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  1. I confess actually getting my Sedition Wars stuff (well wave 1 anyway) has made me even more keener to get more shiney stuff as it make it all real rather than 'some time in the future I might get the stuff through the door' it will take, of cource, a million billion years to paint all the stuff I have/have coming up anyway, but that's never the point (and minis are easier to hide in cupboard than 1/35 scale tank kits)
  2. Hopefully when he's fulfilled all the KS1 backers he can get his webshop back up and running properly I'm seeing quite a lot of folk saying they want to buy undead/helsvakt/fenris/riders etc so hopefully despite his perception having them tooled in something he can afford to restock regularly will make it KS1 a long term sucess for him
  3. I think it's a combination of factors, some of which you mentioned, my list includes 1. RBG 1 was alongside bones for part of it's run, and I'm pretty sure it picked up some backers from it (especially as Tre was name checked as a sculptor for some of the really nice minis he did for reaper) 2. Many will not back till they have their KS1 rewards 3. Goblins may not be as popular as Helsvakt (or if they are those that like them already have many, many goblins) 4. Some KS mini backers will have run out of cash, and it's not clear if enough extra have come in to replace them 5. Far more KS backers now expect a 'deal' especially after bones, they pile in on day 1 but swiftly become dissatisfied if lots of free stuff does not show up and pull out, this gives a strong early showing, but means the middle looks dead (a few new backers, a few pull outs = 0 or less). In small campaigns this give the (potentially) miss leading impression that the campaign is in trouble 6. Tre opened pledge levels for stuff not yet unlocked, in hindsight a mistake, he should only have added them once the figures unlocked.. otherwise you get more of point 5, pulled or reduced pledges 7. The time of year, just after Xmas (where many will still be paying off CC debt), and others will be counting their pennies towards a summer break for them and the family (this second may not be a real issue as there will always be somthing coming up, but where I work we alwasy find Jan/Feb/Mar hardest to pull in money) 8. Competition, there are more mini KS projects ongoing at once now, so if you can only back 1 or 2, that means not backing 7 or 8, when KS 1 was running that mean not backing 1 or 2 9. and as you said no free stuff (yes we didn't get it this early before but the PERCEPTION was there was free stuff, the PERCEPTION of many is Bones was always the insane deal it was at the end and in this game perception is as important as reality) while it's not going to reach the heights of KS 1 I still hope this boosts at the end so I don't have to drop/kill my pledge, there is time
  4. "Also, I think there's a very simple difference in that Red Box and CSM's last Kickstarters had killer deals, while their present ones are much more reasonably priced. Torn World has two goblins for $25, not exactly a deal you just can't say no to; Red Box is better, but I think the Helsvakt KS had a lot more freebies and stuff thrown in (I wasn't in on that one). Perhaps backers are just not that tempted." We did get free stuff in the 1st Red Box Games KS if we pledged at a high enough level, but these didn't start showing up until plenty of cash had been added to the pot (Conrad at $35K, undead at $45K, Yrsa/Fenris ?, Morgrimm at $70K)
  5. I think that's a very good point, you're much more likely to keep coming back to see what's up next. Show it all and you may pledge and never return. (and longer you spend on the page/comments the more likely you are to up their pledge) revealing only 1 or 2 stretches at a time also means there is less 'but I want X next, not Y' but the way Tre set up this one offering pledge levels for solo/runty/special ranks meant he needed to reveal at least one of each of these
  6. Well although I sure some would jump in/add extra for wolf riders, others (like me) would cancel/reduce their pledge if the bonebacks were shuffled away from where they are now and the more chopping and changing there is the less reliable the KS looks I'm pretty sure the main problem is just that KS1 rewards have not been recived buy many and until they are they just won't pledge. (i'll also bet a fair number of KS1 pledgers were drawn in on the back of Bones and may not be interested in more minis, at least not yet)
  7. Funded £108,036 (approx $167K) All stretch goals were reached except the free Theign & Theign in Werebear form.. 1 per backer who ordered at least one starter set(£125K), but Mierce have said that any additional cash from the pledge manager WILL count towards it so we might just get there anyway. This is planned to be up some shortly after the KS money comes through in approx 3 weeks time (prob 1st week in March), but it seems it won't be up for too long as they've got April delivery targets to hit
  8. Under 2 hours to go if you want to get anything here lots of cool stuff avaibable
  9. Well 1879 was meant to be a full RPG, 15mm Miniatures game, miniatures AND an iPad App for running the game across the net (rather than just collating game results) but after how FASA squandered all it's gaming properties previously I'm not surprised they didn't manage to fund (even if it had been a far lower target)
  10. another $85K stretch goal image (Griminn from the file name)
  11. Mierce have started to take steps to address a potential issue over postage costs for overseas backers If you pledged for up to 7 starters you'd only pay £10 postage, but if you got the Own Them All pledge (for all 8) it will cost £50, that just wasn't right (actualy I suspect Mierce didn't think so many backers would be after so many sets, and they probably should have had a sliding costs scale for up to 2/4/6/8 sets but they didn't think of that, or decided it was too comples) So now in the comments Mierce have said that any International backer (ie somebody paying postage) at the Own Them All level will get £40 of free credit to pick up any models in the KS they fancy Also 70 K has been reached so each starter will come with dice and tokens too next stop $75K
