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  1. you've finished that quote all wrong, it should be "And then when he's had his fill of rowdy, to pick his pockets then buy him a beer with his own cash" it's the goblin way
  2. The bottom left Cthulhu is from HorrorClix by WizKids (good luck finding one under $100)
  3. I have a horrible feeling you're right Even if the think they're prepared will all their suppliers be able to come through with large volumes of bits, even if they have said 'sure we can supply X thousand parts' (sort of like your bottle suppliers)
  4. If the wicked appear Bryan shall smite them with his mighty Admin privilages All hail the mighty Bryan
  5. I like the idea, but can't wear rings so won't be investing here hope they do well though, especially as they are decently restrained and not to 'blinged out'
  6. I like the seam, easy to remove if you don't like it the wings are very good too, nice and rudimentary and I always saw the 'dots' as skin markings, not vents anyway
  7. Red can also be used as a good base coat for gold/brass (all those old gilded picture frames are painted red before they were gilded, helps make the gold 'warmer')
  8. Brass was pretty much the go to material for old clocks and other toothed wheel designs (right back to ancient greece with the Antikathyra Mechanism), hard enough to stand up to wear and tear, soft enough to cut/file to shape (using iron or steel tools) Even today cutting a shape is preferable to casting a metal part. the only stuff that really went with cast cog/gears is large scale stuff like locomotives etc, but that really needs a major industrial base
  9. Really sorry to hear this Hope your mother gets well soon, and that you & the rest of the family are holding up ok too
  10. H not brittle and not bendy either, have a look here (probably closest to a cross between resin and polystyrene in feel) http://trollforged.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/trollcast-toughness/
  11. Miniature, Figure, Model, Wargame/Wargaming are the search terms I use (plus RPG, but that's not to look for minis) and painful as searching KS is, I find Indiegogo even harder to pin down as it 'sometimes' pulls in plurals, but not always
  12. Well you've got fans of the original cartoon inspiration Chibi fans in general SDE players Several have mentioned planning to put together Heroquest or similar using the Chibis (and maybe the chest/dungeon tiles too) Pony fans/Bronnies (I was pretty suprised, but the modified ponys were what sold it to me) A small side order of Cthulhu (me too) and painters looking for something a bit different (me again) so a fair few groups are potentially interested. They've said they are running it as basically a 'break even' project so while it may not bring much cash to keep it will pay for a fair bit of sculpting/art/moulds to use in the future, and help publicise the company
  13. Each KS (especially the really big ones) end up bringing in a load of people who have never pledged before So while some have reached the 'no money left' (like me basically), or the 'I'm so sick of this' stage, they will be replaced by new fresh faces A good KS with interesting product, good stretch goals and good value will still pull in the cash (while the 'value' test may be many peoples first concern, even 'expensive' figures will pull folk in if they look good enough, maybe not raise a million, but 100K or so is certainly do-able)
  14. I really rate Rosemary & Co for their series 33 sables for painting (too good for drybruhing though) http://www.rosemaryandco.com/ Great value
  15. you can get the KS limited edition Monster Hunter for $15 ($25 outside the USA), which included the poster too
  16. You can probably also factor in the cost of the metals (where they exist) The bones should be cheaper than the metal (Bryan has said Cthulhu & Kaladrax were seriously underpriced even by the standards of the KS, so these will probably see the biggest price rise)
  17. I like the variety, and think the concept sketches should certainly help backers get an idea of what each box should hold
  18. I would suspect a lot of the 'art' passed on to the sculptors will be illustrations from history/archeology/ethnography books So not something he can stick up on the KS without either establishing the images have passed into public domain or getting the original artist or other copyright holders permission (one of the goals of the KS is to pay for art for the book)
  19. A fun new update (Especially for Bronnies) Pony Pack added based on backer requests We've had a lot of requests to make variants of our Unicorn and we now have the designed finished for many different pony variants. Pony Pack Add-on The Pony Pack can be added to any reward level for $30 (and you can add-on more than one set if you want to any reward). The set includes 3 Unicorns, 3 Ponys and 2 Pony Accessory #1 sets (each set has a pair of wings with chest banner and 4 fire hooves). For those that just wanted the Unicorn D6, you can add that to any reward for $3. We also have a Pony Pack reward level which will get you this Add-on as your main reward. The Pony Pack means you can create any of the following 8 ponys: Pony, Unicorn, Alicorn, Pegasus, Nightmare, Horned Nightmare, Winged Nightmare, Nightmare Alicorn. If you need additional Unicorns, Ponys or Pony Accessory #1 Sets they are $5 each (and also qualify for the buy 4, get 1 free offer) (so you could get 5 additional items for $20). (NOTE: the image illustrates the 6 configurations you can make, but to do so you'd need to add an extra accesory pack for an extra $5) If you'd like to see a larger image ... click here: http://www.impactmin...onyPack_Big.jpg Just as we were finishing this offer, we were hit with many new requests for more Accessories. So we are working on creating Bat Wings, Wings of Flame, Flaming Tail, Tail of Tentacles and Mouth Tentacles as possible other accessories. We'll let you know if we find we've been able to create them as well!
  20. I'd have said 'going native' was the exact opposite of racist It's a term used when somebody (originally British Colonial era) is so impressed with the culture/lifesyle of another place that they start to live/behave in a similar way....
  21. Yup the key with Indiegogo is only to back when you are SURE (and personally I'd stay away from any FLEXABLE funding campaigns) but it's otherwise OK It's good that KS will be available to UK companies without a US partner (more free shipping for me, and no customs worries for any European), and hopefully they'll open it up to the rest of the EU soon too.
  22. I'll be interested to see how this goes 2nd time round It's bound to put off some backers, the changes may please others (or fence sitters) (Of cource if it works everybody and their dog will be canceling/restarting which will certainly prove annoying) Edit: Just realised they'd intially gone for a 60 day campaign and completed over 30... Way to long, folk get bored and the mid KS blues end up as a major dead zone, They plan to do another 40 days, this still seems to long to me, and by day 18-20 I predict it stalling again
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