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  1. Final few hours (9 or so), second stretch goal has unlocked so more pledge levels get a bit of extra spending power •$59 Reward level will get $1 extra bonus dollar (increasing to $2 total) •$87 Reward level will get $1 extra bonus dollar (increasing to $4 total) •$114 Reward level will be $2 extra bonus dollar (increasing to $8 total) •$140 Reward level will get $2 extra bonus dollar (increasing to $12 total) •$219 Reward level will get $4 extra bonus dollars (increasing to $25 total) •$339 Reward level will get $6 extra bonus dollars (increasing to $56 total) •$500 Reward level will get $10 bonus dollars
  2. Got my minis from this today, been a bit of a wait due to covid slowing down the movement of the masters from sculptor to caster, but well worth the wait. Both the resin and the metals are really nicely done, and as is often the case I wish i'd been able to get more
  3. Possibly a dental issue? might be worth blending some wet food for him and seeing if that makes any difference (I've got to do that for my cat Tommy now, he really needs a dental but his kidneys are too far gone to allow that so blended food it is otherwise it hurts him to eat so he doesn't. His favourite is blended chicken livers, and yes they are as revolting as it sounds)
  4. 3 days to go on this one, (rumours suggest Impact! may have enough dice for a Scrooge McDuck style swim in them...…. if you include store stock, sadly health and safety mean it's not a recommended course of action even if it would be fun)
  5. Stretch Goal 1 reached, some bonus $ to spend for backers at higher pledge levels (sorry not able to paste in the actual update at the moment, check it out if you want the details)
  6. Now live, Christmas is coming up and a new dice set makes an inexpensive present for table top gamers of all sorts
  7. Now live, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/impactminiatures/snow-cone-and-sundae-dcc-and-rpg-dice-sets Many new dice colours Snow Cones Marbled Dice and new monsters for Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) game plus access to existing lines and those weird dice you never knew you needed D3, D5, D7, D9, D11, D13, D15, D17, D18, D19, D22, D26 and D28 and more
  8. Just to say I've had this, so unless anybody else is waiting the thread can be closed really nice cards and art book
  9. Cheers for the info, I'll PM and let them know (I imagine it will be good to know the minis will be available again)
  10. this just came up on my Facebook feed, I know several folks on here have backed Dark Fable Kickstarter projects so the might be intererested in where they could expand their collections since they've been unavailable since the owners sad death (and did somebody on the forums do a bit of sculpting for them too? I might be imagining that bit) Dragon Bait Miniatures Hi Folks, Today is a somber day for me as I have completed the last few details in acquiring my late friend Mikes company, Dark Fable Miniatures. I can not thank Mikes gracious sister Carla enough for the ease in which she allowed me to continue my close friends miniature legacy. Mike loved what he did and his passion will be truly missed. My goal is to establish a Dark Fable Miniatures Archive on Dragon Bait Miniatures site (I have no admin access to the old site). Slowly as I physically obtain the lines, I will release them in the totally chaotic manner you've grown to comfortably expect from Dragon Bait. I expect the transition to take a year but individual packs will be available as soon as I receive them.
  11. I backed the first KS and am getting these too, they're fab (and Andrew is a pleasure to deal with)
  12. I checked with strata miniatures and they tell me the bases shown are 25mm to give an idea of size/scale just in case anybody was wondering
  13. There was some pretty crappy stuff on facebook I think when she posted about her back injury from one or two idiots, along with far more supportive things from most (and I've not seen much if anything from her since so not sure if she's given up on it or just been too unwell and/or busy), but it wasn't recent (or if it was I missed it)
  14. From Strata Miniatures (not sure if I can link or you'll have to search for them) What is Dungeons and Diversity? Creating an inclusive and welcoming Roleplaying environment means a great deal to us, so we’d like to say thank you for showing your support. As well as being able to own some unique and lovingly created characters, buying this model will help support disability work with 25% of your purchase being donated to https://www.ehlers-danlos.org/ We hope our Dungeons and Disability miniatures will brings you many hours of awesome adventures. Part of our passion for these miniatures were fueled by some amazing rules created by Sara (@mustangart) Rules and Background: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ysDrH2vqKz6NSGkf3_0WX5tV-Ch_t_N_?fbclid=IwAR2RjQ_DooZEBzCNs-iXsp1tgn-cXD9JQ7jgg4Z3fajvezabf4Xj7Tr_4L8 If you want to support Sara in creating more rules, why not check out her Patreon human druid elf rogue tiefling cleric barbarian dwarf a really neat idea and some good looking renders (hope the casts live up to them) and they'll certainly help inclusion for some youngsters who want to play a character closer to themselves in physical ability I hope it does well enough that they consider expanding the classes/races available
  15. Sadly (and as expected) this is now dead as San Detour is in administration (looks like a forced liquidation by the court) https://www.societe.com/societe/sans-detour-504290206.html I guess if your in it for a lot it might be worth trying to lodge a claim but I don't imagine it will get you anything back