  12. Now looking at things from the other side If you're talking about a single 28-35mm mini that the project creator belives in enough it should make it to market anyway as the costs involved in commisioning art &/or sculpt are not insurmountable (especially if you are willing to take a chance on new/amature talent) Once you have a green you could either sell it to a mini company (if it's good somebody is likely to want it), or go to a co-operative like trollforged (you keep the rights & split the profit with them, or sell it yourself (eg by showing it off on some of the independant forums like Dakka or Frothers) now I'm not saying it will be easy or quick (depends how fast you can save the money to start with) but it is possible KS can certainly speed things up, but it's not the only way
  13. Bombshell are in a good place with reaper as they are people Reaper know can use the casting machines etc without breaking them or messing up the shop so they can fit themselves into reapers downtime, meaning they'll pay a lot less than if somebody else hired reapers expertise and had to pay not only for the hire of the machines, but for staff time and optential interuption of reapers normal schedule
  14. she's called Leofwen, and the deer she's riding has hints of what looks to me to be one of the extinct Irish Elks (Megaloceros) I'm think I'll have to have one if we get that far
  15. I've no problem funding stuff that (might) fund only a single mini (if I really like the idea/art/whatever), though as has bee said above postage costs probably mean you'd be better off including something else with it too (eg collectors box, art card, story, RPG stats or whatever) as it would probably end up having to cost a lot more than a standard metal mini (the Haar Indoegogo project I backed did just that, although they did have other figures planned it was pretty clear they wouldn't be reached) another possibility would be to licence a well loved piece of art to base the mini on (that might justify the high price)
  16. They dropped this GLAUN wip in the chat on the comments and a new update with the 70K free stretch goal (12 free dice & free wooden order & action tokens) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mierceminiatures/darklands-a-world-of-war/posts/401763
  17. just for fun - a few questions. 1/ Which Kickstarter did you miss that you wish you'd supported? Very hard to say, there are a few i'd quite like to have been involved in (Zombicide, Imbrian Arts), but I'm not really wishing I'd backed them 2/ Which project did you support that you wish you hadn't? I'll say Axes and Anvils, it was only $10 so not enough to bother me,(but as it's been quiet, and delayed, and the company had another undelivered project, and ran a project after this one I just don't expect what will eventually turn up will be worth the wait) 3/ Which company with which range of figures would you like to see undertake a kickstarter? I'll say Statuesque Miniatures just to get more of the cool figures made (although the owners/sculptor already said he's not going to have one!) 4/ Which project have you enjoyed participating in most? Sedition Wars (with Red Box Games/Reaper a very close second) 5/ You have the means to arrange a kickstarter focused on a new line of minis from any genre, what would you choose? True pulp SF but combined with modern sculpting skills. There are a few display minis that come close to this (2 shown below), but a whole line would be cool http://studiomcvey.highwire.com/product/smm26-zeeona http://studiomcvey.highwire.com/product/smm13-beauty-and-the-bot
  18. Yup GW did a Rogue Trooper board game http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1558/rogue-trooper (Actually to my mind probably the most consistent fun off all the board games they put out around that time, Chainsaw warrior was more fun when it worked, but it could also be a big fat miss as well)
  19. Was it clear it was a serious rather than a rhetorical question? (try rephrasing it) Have the comments flowed fast enough to hide it ? (maybe try asking again do the answer this time) Was it answered by other posters ? (the Project creators may not bother answering if the other posters got it right) If none of the above it could be a warning sign that they don't want to answer, so think about your pledge
  20. I was pleasantly surprised, I like the idea of injured units becoming easier to hit and less effective, and I like the idea of a commander (in a fantasy system) being less able to control his troops if they are too far away (sounds like this range can be boosted by musicians, I wonder if messengers can be used too) what I'm not sure about is how well both of these will work for larger battles, but certainly interesting
  21. Actually is ahead of KS1 by $2189 at present in terms of cash pledged (almost certainly backers pledging for stuff yet to come so some potential for folk backing out later) but down in backer numbers by 136 so he's not doing badly, and I suspect part of the reason for the lower number of backer is some people wanting to see KS1 stuff before backing him again (not unreasonable), but since he's shipped a bunch of stuff (and will hopefully get more off soon) many of those will join up again In terms of the KS itself this is more risky as so much of it is retools compared to the Helsvakt which were mainly new, some of Tre's fans will already have this stuff so have less incentive to jump in, but it's what he needs to do to get the whole store into trollcast. Sure he'd love to do better than the first one, but I'm however it goes will be cool
  22. Very basic gameplay video is up http://vimeo.com/59008628 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mierceminiatures/darklands-a-world-of-war/posts
  23. I got some first time round (and have yet to get them) and have no problem with Tre offering them here (it's not as if KS2 backers will get them before those of us who ordered them for KS1) and I'm not bothered about the minor price difference either as if you used a 'rank' pick to get them you could have paid less than $15 (if you pledged high enough), they were only $18 if you added them on as a paid extra rank so come on everybody pledge for wolves and unlock me more stuff!
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