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  1. Remember KS rules specifically forbid coupons, vouchers and similar so doing anything that MIGHT be construed as the above could mean Reaper would not be allowed to use KS again
  2. Nice, but show me some greens before I make up my mind (and maybe a clearer idea on size, which companies admit to being 30mm scale ?)
  3. Here, Here Buglips, But Cthulhu has to make it out of the burning factory too, Just because We need a world with strange angles, and eldrich voices
  4. I don't mind either way But there was enough info around during the KS to suggest they would be pre-assembled (excepy maybe bits like wings on big dragons that make packing tricky) so I think that's what Reaper should stick to. And Im sure it's what most if not all of the mini 'virgins' will be after Unasembled parts should be left to 'online orders' once production in in the USA
  5. Snap Buglips Building/converting/detailing 1/35 tanks, great and relaxing painting them, er, well, let's start a new build instead (unless I'm super inspired) whereas painting minis is fun (I even struggle to force myself to finish painting 1/35 scale crew, but can paint a larger giant in 38mm scale) why got no idea
  6. Well here are a series of youtube clips where they paint and convert some Bones werewolves (there are sereral more in the series) so greenstuff seems to work ok on them
  7. If you want to keep an eye on him http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77099 should show when he's available
  8. I know at least one woman who uses that pose (minus the club) as her 'bend down to talk to small children pose' so a giant talking to a human might do the same
  9. Well done Reaper, It helps those that missed seeing it while the campaign was running, but means that those who did help push the stretch goals don't feel 'used' by the late arrivals
  10. That's like such a beautiful sentiment man, can The Great Cthulhu be the best monster ?
  11. I thought folk might be interested in this Podcast from 'TheNerdHerders', where Bryan talks about the Kickstarter process now the first part is over He also explains why we had the PDFs that some were puzzled/dissapointed by (not me by the way, LOL), they were used to 'split' they huge stretch goals needed to give free figures towards the end of the KS. The familiars would have needed a $500,000 stretch, a daunting prospect by itself http://traffic.libsyn.com/nerdherders/Nerdherders_Exclusive_Reaper_Miniatures_Kickstarter_Interview.mp3 I picked this up of the DakkaDakka forum where it was posted by one of the NerdHerder crew, user mattyboy22
  12. Yeah that figure is definately not Cthulhu but they do make perfect Star Spawns. Weeeeeelll... kinda. Star Spawns were actually supposed to be larger, according to Lovecraft; if you really want to get sticky, in 28mm, a Star Spawn would be a foot and a half tall, whereas Cthulhu himself would be about four to five feet tall, standing erect. But I could be convinced to fudge it. I think if players get close enough for that to matter, they're dead and/or insane anyway. 8 inch cthulhu is just far enough to be terrifying, without being instantly lethal
  13. Paint Set 1 Paint Set 2 Paint Set 3 Panit Set 4 Vampire Ice Giant King & Queen Forces of Nature Nethermyal Kaladrax Cthulhu x2 and about $70 of undecided, probably options but an outside chance of adding cash for a second vampire
  14. Great Stuff all we're now well over the official target with lots of 'lost' pledges trickling in from the broken servers Hail Reaper Hail Cthulhu
  15. repeating my post from the comments @Bryan We love you, we love the KS (internet chat just short circuits some folks brains) don't be sad please
  16. Just popped in from the KS comments Had fun reading along with this too keep up the good work!
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