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  1. I guess the question is whether the store was actually making them any money ? depending on how they were selling their stuff the store COULD have effectivly been a loss leader advertising the brand (did they sell through stores or distributors too?) if so closing it may make sense If it was profitable it does seem odd to close it for so long
  2. Note that deciding to buy a Troll, Sronax or Dyndraig unit for £70 is foolish (65K stretch unlock), as for only £80 (£10 more) you could get the respective monsterous infantry starter which would come with an 4 extra minis (2 human sized, one monstrous infantry and 1 ogre)
  3. Three Stretches In One Day We've been a little quiet over the past couple of days, but that's because we've been beavering away on our gameplay video. To make up for that, and to get those pledges going before the video goes up, we're adding three stretch goals today to bring us right up to nearly £70,000...! Here's the first one, at £60,000: As we've had so many requests for this, the £60,000 Stretch Goal allows anyone to increase their pledge for the "freebie" miniatures for other kindreds and most of the characters from the Starter Set rewards. Going for the Dyndraig, but fancy Carrowek because he's such a cool miniature? Grab him here! On to £65,000... The next Stretch Goal, the £65,000 one, brings in one new miniature - Dungann, an Albainn Oghurithne who accompanies Urbad on his travels and can ally with anyone, as he's a Sell-Sword too! He carries a big Oghu stone around with him and it could, just could, be magical... As well as him, there's the option to get hold of the Duguth and Ax-Drune Warriors to increase the size of your units or just add a Dyndraig, Srónax or Troll Unit to your host. Not only those, but also: we've added Talos of the Atalantes, Ulmons of the Byzantii - as well as Scar-Scath for the Vras, who ally with the Ysians - for those who just want some cool models! Lastly, but not leastly, here's the dastardly... ...and rather mighty Krull! Standing 165mm from top to toe Krull is probably our most impressive miniature and, rather appropriately, comes at the £66,666(and probably .66p) level. He will wipe the floor with just about anything else at the moment (barring the other really large miniatures) but he's so amazing and we've had so many requests that here he is... As always, you're getting great deals here - around a third off - so get them now while you have the chance! £70,000 Stretch Goal - Freebies! The stretch goal after Krull - which we'll reveal once we get to £60,000 - will include some freebies... so get pledging! Remember, too, the gameplay video will be up tomorrow! Lastly, the usual gubbins, of course: If you want to keep your pledge "in kindred" have a look at the kindred symbols on the Starter Sets and the image above (as well any stretch goal images). You can choose additional miniatures for the kindred you've chosen or anything you desire - perhaps for a painting project! You're not limited in any way by our Kickstarter and you can increase your pledge level by the amounts shown above and choose what you want at checkout when the Kickstarter ends. Please note, there are no additional shipping fees if you've already chosen a Starter Set!
  4. I'm somewhat puzzled by their suggestion that if they released some 'Already Sculpted' minis in some of the ranges they've canned/posponed they would fail to cover their development costs as surely once the mini is sculpted you've already spent the development money, (Now I agree they might not cover their production costs so it's probably just a question on lanaguage)
  5. Yup there was a major price hike from RM (last April if I remember right), and several of the couriers have gone up recently too (sigh)
  6. Tre tried varying things last time (adding the Aeglish to the Helsvakt and almost killed the KS dead.....), so I think he's very wise to keep it tightly focused and remember this is intended to set up his business for the long term, he can always run another KS Dvergar or whatever later, if the goblins don't pull in the cash it will give him a much clearer picture of where he should focus his efforts
  7. I'd say they'd have to completely clear up their pre-order problem, then launch something else on time (or get it to retail in numbers without pre-orders) I've no real problem with a companies product being late if all they've done is say 'it should be out on X', but if they've taken money for it they really need to get stuff out on time (or offer full refund to evrybody... and that's contacting people to ask if they want a refund, not waiting for them to try and cancel KS is prone enough to deleys from companies you would normally consider reliable to risk backing somebody you KNOW is slow and takes money for stuff they can't deliver Of cource this is all tempered by what the actual problems were, and how they've handled things. If it was a single event, with a reasonable explanation, fair enough. If it's one deley after another, with no real plausable reason....
