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  1. Gameplay video part 1 is up & looking interesting watch it right to the end for another monster preview
  2. I have visions of the Italian postal service being secret cultists of some sort, assembling a huge underground cathedral out of objects 'found' at work A variation on the cargo cults in the south seas after WWII
  3. This may be a dumb idea but have you tried lighting them from below? use light coming up through the plastic as the only (or main) one for the photo, put a paper/card mask on the light box, cut holes in it for the bases to sit in and see what they look like. If they are translucent enough they should photograph ok It worked reasonable well when I was photographing some plants with the colour removed using alcohol in the lab a while back) EDIT: and now i've read the how the painting's going thread I see you've tried this already too oh well
  4. Thanks for the explanation Brian It's weird that some countries just seem to be real black holes where online shopping is concerned. And it's often not even really valuable stuff that goes missing (random postcards worth nothing sold on ebay, and all sorts) which make it all the more strange, why would anybody take the risk of stealing it ? but if it's not stolen where does it all go ?
  5. That's the answer I expect, but doesn't hurt to ask. :-) And it kind of makes the Deluxe Survivor level a bit overpriced since it upgrades 4 models to resin and is otherwise the same (as I recall without being able to verify at the moment) for about a $100 increase. It's 6 models, if you read it you get all the stuff in the resin survivor level too (ie the KS exclusive Anna & Adam resins), all the stuff from survivor (plastic anna, adam & 4 starting survivors) and the 4 starting survivors in resin so $100 for 6 KD resins which would normally retail for $150. (a decent discount as Adam has said he does not have much wiggle room on the price of the resins)
  6. Yes, Adam has said he will not be doing swaps/exchanges/upgrades as this just multiplys the workload and as a single individual he just isn't on for that (fair enough IMO) Look at it this way you'll have a plastic Aya ideal for playing the game & practice you're painting and a resin one (not at all ideal for play) to paint when you feel skilled enough
  7. Everything except the KS exclusive Adam & Anna Explorers of Death will be (or have been) available outside the KS I belive the base insert came with the Illuminated Lady, not sure whether Adam would have any plans to sell them separately though
  8. I think the idea is to only release the stretch goals once the free mini offer is over possibly because they will be another draw to replace the mini, possibly because they can 'start' the stretches at the level reached by Friday eg 80K + 25K stretch is better for them than 60K + 25K stretch possibly because if they get too many backers early they might have to do another production run of the mini (they may have committed to this already, or could have a big stock left after it was a gencon freebie)
  9. Hey Byan, Good to know some of the folk who never visited the PM have reappeared, I'd hate to think of them missing out on all the bonesy goodness!
  10. In response to a Q here I contacted Adam on the KS and asked if you could pledge at the lowest $10 level and then add on a single resin mini, he said "Yes, but you still need to cover shipping. For just 1 figure its much cheaper so I'll need to work it out in the pledge manager. I think it'll be +$5 for domestic and +$25 for international" (sorry I can't remember who I was asking for, but hopefully you'll see it here)
  11. It's quite likely that quite a few of the monsters will be protected by an Artists copyright, not actually ever assigned to TSR as in the early days a lot of business was doen fairly informally Games workshop has found that a some of their early stuff from free-lancers was not properly signed over which is causing them a lot of problems in their case against chapterhouse...... They've been sending out letters to artists saying "we've lost our copy of your original contract, would you mind signing this new containing all the clauses with think we'd have included ?
  12. Another 2 characters have been revealed Lady Odette Surasha http://www.pyre-studios.com/1-4_odette.html and Jalim Harlas http://www.pyre-studios.com/1-5_jalim.html
  13. A bit of news pulled off the KS comments from Adam @K. Davis, I have very mixed feelings about discount retailers and have no plans of working with any vendors that practice deep discounts. It hurts too many links in the chain and ultimately is contributing factor towards why game artists ( in the board / hobby niche ) are so grossly underpaid. I am not in any way discrediting the retailer of your choice and I understand the need of being fiscally responsible. Just wanted to let you know that the game / range may never go into major distribution in the same capacity most "big" games do. I apologize for the inconvenience. NOTE: it sounds like he won't be putting the game into distribution such a way as to allow (much) 'online discounting', so if you're interested this MAY be the best time to get it
  14. BAD NEWS UPDATE legal evils (from WOTC?) have got 8 figures removed from the KS, replacement named (art to follow when Loraine is free) Greetings to all our great backers. For reasons beyond our control, we've been asked to replace the following artwork on our KickStarter meaning these images will not be produced or available. TYPE I: Cultist, Sahuagin, Bullywog, Death Knight TYPE II: Shambling Mound, Marilith, Owlbear, Hooked Beast We will be replacing these pieces of artwork with 8 new pieces of artwork as follows: TYPE I: Avatar of Shub, Lizardman, Beastman, Fafnir Warrior TYPE II: Troll, Scorpion Queen, Minotaur, Pit Lord We have discussed the full range during this last 10 days and have confirmation that the rest of the range has no further objections. While disappointed that we cannot include these models, we believe that the substitute models we have picked based on comments from backers during the KickStarter will give you a complete and exciting line of miniatures. Our 3-D sculptor already informed us that he was much happier with these 8 new figures than the ones that they were replacing so we hope you feel the same. Lorraine is booked through mid-December but as soon as she is free we will get new art from her for the 8 replacement figures and post them in our Thursday updates as they are completed. This will not delay the project as we have already contacted all our sculptors and moved these figures to January and February so that there is no delay to the current planned production schedule. If for any reason the replacement of these 8 figures causes your pledge amount to be higher than you would have made while the KickStarter was running, please contact us via private message and we will definitely work with you to insure your overall satisfaction. Thank you for your loyal support of Impact! Miniatures and we look forward to moving on and releasing a very successful line of “Chibi Dungeon Adventurers” next year due to your backing. Tom and Chris @ Impact!
  15. Adam has said the Wet Nurse will not be appearing, don't know about the scribe though
  16. Adam has put together an avatar pack for those interested in showing their support http://kingdomdeath.com/ks_images/KD-Avatar-Pack-1.zip (and the Dragon King Expansion has unlocked, but Adam is travelling so we need to wait for the next target)
  17. I've just dropped Adam a question for you, I'll post the response when I get it
  18. The bonus set lets you make 4 minis (giving you a total of 8 with the 4 already in the box)
  19. Well another stretch goal : 200K For Surviour & up another phoneix armour kit (makes 4 more minis) and a new optional mini the phoenix dancer (15 plastic, 25 resin) I'm glad I can get in on this thanks to a friend contributing (well he'll be playing with my sedition wars) and a black friday discount
  20. They've now published a bit of background for the first 3 minis they want to create Cambric http://www.pyre-studios.com/1-1_cambric.html Sicilaine (arrives at 3K) http://www.pyre-studios.com/1-2_sicilaine.html Tenril Mornen http://www.pyre-studios.com/tenril.html
  21. Bryan said this just up the page a bit 'Canadian customers are being fulfilled through our affiliate in Canada, RAFM, so for our Canadian customers, you will receive yours when RAFM completes shipping. I will try to keep you updated with what I know in that regard.' so he'll let you know when he hears anything
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