  16. 2020 View on Kickstarter Wow what a busy last 24 hours! Awesome to see 3 stretch goals unlock. We unlocked the Drummer, 2 Snail Riders, a Pet Snail and the Wizard. All Digital STL backers will automatically receive all the files for these models. All Physical Backers at the $160, $170 and $300 reward levels will receive physical copies of all of these models automatically. Physical Backers at the $65, $75, $110 and $125 reward levels may add-on these models to their rewards if they choose. In addition, for those of you that enjoy kitbashing. The Snail Riders will be available as their components of just the Snail or just the Rider if you want to use them to make your own versions of mounted figures. Digital Backers will get these component STLs in their rewards. The component physical pieces of the Snail Riders are not included in any physical rewards but can be added on if desired. We have added on stretch goals now to the project for $7.5k, $8k and $8.5k. All the models right now are predicting a finish between just over $7k to just under $9k so we wanted to offer up stretch goals to match those statistical projects. Thank you backers for everything ... this project has been a great ride and we look forward to sharing the final 2 days with you! And personal last note ... my household has decided the Giant Snail Rider is the delivery person for packages and correspondence between Frogfolk villages. Yes its true, Frogfolk are still using Snail Mail for their letters! Tom @ Impact & Keith @ Cute Loot [They've got video rotations of all of the new unlocks on the update that I've not copies across to save bandwidth for those on phones, so visit KS if you want to see them]
  17. Thank you backers yesterday we unlocked the Frogfolk Kids! So they are added for free to all digital backer sets and have been included in the add-on list for physical backers as a set. Cute Loot Miniatures has updated the stretch goals and there is a Bard waiting to tell us the tribe's history so all remember at $4500 and something big seems to be coming for reaching the awesome milestone of $5000. If you keep unlocking stretch goals ... we'll keep coming up with new ideas for what comes next! Tom @ Impact! & Keith @ Cute Loot
  18. got mine this morning, lovely stuff, i'm now set up with teeny tiny writing/symbol decals for a lifetime
  19. Hello my wonderful backers! Great news - the Grim Tarock has finally arrived in all its glory! More than 350kg spread across 27 boxes. Thank you once again for being so patient. :) Look at all those boxes! I've started sorting through all the boxes doing some quality checks, and so far they all look absolutely amazing! Once I have done these checks I will start packing the first batch. As per my previous update, I will be shipping these in order of backer number, as I feel this to be the fairest way to go about it. Very excited to be opening these boxes! A note to the Grim Collector backers For those of you lucky enough to get hold of one of the limited Grim Collector pledges, I am heading down to see Ian later this week with your decks so that he can begin adding some delightful squiggles to the boxes for you. I'm pretty excited myself to see what lovely sketches he produces for you! Once he has done these, I will drive back down to collect them for packing and shipping to you. So please bear with us whilst we do this. I will of course update you as to how Ian is getting on with them. I am sure everyone is very excited at the prospect of finally getting these through the post! I will be packaging these in manageable batches of 30-50 in order to take them to my local post office and not overwhelm the postal clerk at the counter! Plus, I can only carry so many (each deck weighs around 300g, not to mention those of you who also pledged for the 400g art book). Naturally, I will keep you all updated as to shipping progress! :) We are really close, folks. Thank you once again for being such incredible backers - your words of support, patience and understanding have truly been appreciated, by myself and by Ian. I cannot thank you enough for making this project a reality! Until the next update... Stay safe! James Soon my pretties, you will be mine!
  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yetlblack/corvus-corax-miniatures-sons-of-yetl-black Story Corvus Corax Miniatures is a small hobby project created in 2013. Since then, four projects have successfully funded on Kickstarter and all have been fully delivered on time without any delays. The feedback from the backers have only been positive! The goal of this project is to raise funds for the production a total of four (4) miniatures for the Sons of Yetl Black. The miniatures will be cast in high quality, non-toxic resin. The scale of the miniatures is 35mm (measuring to the eyes in a standing, straight pose, although some characters may be slightly larger because they are supposed to be large characters). Strendu Bodaway Pachoa Niyol (Actual copies of the resin miniatures. Note that the resin miniatures below are not 100% in scale with each other, but resized for editing purposes.) Grefven always makes lovely things and is a reliable KS creator
  21. Thank you backers we crossed the $3000 mark this morning and unlocked the Frogfolk Thief! Up next .. the Frogfolk Fisherman will unlock at $3500. Now the Thief would like to take a moment and let you know that he would never steal from his fellow villagers. He is the specialist the Chieftess calls to silently slip into rival villages and load up on their supplies for the good of his people. He would like to think of himself more as a Plunderer! However you think of him ... the model is now added for free to any full Digital set. If you would like the Thief as a physical model, he is a $7 add-on. Thank you backers for all your support and we forward to unlocking more stretch goals to come! Tom @ Impact! & Keith @ Cute Loot
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