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  1. A new UK based KS project Note the scale : 15mm Metal 15mm SciFi Future War Neo British Miniatures by Keith Armstrong http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1227636741/metal-15mm-scifi-future-war-neo-british-miniatures?ref=live First off, thank you for looking at my Kickstarter campaign! I hope it serves you well. Just over a year ago, I began reading some impressive sci rules, however one in particularly got me excited and those rules were Tomorrows War. So, off I popped onto the internet and started looking up sci fi figures. I had plenty of choice for 'hard' Sci FI figures, however could not really find what I wanted, which was near future type figures. So....I decided to give them a go myself and along came The Russian United States of the Kislev System forces! Since its such a mouthful, they are also known as the Rusk's. Working on a very limited budget I started to slowly release my own range of figures, which can be best described as Neo Soviet forces. In fact they can and have been happily used for a number of eras and forces ( I keep getting customer pics of adaptions all the time!). Thankfully the release has been successful which has allowed me to release several additional sets including heavy weapons, support weapons, HQ units and a sled gravity vehicle known as a MULE. These figures can be found at Black Hat Miniatures a very successful independent miniature producer, who kindly provides armiesarmy with his support gained over many years of producing miniatures. I am also awaiting the release of a militia variant and a Spetsnaz special forces unit. You can find more details, pictures and concepts on my blog page http://armiesarmy.blogspot.co.uk/ However despite all that, the one thing they did lack was a suitable enemy! All good forces need an Evil nemesis, unless of course they are Evil themselves.......then they need...erm...a Good nemesis? Anyhow....back to the point! The nemesis forces got me thinking about the lessons learned with my previous releases and the one big 'Strike me down' problem, was the cycle of releases. With a limited budget, I just could not afford to bring out all the troops I required to provide a front line force. So with that in mind, I thought how could I provide the funds, without hiding it from Mrs ArmiesArmy and bingo.....Kickstarter came along! So that is in fact, what I have done! I bring to you the Greater Britannia forces!
  2. Well one from Indiegogo here the Gladio Dwarf project is to create a 28mm roman inspired Dwarf Gladiator fantasy football team The Story behind the project… I am an avid gamer and miniature collector, and always wanted to have my unique and limited set of miniatures. Always looking to have something special to use in my games, So I have decided to do so and this first personal project was born. The Miniatures I wanted a unique team, with character and full of details. So I have contacted a very good friend that is a master in sculpting and we draw some concepts to start. The miniatures evolved both in our minds and in reality, and as they evolved we added new ideas and options. In the end there will be a minimum of 11 different figures, all scaled for the most popular Fantasy Football games. And depending on findings we will do even more. This will be something unique, and limited to only 250 teams, then the molds for them will be destroyed. All the teams will come either with a numbered and signed certificate or also depending on funding with a unique numbered metal coin. so far so interesting however there has just been a KS project by a different company to make 28mm roman dwarf gladiator fantasy football players, Dwarf Gladiators KS my first thought was these seem unhapplily close, but the second indiegogo project does seem to have been in progress before the KS project launched so on reflection it's probably just two people with the same idea on opposite sides of the world..... what do the posters here think
  3. Well it could be said any gaming system that come out with new 'rules' when the old set works is pretty much staging a money grab..... You buy our new system or you'll have trouble playing with any of the new scenarios, sourcebooks and adventures. so if you're slating companies for that the old TSR is just as guilty not that I'm a huge fan of WOTC myself after the hash the ended up making of themselves & the World of Darkness which started out so promisingly, but I think you do need to let them release a rule set now and then D&D 4th wasn't what you wanted, New WOD was not what I wanted, but it was up to them where they took thier properties
  4. That's a cracking bit of information there Bryan and that you're opening the mouth is a real bonus and texturing on the 'fill' like you've got on the top of the wings will make it even cooler I'll also say I really like the ribs in the neck, which are fairly unique, but a great touch in my opinion If only I could have aforded more than one (but that would have cut into the Cthulhu budget.LOL)
  5. In true Pananoia style.... The computer was never programed to cope with aliens, so for the computer they do not exist, all the computer knows is that citizens are vanishing (escape, treason, whatever it is the computer wants it to stop) and there seem to be strange holes in the walls, floor and roof, just appearing for no reason The troubleshooters must solve the mystery without mentioning aliens, or letting on that they can see them (otherwise the computer might think they were going mad)... Maybe one or more of the holes might lead to the surface, or somewhere else the computer might not want to go.... Not to mention one of the High Programers who might want a specimin or two
  6. Make your mould Then the first (few) casts you make (if you use resin, plaster would probably be to fragile for a master) can be used as a master to make more moulds (you can probably reuse the greenstuff one for a hand made mould, but if your doing vulcanised rubber for professional casting not so much As you reuse the mould it will get less and less good so if you'e doing a lot it's worth making the master so you can (repeatedly) replace it) casting in resin is tougher on the moulds than plaster, so if you plan to do them this was a master is certainly recomended
  7. well you would get the other early stuff, it's just the paint that is delayed till the bones ship
  8. Sadly if Reaper had another KS which started offering $30 minis for $100 there would by howls of outrage, and hundreds of people (including many previous backers) saying they were 'cheating' everybody and that the deal was not such good value as the last one. too many folk only ever see the end point of the KS, and just don't understand that to get to the end (loads of stuff, loads of money pledged, lots of stretches unlocked) you need to start at the begining (some stuff, no money pledged)
  9. While I thought that helmet looks too flat when I saw it it's not coz it's unrealistic or badly sculpted, it just coz.......... er......... I'm not sure........ (maybe all the detail work on the armour plates/buckles etc and the plainess of the helmets) but I have 'a cunning plan' It's a perfect place to pop a smaller creature (maybe one of the bones familiars, maybe something from the bits box) as a crest! problem solved and uniqunes achived. All praise the reaper sculptor!
