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  1. Bryan said he had a token with a bow but the packet said it was a counter with a bow so I told him I didn't want it he started to cry
  2. The extras are ONLY available to Vampire backers (or above) the only exceptions were the paint sets and Orcpocalypse so tha's your problem
  3. Acrylic paints are naturally somewhat elastic when dry due to their chemical nature, so bending a painted figure may not cause cracking It is possible the sealer is more rigid (I know some varnish are, but have not tried reaper sealer) and so will crack if bent, and in doing so crack the acrylic underneath Probably something for reaper to check out
  4. I would be unhappy, but I do KNOW the cost of international shipping so realise what a huge hole this could have been as it clearly was for CMON for Zombicide, $25 charged (which folk baulk at), but the real costs were almost $60 per set, hence when Relic Knights came along no shipping discounts for extra sets any more
  5. Hey Patrick, As I said even with the heroic scale head she was Good (& going to be one of my picks), that you are redoing the head will no doubt make it Excellent (and still one of my picks) and I prefer your interpretation of the face above
  6. No problem kit (& thanks for the PMs on the subject) at least we now have an official anouncment and know it isn't a programming glitch roll on the bones & Cthulhu!
  7. Official conformation from Kit so us international will have to have a combined shipment bit of a shame, but I can't wait for the paint and the bones
  8. If you can wait it's the smart thing to do but I need new paints, and good thought they are March is just too far away so if that does have to be when they ship I'm going to have to buy a set or two before they arrive, meaning i spend more money
  9. I've just come across this picture on the Bombshell thread on Dakkadakka, taken from another thread on frothers and I've gone from thinking Betty looked great to meerly good, maybe her head is a touch large as it is (the arm move takes her closer to the art, but I don't think actually adds to the sculpt and probably makes casting a bit trickier)
  10. Same Problem here And I really needed them before that, It certainly wasn't what was promised during the KS especially as they were what got me to pledge for the KS in the first place (tho the Bones are cool too!) I'll wait before completing the pledge manager till we get an official comment too
  11. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Me sad, Me got wait till later today Me got decide what want Aaaargh, brain hurt All too good
  12. Me sad, Me got wait till later today Me got decide what want Aaaargh, brain hurt All too good
  13. Patrick I think another major reason thing are slowing down is it's the end of the month, so for those of us paid monthly spare money is non existant, and even though the CC isnt charged till the end it's a lot harder to justify pledging (or pledging more in my case) when your bank account is empty when pay cheques hit bank accounts next week hopefully things will pick up in a big way
  14. the Atomic Punks goal was NOT met, Patrick changed the goals well before we'd hit 40K (if I remember right the change happened before we made 35K), so while some of the money could have come from folk after them as a reinforecement, the majority came from people after the babes now whether this was a legitimate tactic, yes you can debate the point
  15. New update (check your email) the RPM will be up soon BUT ONLY OPEN FOR 10 DAYS (to ensure they can still hit their targets) so people get your paypal accounts ready for action
  16. I needs me paints (but am happy to wait a bit longer, although I hope they arrive before Red Box Games and Sedition Wars)
  17. *eyes glaze* In monotone: Yes, My Master. I shall retrieve the necessary materials to break the seal. I tried breaking a plastic seal from a safari park, but that didn't help maybe the stars were wrong I'll need to add an extra Cthulhu as an apology to the great old one
  18. aaaargh I need to see him Cthulhu, Cthulhu hear me I belive, I belive the stars will be right again
  19. but Bryan i wanted a rogue with a bow, not an assasin with a bow ! mumble mumble mumble stop hitting me, I'll take him, I'll take him
  20. Cthulhu (all hail the great Cthulhu) Cyber Gorilla (buglips is right on the money here) Ice Giant King and Queen (even tho I never got my warriors request) Haunts/Fire elementals (i'm a sucker for gimics) Cloud Giantess
  21. I'm working on the sculpts now and will be posting more pics of the progress soon. Have you seen my other work? It's mostly from concept art. Yup I've seen it and like most of it and i don't imagine it will be any different here but I need some way to 'rein in' my KS spending so I shall stay at the 'some' babes level until I see a nice tasty green, then I'll abandon all attempts at restraint and jump in for all of them,
  22. I'm in towards the lower level (manly for Dusty, and now Vivian), once I can see a green of one of the babes to see how they move from concept to mini I'll drop in more if I like what I see (and this is coming from somebody who had largely given up metal, not that it's bad, and I actually orefer playing with metals, it's just such a pain to convert/mess about with)
  23. Good but not great from my point of view the face is good, but has lost a bit of personality from the art and the hair ornaments are way too chunky, I realise this may be due to casting limitations, but if that's the case I'd have suggested loosing them. Don't take this as a hate fest though, I've decided to up from one to two on the scope of the sculpt
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