  8. I'm pretty sure Bryan has implied that they'll be aiming for all of March (and maybe a bit of April too), That many orders will take a lot of time to ship, He's said they'll be starting with the simple ones so create more space to lay out and pack the more complex one, so where you come in things will depend on what you ordered
  9. Here's my cheat sheet to help you understand what's on offer here with unlock values, number of figures and discounts SOLOS ($5) Runty Gob Archers (3 figures) Unlocked Dogsbane (1 figures) 30K Black Tongue (1 figure) 30K Gore Fang (1 figure) 30K Crowbiter (1 figure) ? LESSER RANKS ($25) Runty Gob Spearmen (12 figures) Unlocked Runty Gob Footment (12 figures) 15K SPECIAL RANKS ($35) Goblin Bonebacks A (12 figures) 25K The Troll Brothers (2 figures) 40K Runty Gob Wolf Riders A (4 figures) ? $30 level, no saving $55 level, saves $5 $90 level, saves $10 $115 level, saves $20 $165 level, saves $40 the lack of target numbers for the last few stretches will give Tre the option to fine tune them to aid/build momentum, or could indicate where he feeds in the Aenglish/Dverger hope this helps more of you to pledge (or pledge more)
  10. I'm in, and I'll boost my pledge as we hit the stretches
  11. I have to pull you up there Impact Miniatures did offer a refund to any backer who didn't feel they could accept the changed minis in the same backers only update where they told us what had to go, but i've copied the relevant bit of it below "If for any reason the replacement of these 8 figures causes your pledge amount to be higher than you would have made while the KickStarter was running, please contact us via private message and we will definitely work with you to insure your overall satisfaction." http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/classic-dungeon-adventurers-miniature-set-chibi-an/posts/357210
  12. Reaper Bones: Paints September 2012 (Delayed: great communications, March) Necron Dice October 2012 (Delayed: no real idea of when) Red Box Games October 2012 (Delayed: great communications, soon) Sedition Wars Box Game November 2012 (Recieved 2 months late) Nice Models, not played the game yet Axes & Anvil November 2012 (Delayed: Very poor comunications, though if I could access his forums I might know more) Dreadball Box Game December 2012 (Recived on time), Great Game Bombshell Babes January 2013 (nearly done, may ship on time, may be slightly late) That's my list for stuff that should have shipped by now, so ignoring bombshell 1/6 have hit their target shipping date (Mantic with Dreadball), 1/6 shipped late (CMON with Sedition Wars), 2/6 delayed but I have confidence I'll get the stuff, and I understand why there have been problems (Reaper and Red Box Games) 2/6 with 'issues', I fear the dice may not happen, with the cash running out before he can get decent casts done (but then I thought they were a bit of a gamble, and only put in $25). Axe & Anvils, well it's an RPG and it's slow (and the creator ran a previous KS, also late, and a subsequent one), I suspect it will get done eventually but my enthusiasm is gone I have others with later due dates, but I doubt many will make them, as long as I know what's going on either with regular OR significant updates it's fine. You've GOT to treat KS/Indiegogo as a gamble and write off the money you put in, if you don't you're setting yourself up for a heart attack
  13. It's an approximate figure, and based on the prices on their website you could certainly pick up the indicated 'value' (remember you pick which faction you choose) eg brythoniad £30 x2, + £25 x3 = £135, Norse £25 x 5 =£125, The acnowledge some factions had more cash value than others and specifically use the free model 1 stretch goal (based on the faction you pick) to equalise the values which is why (of cource the discount is off RRP, and you may be able to get then cheaper, as they are mostly 10% off on the Mierce website, but you still save a bunch with the KS)
  14. Resin takes paint just as well as metal (and can hold finer detail if the original sculpt has it) It's big disadvantage is it's more fragile, so if you plan to game with the figures and have a 'heavy handed' gaming group (ie prone to dropping stuff on the floor/throwing minis at each other) it might be worth going metal, otherwise stick with the resin
  15. A unique look for gnomes, but the face shapes/ears means this one's not for me but I hope it does well for them and those who like the look
  16. Nah, call it cautious, If mierce had a long track record and blemish free reputation I bet you'd have seen things as better value. when there are questions or issues your subconcious will nudge you away from things, and 'value' is a good button to push
  17. Hi Beagle, before they hit the 15K stretch discount looks to be 35-40%, rising a bit once they throw the free figure in (remember these are expensive hand cast resins) and it does look that they are funding a fair few new bits 3 Norse trolls, 3 Gorgonar, 1 Dyndraig, 11 Angelcynn & the rules which seems fair enough (although you need to decide if the Maelstrom issue would stop you pledging)
  18. KS themselves CAN delete comments (and kick out folk) to do complain to them about any nasty offenders (who can't remove their own posts and pretend nothing has happened)..... I'm pretty sure I've seen one real racist/sexist idiots stuff vanish wholesale I actually wouldn't want a project creator to be able to edit out comments, as I fear that could allow them to remove criticism that other backers should have access too, and potentially allow scammers a better chance to abuse the system wholesale.