  10. From a mould construction point of view I'm guessing we'll get one 'side' with ribs & backbone, and a second side with just ribs which should make taking out the extra material there easier The neck will be harder work
  11. In case it wasn't evident, my post wasn't a complaint, it was more of a statement on how things seem to work out for me. Sadly my situation with the Red Box Games KS too.... I had to have horses, and as these are still being finished I'll be amongst the last fulfilled..... but just like here the wait will be well worth it a Moooore Stuuuuuff drops through my letterbox (well actually the postman will ring the bell coz there's too much stuff for the letterbox but you get the idea)
  12. I guess it may depend what the company want's the KS to achive If they want more players allowing folk to buy just the minis will not actually help them (especially if they don't fancy them ending up as 'counts as' figures). This certainly means fewer backers but those who do are more likely to at least try the game as they have paid for it...... On the other hand if you just want to 'shift product' then you want single mini options, a lot more sales will end up as 'counts as' or painted display pieces but your company gets publicity. A smart move if you'll end up selling singles via retail anyway
  13. Kaladrax is looking good, Shame they had to go for the solid wall being the ribs but I guess that might be a casting nessesity
  14. Big huge KS with great communities Sedition Wars Bones Dreadball Smaller more homey KS with great communities The Helsvakt from Red Box Games Bombshell Babes Chibis & Ponies from Impact I think the best post KS comms have been from Tre at Red Box Games, but all of the projects mentioned above have been good (so far, LOL)
  15. Retailers who dont stock Bones, Sedition Wars etc are just crazy You'll have an installed user base.. AT WORST talking about how great the product is, how much they like it and looking for other folks to draw in AT BEST they will be ordering more of it from your shop as they could not afford all they wanted during the KS period, or because they bought a bit to see what the product was like and now want more being grumpy and not stocking it will mean these folks (and maybe their friends) will go elsewhere (perhaps for good) or just buy their bones etc on the net (so you loose sales) If as a retailer your TERRIFIED all your customers have bought everything they will ever want to via KS, just make a small order, one SW box, a few bones blisters, maybe a few of the bigger figures and see if they sell, I bet they will (if you can't afford to do so your business is dead anyway, sad to say, you're bound to order something costing as much from a non-KS line that fails to sell)
  16. Oh dear oh dear oh dear not a clever statement at all (they read break even or loss bit of Bryans post, BUT failed to notice the 'just over half the stretch goals bit', meaning just under half the streth goals came in as PROFIT) (but I'm fine with the shipping costs, it nothing us Non-USA backers don't have to cope with all the time.... remember even padded envelopes often have to travel as packages)
  17. Here it is. NOT SAFE FOR WORK http://shop.kingdomdeath.com/product/forge-god
  18. Spending all your money on books that was the right desision, it's where most of mine goes (well when I'm not blowing the lot on KS, but I'm getting better)
  19. One of Kingdom Deaths latest figures has three naked guys lounging on a rock.... It's also got a snake necked dog faced giant pulling intestines out of his crotch so it may not be for everyone to be fair. the second part of that would make it rather hard to use for gaming purposes.... and the location of the intestines being pulled out of sounds a touch disturbing.... well you could leave the giant off, and just stick with the 3 guys lounging around on the rock....... alt-sirens to lure a female pirate crew maybe? (I do like the kingdom death stuff, some of the best sculpts around, but much of it is 'off' in one way or another and can easily offend &/or disturb)
  20. Oh dear Shyftrz as a name for a game (Shifters presumably for those who can't be bothered to puzzle it out).......... The figures could be ok, but for Frazzeta girls I'd prefer to look at the originals
  21. Well we finished with a fantastic $105, 099 with the last unlock coming seconds before the end Unlocking the Tengu, Djiin, Sahaugin, Flesh Golem, Gargoyle and Flying Pig, and Chimera on the last day) (flying pig will come with aviator helmet, goggles and jetpack) Impact have also said the the Pumpkinhead figure we did not reach will be made and available to order (for extra cash) when we make our picks, as well as a boar (so we can make a flying boar too). They've also decided to continue the buy 4 get 1 free that was operating during the KS for folk wanting to add extras (yay!) The plan is to get all the sculpting done before we choose our minis early next year Also interesting to note how popular the Pony level was for backers (17% of the total, not including folk like me who started there and upgraded for more stuff)
  22. Actually we'd better keep quite, Don't want to wake Cthulhu, he's probably feeling a bit grumpy what with the stars being wrong, and having been called unfinished
  23. I just sent a one more over to the PM - now backed and paid go Bones
  24. Important part of a new update from them Hypoallergenic claim removed Our most sincere apologies. An incredible amount of jewelry sites claim their stainless steel jewelry is Hypoallergenic, so we had added that to our feature list. 316L stainless steel has a small percent of Nickel in it, which can sometimes cause a rash if the person wearing it has Nickel allergy. If you do, we are working on making a set of Titanium Dice Rings for this project, which would be truly hypoallergenic. We have removed the "Hypoallergenic" feature from our list. We cannot remove it from the video, but it was mostly there just for fun. Thank you to the backers who informed me of the common misuse of the term. So anybody who has a nickle allergy may want to rethink (unless they know they can wear 316L stainess steel)
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