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  1. The (potential) issues with Indiegogo are down to the funding method they use. Paypal may be more user friendly for some BUT you are charged immediately rather than when the KS ends. And because you've been charged changing your funding is more complicated with the project creator having to authorise refunds individually (if they have time.....) There is also an issue in that Indiegogo have two funding models, FIXED which is like KS, reach the target or the campaign fails (Werner's using this method) and FLEXABLE, which means they keep your cash even if the target is missed, and use it to get as far as they can. So you could be left with them spending all their cash on commisoining art and sculpts, but being unable to acutally make moulds and cast them for you (but they'd be expected to keep trying to raise more money to complete the project) Finally since it's not a USA centric service residents of the USA can be upset when they are expected to pay shipping (not an issue here, Werner's includes P&P, and not an issue for those in the rest of the world who usually have to pay shipping anyway)
  2. Message them on KS for a summary (I know I did) and the 'extras' will be invoiced later, I owe another $36 and no invoice yet (10 hrs later) so it could be days befor you get a bill.... I suspect they'll finish all the surveys before sending stuff out
  3. If I remember correctly you should have already finalised the pledge manager...... And I belive Reaper has already started ordering stuff (Using averages for folk who haven't done so), so while you'll probabaly be ok you might start running into problems getting certain items if late finalisers sudenly want 'more than the average' of a given option
  4. Well since it's a day of the week there's another new mini based skirmish game KS http://www.kickstart...arpath?ref=live Based on groups from the Americas & Pacific these could be the minis (Metal for those who care like you Buglips) you have been looking for The core rule book includes one War Party from each region: Pacific Northwest Tribes from the North, Woodland Tribes from the East, the Aztec Triple Alliance from Mesoamerica, the Inca Empire from the South, and the Hawaiian Koa from the Pacific. First up is an Aztec Officer A wereshark spirit beast from the pacific and a shapeshifting Mayan Shaman (Nagul) A full starter kit is around 15 minis, an example shown is for the pacific northwest 15 figures above, and a LE figure and a print for $50 ($65 international) or if you want the rules too $70 ($85) probaby not one for me being broke
  5. Red Box Games should have wrapped up and delivered everything before the end of the year too and Tre has been great with updates showing the new sculpts as he makes them. The most recent one had bags of finished casts too, so he'll be shipping some stuff soon (I ordred everything so I'll need to wait a while yet) If I had any cash left I'd back the new one he's planing to launch soon, but sadly no more KSing for me for a while
  6. Dropped in from the KS Decided to stay as it's a fun place to be Goblins and all
  7. I have a tendency to horrify other Partha collectors, because even if I pay triple digits for a mint in blister figure it's not going to stay in that blister. I considered, for my own sick amusement, creating a YouTube channel where all I do is buy expensive collectibles mint in package and open them. Slowly. And then play with them. "Hello YouToobers . . . so I won a mint condition AFA 90 Storm Shadow at auction for $5,000 and I'd like to take a minute to tell you about why this figure is so special and collectible - and then I'm going to crack open the case, rip open the package, and wallow in your screams and tears." I admire you Little metal men exist to be played with, painted and/or tipped into a huge tub of their brethrin I wouldn't want mini I couldn't use It doesn't quite run to the thousands (probably only hundreds) but I have unwrapped OOP Cyberhobby 1/35 kits just to read the instructions....... devaluing them, and even built one or two as well
  8. I'd concur with that The large size wet pallet I first tried was not much good so I gave up on them for ages My small homemade one I've recently started to use works much better (big ones have a far larger surface for evaporation so will never be as good as smaller ones, so if you really need lots of paint to say liquid you'd be as well to mix it in an old paint pot)
  9. I did not see that. And I'd appreciate it if you don't let me find out about it! ...oh. Damn. Then you won't want to look at the most recent RBG KS update to see the Njorn sharped armatures in the background tempting, tempting armatures ready to be turned into mini-goodness http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103158358/red-box-games-helsvakt-horde/posts
  10. In Illuminati The Servants of Cthulhu win a special victory by destroying 8 groups in total (or 7 if you eliminate a player along with thier last controlled group) (this never works in game as once you've killed 5 or so the rest gang up on you when you try.... but you can win a normal victory while they are distraced) I like the Servants of Cthulhu, right, like the stars
  11. Ah Call of Cthulhu, a great system and certainly the one I ran most regularly And I liked MERP/Role Master/Space Master even if you did have to be a bit 'creative' with the tables at times (first use of 'exploding' dice as they are now called I can remember)
  12. If you backed it you could add goblins, but then you wouldn't be unique, so you really want that ? No more 'just blame Buglips', instead we might forget who you were.....
  13. Life sized Cthulhu please! But seriously bigger is better, although the origianlly promised 8 inches tall would have been great
  14. The sedition wars problem is basically the same as we're seeing with Clockie here A sculpt (Jada Iron Lily) did not match 100% with the concept art sketch, a very vocal minority got loud (and apparently abusive) on the studio McVey forums, I can't confirm this 100% as the thread was eventually locked then deleted (I read the loud, I didn't read the abuse) We're seeing the same with the greens of Wildcard and No88 in Dreadball too (A related problem has surfaced with Zombicide with the tribute Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill figures being pulled and resulpted, probably due to legal pressure.... In this case the fans liked the greens but they're now not getting anything like what they pledged for, and no official word on it atall)
  15. Traded her in for more Ice Giants and Fire Giants, Very tempted to keep her but finances (Dreadball/Bombshell) were just too stretched
  16. Clockie the clockwork dragon and strange fishy monster thing I like clockwork stuff
  17. It would only be fitting if the poor Atomic Punks were finally unlocked get pledging!
  18. Scientifically codified in the "Dunning-Kruger Effect": http://en.wikipedia....93Kruger_effect (from the article) "Kruger and Dunning proposed that, for a given skill, incompetent people will: tend to overestimate their own level of skill; fail to recognize genuine skill in others; fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy; recognize and acknowledge their own previous lack of skill, if they are exposed to training for that skill" Well I've seen plenty of examples of the first three, far less of the fourth
  19. Go go gadget Bryan (and don't forget to sort out Buglip's fence)
  20. And the real answer is NOBODY gets their paints till March (according to the update that just hit my mailbox) The suppliers seem not to have been able to deliver the 100,000 bottles they promised (probably nowhere near that amount from the tone of the email) Maybe we could divert the townsfolk with torches & pitchforks over to the bottle suppliers place (give Bryan a rest ) (maybe Reaper needs a bottle making machine as well as a Bones making machine?)
  21. Deleted: the post I was replying to seems to have vanished ?
  22. It doesn't matter when things ship, Reaper needs to finalise the number of minis to be made by the factory in China pretty much immediately to guarantee they can be made (remember the factory does other stuff too), and shipped over to the USA, and clear customs in order to be packed up and shipped by Reaper in March so the dates and advise posted by Qwyksilver stands 10days from Friday, 09/28/12. I would have everything submitted by 10/07/12 (or earlier)
  23. Thanks for the official update (and it takes class to say sorry when you get it wrong, it IS appreciated) I'd never considered paint bottles as a problem, but I guess they're harder to souce than the ingredients, at least in massive quantities I'll stick your post up on some of the forums I frequent
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