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  1. 1.2 Million Goal SMASHED! We've unlocked the Green Knight Armor! Update #46 This is it, the final Herald of Death thank you gift AND my very last chance to sleep until the kickstarter ends! The Green Knight Armor is a very special and very difficult armor to create. It requires a number of forgotten molds to be collected, reconstructed AND several rare resources from the Dung Beetle Knight, Flower Knight AND the Lion Knight! ( you'll also need some trace amounts of gormite, for the under armor lining! ) The armor is masterpiece and it cannot be combined with other armors in the game. Because of this, the miniatures are mono sculpts and only their hands are compatible with the other miniature armor kits. It is however a pretty badass set! Speaking of Badasses, the Green Knight Armor is an included gift with the other Herald of Death Rewards. This means that if your pledge total is $300 + ( this includes the $45 for international backers ) You will get the Man Hunter, Lion Knight & Court AND the Green Knight Armor as thank you gift from me to you for being an awesome supporter. If for some reason you need extra sets ( pledging for multiple people at once ) The Green Knight Armor is available for +$25, it comes with a single male and female survivor fully suited in the legendary Green Knight Armor and the rules / cards required to add them to your campaign. !!! Ok !!!! I am off to sleep for I think the final time before the kickstarter comes to an end! Good night and thank you everyone!!!
  2. Hmmm You'll have to make your own mind up about the KS, but as to greenstuff and similar if you've just filling gaps in joints etc I'd recomend Liquid Greenstuff from Games Workshop. It's basically acts like a very thick paint, just paint it into the gap, and use a wet brush to tidy the area to either side. Let it dry and repeat till the gap is gone
  3. I've spent nothing, nothing I tell you* If I put my fingers in my ears I won't be able to hear the question na na na na na......... * this statement may not reflect reality, more reality as a choose to belive it so I can afford to throw a little bit more at KS/Indiegogo in 2013
  4. Well i'd say the sunstalker is the most expensive expansion yet because of the contents. you get a big monster, an armour kit (makes 4 minis) PLUS 2 other human minis as well as the cards (and there are more cards with this one too) now I agree that the expansions are more expensive than the game box, but that is the way of expansions for almost all games, you're selling them to a smaller pool of buyers (those that own the game), so making them is higher risk, you get worse economies if scale etc So you have to make your own decisions as to whether they are worth it. Personally I probably wouldn't get some of them without the discount KS offers, but with the discount they make sense to me. It also helps that I enjoy painting so they have a value over and above the game value, if you're in it only for the game play it makes it harder to justify them. Adam has said there are only 2 more game play expansions planned (and he's not planning to make stuff up just to add more), so depending on how the campaign goes there is potentially the oportunity to 'add value' to survivor or herald of death (the basic game box is full now with a retail cost hovering at about $120 Adam does not want to increase it any further)
  5. I would suggest that you at least set up a limited liability company (or whatever the equivalent is) to be the legal entity running the business/KS. You don't want to risk your personal assets (house/property etc) if it fails. This advice applies if your running any sort of business unless it's very small scale. It will also mean you can get business rate on any insurace your take out etc
  6. You've rpobably spotted this and cleaned it up already (but you've got a fingerprint in the big scale at the base of the tail)
  7. Here you go 14645: Bladesinger Sister ($6.49) Patrick Keith http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/patrick%20keith/sku-down/14645
  8. I'm not sure it's the proportions, maybe it's the poses they chose to assemble them in or it could be there are two 'builds' of each mini, the two unarmoured males have one more muscular than the other (for the torsos), i'd have to have them in hand to decide if the arms are different for each too.. if they are (and the same carries over to the other kits) it could be the BOLS guy used 'muscular' arms on a 'slight' torso
  9. Some great shots up on Bell of Lost Souls showing details of the Resin Masters of three of the armour kits. There are far more pictures and close ups so do check it out. Also a good scale shot against a Space Marine showing how big these figures are, they won't sit well will 28mm figures (they're about 35mm), but would work well as 'small giants' unarmoured Rawhide Phoenix
  10. Just in case folk missed this in the quotes above Adam as introduced a pledge level specifically designed for those who want to grab only optional figures $11 Options Only - If you are only interested in the options, you must select this as your reward to cover priority shipping. Add each option to your total pledge amount. A post campaign survey will be sent out to confirm your reward selections. ( This also includes the digital artbook! ), international backers add $24 shipping
  11. A potentially important post from Kingdom Death over on the KS comments Question: would it be possible to split payment, and pay for shipping later ? Answer @Lol Craven, Your shipping fee must be included with your pledge. At this time there is no way to split payment. I want to be as flexible as possible and I certainly can understand the desire to break the pledge payment into multiple parts. But by doing so I risk running into a very large management issues. I can't give an official word on the flexibility of the pledge manager and I strongly advise people pledge up front for their desired rewards. There is a large chance there will be no additional payment options or flexibility. So people pledge for what you want before the end of the KS, you might not be able to add cash via paypal for extras like you're used to (probably not what some wanted to hear, but as a single individual having to juggle everything maybe the right way for Adam to go..........)