  19. A couple of the minis posted on Dakkadakka in this thread (the reaper forum does not seem to want me to post them so I'll give a link) http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/493981.page#5181897
  20. I want a picture of Kit with Nethermaul sitting on his head. Nah, Nethermaul is too big and might squash kit before he does our forum badges how about a picture of Nethermaul with Kit sitting on his head
  21. Resin Positives (in the hands of a top level caster) will produce the best most detailed rendition of a sculpt (assuming those details are present in the original) Is lighter so easier to carry about/post Is easier to convert/modify (either by cutting up or using the 'hot water' trick) Resin Negetives The moulds do not last as long, and are harder/more expensive to make Failed castings are a write off/scrap Resin casting is slower than metal as you have to wait for the material to harden (eg 2-3 minutes in metal, at least 20 minutes in resin) Resin is more fragile (it can shatter if dropped, forces that might bend a spear in metal will snap in resin) Resin dust is VERY nasty if it gets in your lungs so if you sand it use a mask or do it underwater Resin is lighter so less heft in the hand, and easier to knock on the table Metal Positives Traditonal Moulds are easy and cheap to make, casts can be made very quickly be a good caster You can recycle failed castings Solid so means less damage in transit, or when gaming Metal Negetives Heavy, so costs more to post, large armies are a pain to carry around Harder to convert (cutting is tricky, pinning required for most things etc) In the future the material will become more expensive (at the moment it's probably about the same raw material cost asresin) Can't hold fine detail as well as resin (but many sculpts don't have this detail anyway, so this may be an irrelevant point) The final thing to point out is not all resins are the same. Some are very hard and brittle (almost glass like in feel) others are softer and more flexable. There are some that can be spin cast (like metal) although this still has problems like bubbles as they are far less dense than metal meaning more QC work is needed examples pf this spin castable resin include Finecast from Games Workshop which had terrible problems on first release but has improved (this could be them getting better at casting with it, and fine tuning the moulds to the material, or it could be better QC, so not selling faliures Trollcast from Ed Fortae which looks much better in the stuff I've seen online but I've not had any in my hand yet
  22. A really great painter, but it all looks rather expensive.... Unless the DVDs are really long but we don't have any numbers for that yet (i'd have expected a rough extimate at least) as to DVD vs blueray or electronic delivery I think it's probably just a funciton of producing a product accessable to the most consumers possible. Almost everybody has a DVD player either in a games console, PC/Laptop or stand alone, while blue ray players/drives are not so common (yes a lot of folk have them but it's far from everbody). And while electronic delivery might be ok for some others prefer to have a physical 'thing' for their money.. and with a DVD it's fairly trivial to create your own electronic version
  23. I'm planning some ebaying or else I havn't even stuck to my years budget by now but I'm running out of stuff I don't want that anybody else might
  24. Here's a couple of posts Tre made on Dakkadakka on 4th Jan Tre post 1 "Well my intentions are to run this campaign for 35 days. MAYBE 40 just to be sure that everyone who pledged to the previous KS campaign has their product in hand before this next KS ends. The stuff that has been sitting is waiting for stuff that I don't have just yet. Ed informs me that he shipped two more big boxes yesterday so I should have a LOT more stuff come monday or tuesday. These boxes should contain; COnradt's Warp Form and Weapons, the awaited " waiting " Varp warrior, a sampling of the pill bases for the Cav and Wolves, Yrsa and Fenris and more hordesmen. This means there will be a LOT more packages going out next week. Thus far the reactions I have received from bakcers whom have recieved their rewards has been very positive. I woudl nto carry through with this next Campaign unless I was VERY confident in Ed's product and service. One reason why this is happening now rather than later is because I need to get my foot in the door so-to-speak if I want to use Ed's material. He has only the best of intentions and an incredible work ethic, BUT he is onyl human and there is only so much he can do so if I want to use his product and service I HAVE to pay for his time before someone else does and his time is getting filled VERY quickly. Now I have the advantage that we had prior agreement for this to take place, BUT he still has bills to pay and a family to take care of and now Brian is part of the equation as well. Not to mention there are a lot of peopel who's business I am losing because I cleaned out my metal stock for replacement with Trollcast. So I find myself at a now or never moment." Tre post 2 "PArcels to the UK tedn to take abotu 2 weeks to arrive. I am expecting to have the horses in the next week or so so you shoudl get yours before the KS ends." so it sounds like things are speeding up, and many packages should go out in the next couple of weeks
  25. Looking forward to this one (though my battered and bruised savings are not)
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