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  1. This may be of interest... http://www.indiegogo.com/Haar?a=893194 help Haar Miniatures produce Cambric the Itinerant Jurist Miniature Who is Cambric? Our first miniature and the focus of this campaign is Cambric Goayin. He is an itinerant Jurist, an adventuring but practical scholar of the law. Since achieving his confirmation over 10 years ago he has travelled the Archipelago by both land and sea lending his expertise to all those in need regardless of station. He inspects the punishment logs of both ships and settlements he visits to ensure that the Maritime laws that govern the island nations are not applied harshly or indeed to lightly. Current Status As mentioned I have 36 character descriptions accompanied by my own rather “unique” stick figure art. rather than rest on my laurels I have done the following; I have commissioned the character concept for Cambric together with character sketches for the ten characters and 2 monsters in the first Haar series. The ludicrously talented Carlos Cara has done a phenomenal job in capturing the core of each character from sketch to final concept. As these are character studies they do not represent the final pose of the miniatures. Olivier Nkweti, the sculptor for Cambric has been signed up and will begin work in early/mid December. Olivier is grossly tallented and has previously worked for Rakham, Upperdeck, Privateerpress, Wryd, Infinity, CMON and Dark-Age to name just a few... I have approached several other sculptors at the time of writing this to establish a schedule and wow, are they ever busy people? Two further sculptors have expressed an interest and given a rough schedule of when they are available. More details as they are confirmed The process of identifying a casting company continues… so the art looks interesting, the goal is reasonable for a single boutique mini (especially if we get to 2.5K when a second is added), free shipping and a known sculptor (and importantly for indiegogo a fixed campaign so if it doesn't fund you'll get a refund... remember indiegogo uses paypal so payment happens when you pledge)
  2. Worth a look, especially for the wargamers here : The also look good for fancying up card gaming http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/554355176/gaming-boards-great-quality-great-price-and-great Games & Gears Gaming Boards: Each Board is: 12” by 12 Inches which you build up and can clip together to make bigger gaming boards. The Battle Boards come unpainted or painted (check pledge & our painting service). The Deluxe Quality Gaming board has a smooth felt surface finish so you can enjoy your much loved Board Games, RPG, Card Games and other Table Top Games. Note: They have quite a high target (£40,000 or about $64,000) which may be a bit tricky at this time of year (ends 2 days after Xmas)
  3. This massive discount is why many small companies can't afford to get into the distribution chain, if they do they end up with zero profits (although maybe a higher profile if their stuff takes off). They're stuck with direct sales as the only way to go (I buy from quite a few of these) So I don't begrude small companies keeping their eye on the finances during a KS. If you really like the figures buy in, if you're more 'those could be nice' it probably makes sense to wait and see if they show up locally (or online)
  4. the problem with 'knocking loose' a whole bunch of near identical emails is it ups the chance of an ISP deciding they must be spam so they never reach their destination.....
  5. I do like companies giving good customer suggestions a try, so Bravo Pocketcthulhu for suggesting it, and Bravo Kit for seeing if you can get it to work even though I don't play pathfinder I can see how useful this could be
  6. I wonder if they've been changing the composition of their 'white metal' as the costs of the individual components change (or become more/less available) That might end up altering the degree of 'pitting' etc seen
  7. I belive from what was said during the KS that the bike is based on the chronoscope one with some modifications (not sure if it was just by adding stuff, or if any of the original bike got resculpted)
  8. Picture & Review on Dakkadakka http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/489588.page#4990652
  9. Well here's another KS that I'm going to be interested in Through the Breach is an RPG set in the world of the Malifaux skirmish game (made by Wryd) The games writer Mack Martin who has written for Fantasy Flight games said "Hey guys! I'm the Wyrd RPG Developer. I thought I would duck in here, drop a little bit of information, and then disappear again in a cloud of smoke, leaving you wanting more. [MANIACAL LAUGH!] Not to give to much away, but I'm a big fan of games with non-linear progression of player characters. I feel pretty strongly that Malifaux is in a unique place where the game can properly serve two masters, when it comes to "Theatre of the Mind" vs. "Tabletop Grids". An RPG is a different beast than a Miniatures game, and I've worked on both long enough to know where the line blurs, and where we need to make it clear. The RPG team is really excited about this project... we think we might be doing something incredible that really challenges players and Fatemasters with a robust gaming experience. I've taken a lot of inspiration from classical story pacing, as well as strong thematic under-pinning. We are working hard to make this a game where the mechanics support the theme and story, integrating the two in an inseparable way. I love the list of games CRC tossed up. I'd like to off up my list of "inspirational games" that I didn't help make. Try not to read to much into it, these are just the games that make me want to break out the dice and start a campaign whenever they get mentioned. I love their mechanic systems. Shadowrun Dresden Files All Flesh Must Be Eaten Deadlands Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition) Dungeons and Dragons (4th Edition)" If this contains enough of the Malifaux background I'm really keen to get hold of it as I like where Wrd has gone with it, but am not interested in it as a skirmish game so havn't been buying the books, but as an RPG, yes please
  10. Same here. Tre has spoken quite highly of it so thats a plus but it still would be nice to actually try out. @Pingo There are several women on that forum, just realize that on Frothers if you get offended they will mock you endlessly. I only lurk myself. Most of the time if I get offended I just leave quietly and don't come back. Sometimes it ain't worth the arguing. That said, strong language and controversial topics don't especially offend me. What offends me is feeling as though I am unwelcome because of what I am. Hmm, come to think of it, it's feeling as though any group of people is unwelcome because of what they are (as compared to what they do, if you see the difference). This, by the way, applies only in general interest forums, not ones centered around people's identities. But I am probably dragging the thread way off topic here, sorry. Looking forward to seeing how this KS turns out, and how it expands Trollforged's store. If you get abuse of Frothers (sorry when you get abuse on Frothers) it will probably because of what you said not who you are. I'm mainly a lurker on there, but have not seen any anti-female bias (although friendly abuse/swearing is the norm), It's mainly about the minis rather than the gaming on there too, which may help. Quite a number of the smaller producers/sculptors post on there so there is always something worth reading going on
  11. And Indiegogo project creators have posted on this on Dakkadakka "Actually we have been working on this project since late 2011 after we created the Legio Dwarf team in 2009, the first ones where Roman based. Alessio had the same idea as we did, when we found out about it it was too late to stop, so we have anticipated the release of them"
  12. He was working with Defiance to help them set up inhouse casting using a variant of the trollforged materials, however from what he has posted(ID HiveTrigon) on Frothers (don't browse this forum at work, the language regularly used there will offend) it seems Defiance are not listening to him when he tells them what they need to do to get the casting to work, but instead keep ploughing along anouncing more new sets while unable to produce the ones they've got. so quite how involved there he remains ?