  12. the Tenril image won't add (?) so here's a link http://d2oadd98wnjs7n.cloudfront.net/medias/549609/pictures/full/20121122014701-1-3_Tenril_web.jpg?1353577628
  13. Just to update this one 33 HOURS TO GO The Indiegogo is now funded ! (so you know you'll get your goodies) and the first mini has been sculpted and baked so you can pick Cambric up for $15 (plain mini) or $22 (fancy box etc) If we hit $3000 total in the next 33 hours we get Scilaine (added to your order FREE is you pledge) it could happen and would double your reward! If by a major rush we get $4500 we'll also get Tenril Mornen added Shipping is included anywhere in the world, so if you want something different (the aim is to make these limited with a run of 200-700) why not give them a try
  14. Just to note Adam has not yet decided whether the Holiday Nico will be resin or plastic, he said it will depend on how many are ordered (too many and resin would not be possible along with everything else his caster will have to do)
  15. Poor, poor kit having to match up a bajillion KS backer emails addresses with reaper accounts manually then having to deal with all the folk who use different email accounts (or names) he might just be finished when he has to drop everything & have to start help packing all the bones orders
  16. I think the oddest thing is the way they are putting out all the publicity/chat/interaction off KS, thus leaving the comments as a deadzone Even if they don't incorporate traditional stretch goals bar the weak ones now up (and there's nothing to say they should), just putting out their chat's with the designer etc as KS updates would fuel the project, folk would post positive news to other websites etc Making folk go hunting for it cuts the numbers who will bother to do so, meaning less positive chat etc
  17. See? That's why I love you guys. You're not just a company, you're a company that cares. Yup that Bryan is one smart cookie, keep Buglips distracted with a huge bag-o-minis to organise and less chance of Goblin shenanigans down at the Reaper factory
  18. Damn those look good CashWiley, and all in shiney retail packs too
  19. I'll have one of everything except 'The Girl' (no Idea why but she just doesn't do it for me), plus a couple of extra Dr Helens I was planning to get a couple of extra bikes too, but Kingdom Death's KS got in the way, LOL, so one will have to do. I can always pick more up at retail later next year
  20. It has (so I've seen) to be the liquid superglue, any sort of gel formula doesn't really do it (I presume because it has other 'stuff' in to to make it a gel)
  21. I've had it occasionally on tissue paper soaked in superglue to harder it (makes great asbestoss lagging for WWII tanks) so it's not just cotton wool, but I'm aware of the potential issue and have a tub of water handy (I avoid using cotton wool entirely)
  22. I be a Herald of Death thanks be to Adam for counting the international shipping towards this The Manhunter was my big wish, and the Gorm probably number 2
  23. Gregalope for president (of somewhere) ! Also new stretch goal is the Manhunter (yay!), plus a bonus that looks like 4 additional heads to add to the armour kits
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