enough for the last £500 to meet the actual target any way (I think about £200 of it is committed for but not paid from folks in the comments anyway) It's been very cool that they're doing this as they didn't have to allow post KS cash to count to the goal (is this a gaming KS first? I've not seen it before) (or if you were being cynical they could have said it would count, but under-reported what they took), It certainly helps with rebuilding reputation, but even so getting an extra couple of figures is a very pleasant surprise.
  2. The post KS total is over £124,500 and Mierce has just said CreatorMierce Miniatures21 minutes ago @Rick - no worries, glad you understand. ...and don't worry about Beowa - we're going to make him, we're close enough ;o) so anybody pledging for one or more starters should be getting Beowa in human & bear form (and since I think he acts as a mercenary he should be playable whatever faction you're interested in)
  3. Beagle's not being rude (come on ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ is a serious insult?), Beagle's being funny, and getting uptight about it is just silly
  4. New update (2k left till those getting a starter get beowa free... 1 per backer, pledge manager closes 8th march) Even though it's Sunday and I should be doing family things I just can't keep this in. Des Hanley's concept art for Beowa, Once-Thegn of Northumbera popped into my inbox this morning and... well. I'll let the art speak for itself... Beowa, human form Beowa, bear form We currently stand at £123,054.02 - so only £2,000 to go before each backer who has chosen at least one Starter Set will get him. Beowa in both forms should be sculpted by Benoît Cosse so we are extremely excited about him! One last thing: here's a rough for Druc, Meat-Hulk from Danny Cruz. It's certainly a rough, but it should also show you the direction he's going in...
  5. I looked, it was all very enticing but fortunately I'm really not that keen on Zombies (plus I have too many games/minis incoming) so I'll pass but I wish them well (and while some may disagree it's good to see an oportunity for folk to get the original base game as part of the KS)
  6. One of the bits companies who post on Dakka (Paulson Games) is also going to be releasing a Mech KS soon that may be of interest (if you've just after mechs and not specifically robotech) http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/509439.page;jsessionid=2FD420DD8C59FBA1F2B49539ADE54030 I'll post a specific thread when it's closer to starting, but the above thread has the gist of it, plus some art and Paulson will be putting up test rule on it too
  7. Well ex-GW employee probably covers a good part of the industry, even more so for uk companies
  8. The Ninja Divison facebook games page is suposed to be where all the info on this breaks pre-KS http://www.facebook.com/pages/Soda-Pop-Miniatures/99556434458?ref=ts&fref=ts#!/NinjaDivision?fref=ts
  9. A new update with WIPs, and concepts. KS backers can add extras on the Mierce website until 8th March (remember if we hit 125K each backer will get a Beowa in human & bear form... Current total £121,496.71, so only 3504 to go) UPDATE With just a week to go we have some cracking things to show you - the concept art for Torku, Jowan of Carn Dhu and his Drune-Hounds and a rough of Beowa for a start, as well as more Works in Progress with the finished Carrowek on horseback, more detailed Duguth, another Tarvax and the last Dyndraig warrior! Let's show you the concept artwork for Jowan of Carn Dhu first, drawn by Danny Cruz, and it really is a thing of beauty. We think it's Danny's best work for us so far - let us know what you think! Danny's also provided the artwork for Torku for us - this will be sculpted by Stéphane NGuyen van Gioi: Lastly on the concept front, Des Hanley has given us a rough of Beowa in both forms: Right, on to work in progress images! Stéphane Simon (who we hope to tie down for Jowan and Hounds) has finished Carrowek on horseback and we think he's done an awesome job. Carrowek on foot is blimmin' amazing, but just have a look at Carrowek on horse! The last remaining Dyndraig to be sculpted by Roberto Chaudon is finished also. Check him out - he's possibly the best of the lot! Following on from the Duguth last time, here's an update on what Juan Navarro Pérez has been up to... Lastly, but certainly not leastly, here's the Gultain Tarvax - Raakanasck - sculpted by Benoît Cosse! Still to come in terms of concepts is Druc, and there'll be plenty of WIPs to come too!
  10. Well that's usually the way of things with box sets, they're cheaper than extras It's the way Mantic went with dreadball too, teams were cheaper in the game box than when adding them as extras
  11. Thank you, CashWiley, for that banana-oil-nightmare-fuel. No Just No You should know by now Dwarf Oiling is illegal, and Immoral
  12. The delayed (but should be soon) Red Box Games Stuff Haar Miniatures (due this month, but probably a bit late) Then Reaper (paint deleyed since september, figures on time so far) Bombshell Babes (delayed from Feb) Sedition Wars phase 2 (delayed from March guess may?)
  13. As promised I did some digging and (thanks to Scarletsquig on Dakka) I can say that the different Mantic KS projects having ringfenced bank accounts comes from Ronnie at the recent Mantic open day so those that were concerned that one projects cash might end up funding another don't have to worry. Ronnie also talks about Loka (and it's funding) in the blog post below http://www.manticblog.com/?p=7195
  14. Mantic had not deleyed either the Kings of War of Deadball KS projects both are on schedule It's just that KOW had a very long lead time
  15. No specific dates yet, but 3 KS projects from Raging Heroes may be worth a look (supposedly all this year, but I bet the 2nd two will slip) plus Red Box Games KS 2.1 when it relaunches
  16. I'm pretty sure this is NOT the case, and that Mantic have separate ring fenced accounts to hold the cash from the different ks projects just to avoid the possibility of this (I'll see if I can find the reference, and post it if I can)
  17. Legal action seems reasonable (although probably more trouble than it's worth) IF you think you've been deliberatly conned, and could even be seen as a public spirited thing to do If you just think it's incompetence, yet its daft for that small a sum
  18. I'm sure the Canada Pallets will go out when there's a truckfull of them too, so I guess RAFM will get 2+ individual shipments They'll also not have any 'work' to do other than put them in the postal system as all the sorting/addressing will have been done by reaper, so it will just be a case of weighing/sticking on postage so it should be pretty simple for them
  19. 19 items total, so well after day 1, but nowhere near the end (phew)
  20. If you KS runs along the lines you planned for you're probably ok, but if it explodes you could well need more of something than you expected and might not have secured a sufficiently large 'stock' at your distributor, or your distributor may have exagerated what they can lay their hands on to get your business (assuming you won't actually need as much) and then find they need to re-order from their suppllier/the manufacturer (like Reaper the paint pots... one or both of the above happened their) postal increases you should be ok with unless you end up running well behind schedule (eg red box games), but again, stuff can get in the way of plans
  21. I'd imagine one of the trickiest things is the possibility of raw materials/services massivly going up in cost after your KS has funded, but before you've paid for that aspect of the project (eg the recent big hike in USPS international postage) All too easy for a project that looked to be in the black to jump into the red
  22. Happy, happy, joy, joy vast walls of plastic minis will soon be mine and Great Cthulhus will watch over me as I sleep
  23. Nobody thought there would be as big a market for Gnomes (well obviously stonehaven did), I also suspect one of the reasons they can price figures as they do is the size... If the figures start to get bigger (elf/human/ork etc) they will need more metal and so have to be more expensive than a gnome or dwarf so Kobalds seem a reasonable idea for next time (if they need to KS it), or how about pixies?
  24. Did you know the Horus Herasy boardgame was massively discounted recently (Black Friday sales I think) so you should be able to pick it up for a lot less... (if you were just using it to make a point feel free to disregard this, I'm not trying to knock you)
  25. At the moment UPS seems to be they way they're going (Bryan was posting about the discount they were getting from them) so if PO boxes are an issue for UPS you might be better to change (don't so UPS so don't know)
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