  13. Cash has got it right, and not only is Ed a great sculptor & a caster more and more in demand (Red Box Games and now Impact are using his Trollcast) he has already got an established online shop so has an up to date feel for what shipping will cost him (which shouldn't be to bad as trollcast is resin weight rather than metal)
  14. Naa, just an Axes and Anvils backer, LOL I'm not saying don't back this, just be aware of the potential issues
  15. Hmm Mike Nystal has to fulfill the Axes & Anvils dwarf RPG plus a bunch of other material generated by that KS by the end of the month (& organising a convention for the game) It looks like that won't happen but he hopes to have stuff out in time for Xmas gift giving, all well and good what worries me a little bit is this part of the last update "Cairn: Another project is launching this weekend. We are doing this in part to cover costs (the laundry list of stuff I'm putting together and a con are an expensive proposition!)" now this may just be a throwaway line, but it suggests they need extra money from this new KS to completlely fullfill the currently outstanding one. Not an ideal situation to be in
  16. Well I guess that would just end up making it more expensive then..... Reaper would hardly want to sell them mail order only (because of the size), then up up loosing all the potential profit or more on shipping what is effectivly a bulky pewter ingot (and since it would be expensive enough for free international shipping via airmail no less, the'd need to set a price that would covere that too!)
  17. I shudder to think what the shipping cost of a metal Kaladrax or Nerthermyal would require
  18. Most sucessfull KS in the mini line are around 30 (but they so show a dramatic fall off in pledges in the middle) The ones I've seen on KS & Indiegogo that were longer (45 or 60 days) really struggled so that's clearly too long I guess well see if 21 days is too short, although being so close to Xmas will muddy the waters a bit (but if the slump is missing it might just be the way to go)
  19. You can certainly swap out $25 of figures from a Host level to buy bases (you could get rid of a big figure or two to do so) Ed will work with you so if you're atall worried contact him and let him ok what you want to do personally (that's what I did)
  20. For a lot it may come down to money. The company may have spent all it's cash getting decent concept art made (especially where it can do double duty in a set of skirmish rules) especially where they are genuine startups a sculptor needs to be paid and unless you have funds or one of the KS organisers of a friend sculpts that may not be possible Once the KS is running (and either funds or looks set to fund) a sculptor (especially an up and coming one) may be prepared to get paid later after the KS money comes in, hence greens turning up part way through projects that siad, having greens (good ones) will help get the more sceptical to pledge
  21. Ed is proposing an alternative Paypal option for those interested in the KS, but without a Credit Card as follows "Ed and I are contemplating a special PayPal Kickstarter page for the store, for when this all ends. This will allow those without credit cards to grab some amazing deals. This page will the same pledge deals as here on the Kickstarter, *but* the shipping is the same as the store, and you wont be able to make trades using it. I'm posting here to ask if there is a demand for this - please ask in forums and such. There is not much time, this page link has to go in before the Kickstarter ends and the main page locks. The only link to this special page will be via the Kickstarter main page (that's if the link goes up). Prototype, no buttons as yet; http://trollforged.com/kickstarter-paypal-1.html If anybody is interested post here & I'll pass the info back to Ed, and if enough folk are (between this board and others) he'll make it happen HE NEEDS TO KNOW BEFORE THE KS ENDS in 10 or so hours time
  22. There's this (it hasn't incorporated the changes at 33K yet, but Recruittons listed them above) http://trollforged.wordpress.com/kickstarter-stretch-goal-table/
  23. Well I've gone from a couple of base sets to 2x host (1 for trade ins for dreadnaughts etc, I'll actually have about $20 worth spare after I get what I want from that and plan leave that for Ed to decide what to do with as I feel I'm almost cheating him the values so good.... If he can give me more minis with it great, if he needs it to make a bit off the KS that's cool too)
  24. If they do know each other and both plan on carrying on with them after the KS (the indiegogo one seems to say not) maybe they could cross promote in the EU/USA
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