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  1. Dungeons & Lasers Second Edition prelaunch page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeons-and-lasers-second-edition/ -The 2nd campaign will offer products from the 1st campaign as well (called Legacy Products) with an option for shipping within a month from the end of 2nd ed Kickstarter. So ultra-fast, in the scale of Kickstarter, delivery. - 6 YES! that's 6 Dragons as a single pack or to buy individually, or as a free stretch goal with your terrain pledge! Please give us feedback in the questionnaire about prices! Link to the questionnaire at the bottom of the update. Here are 4 dragons out of 6! and yes that DnD miniature is in scale (28mm). More pictures below. Currently, we have only planned to make fantasy themed dragons! Please convince us in the comments to make one in a Sci-Fi theme (please! I need good arguments to convince the boss!) -optional half-walls - we are making, as we speak (see video), 1st test tool for half-walls, this was requested by you in the post-KS questionnaire. Half-walls will be an OPTIONAL buy (or selected in the pledge manager instead of 50mm ones, we are still working on it). Cost of it - as it will be optional we will make it as close to manufacturing costs as legally possible! - as requested, we will be also making a large tool with end-half-clips, available to purchase for manufacturing cost / or will be part of a stretch goal, no only that we have some ideas for clips supporting next tier (more to come in next updates), this option will allow you to build easily several dungeon levels. - 3 more themes, 2 fantasy Dwarven Mine, Cursed Cathedral, and Temple of the Operators. )and POSSIBLY MORE? - All new stretch goals! We are aiming to DOUBLE the number of stretch goals to 1st DnL Kickstarter! Yes, twice more! - Pre-launch Stretch goals! : For the first time, we are introducing Pre-Launch Stretch Goals. The more folks subscribe to our Pre-Page on Kickstarter, LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeons-and-lasers-second-edition the more free items we are adding to the pledges! Head on to our KS page and click "subscribe"! Make sure your friends know about and share the link: archon-studio.com/dnl2 We want to make as the best deal for backers as possible, thus, we need your feedback and support about DnL 2.0 here is the link to the new questionnaire: https://archon-studio.com/content/dungeons-lasers-second-edition-early-survey You will find more information on our blog here: https://archon-studio.com/blog/dungeons-lasers-second-edition they did the rapid delivery of existing stuff for their previous terrain KS and it worked well, and came in on time, and their plastic is pretty good so if you like the look of it well worth considering also do sign up for KS notification as that's going to help backers get more stuff!
  2. We funded in 17 minutes ... wow ... we were not sure how the project would be received but are really excited to see the funding goal reached so quickly! Cute Loot and Impact are still working on stretch goal for the project so that we can make sure to deliver quickly ... but we both agreed to set a Stretch Goal at $1500 and while we were working on the update ... we crossed the $1500 amount and unlocked it! So happy to announce the unlocked Stretch Goal #1. And the better news for all the backers. We are going to include the digital file for free if you backed a digital set and if you backed a physical set we are going to include a print of it for free! So free Frog! Thank you Backers! We would love to unlock many more stretch goals. If you can please go to this post and share it. https://www.facebook.com/impact.miniatures/posts/2668027886771255 . We would love to add several more new frogs to the project so any assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you for backing and we look forward with sharing with you where the project goes from here! Tom @ Impact! and Keith @ Cute Loot Almost $2700 the first 24 hours ... that was a great start and thank you. We added several stretch goal late last night and we broke one of them during the night! The Frogfolk Warlord is now available to lead the war party for the village against any and all invaders (or just on a very important hunt to feed the village). Because the Warlord is a finest warrior in the tribe, he is a more imposing being. To show this, the physical models will be slightly larger than the normal Frogfolk. We have several more models planned and we already have our first backer request Chibi being sculpted now (which will be a non-Stretch Goal add to the project). The Warlord is being added free to all full digital sets either RPG or Chibi. If you just want him as a single digital file outside of a set he is $2 He is an add-on model for $8 as a physical model. Chibi and RPG Frogfolk Warlord physical models shown next to a Spear & Shield Frogfolk for scale More stretch goals to come! Help share the project to unlock them all!
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/impactminiatures/frog-folk-villagers-3d-printable-and-physical-model-chibi/ a new Impact! project offers 12 frog folk either for RPGs (with smaller heads etc) or as Chibis (with larger heads etc) you can buy the minis directly as physical prints or you can buy the STLs if you have a 3D printer of your own Digital Models - You can purchase the STL 3-D Print file for any of the below 24 models for $2 each. One entire set of STL 3-D Print files for the 12 models in either RPG or Chibi format is $15. All 24 STL 3-D Print files are $25. (NOTE: The RPG Frog Folk Merchant is available for as a free download below .. you do not need to buy it!) Physical Models - You can purchase individual physical copies of the miniatures for any of the below 24 models (see the image for price per a model). One entire set of 12 physical miniatures in either RPG or Chibi format is $65. All 24 physical miniatures for this KickStarter (both sets) is only $110. The sets are discounted for this KickStarter from the expected retail prices of $70 and $130 for the sets when/if they go to into our retail store. The physical models both RPG and Chibi are designed for an average Frog Folk Villager to be 28mm in total height when standing. Since most Frog Folk are shown of smaller stature than a Human in most RPG settings we feel this scale helps show that well. Free Sample! If you want a sample of the models, Cute Loot Miniatures is providing the RPG version of the Frog Folk Merchant for free to download for your review! https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-frogfolk-travelling-merchant-113120
  4. Project Update #37: Imperium Immortalis by Shieldwolf Miniatures July Update... PM is closing shortly (2nd and LAST notification)! Posted by Shieldwolf Miniatures Jul 13, 2020 Hello everyone! We have been sending notifications and reminders every 7-10 days, and now we arrived at a point where the Pledge Manager is closing down in 10 days (on the 22nd of July). For everyone that have filled it in all cool, there's nothing else you need to do. For everyone else who hasn't however, please do so ASAP, because (unlike all our previous projects where we ended up to having stretched far and beyond to accommodate everyone) once the PM closes down we will NOT be revisiting it! As we speak, we have 71.05% of backers who have submitted the PM with 28.95% who haven't. Whilst 42 of these backers had selected no reward and chose not to upgrade (which is usual), we still have some backers who pledged a respectable amount and not selected their rewards. Remember, 10 days to go. This is the last update notifying you of this, please let us know what you'd like! Thank you.
  5. from the creator that brought you https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brassmonkeygames/ian-millers-grim-tarock/description And now for something completely different. I have just launched the Facebook page for our latest collaborative effort - Ian Miller's Middgyr: Tower of Chaos! So what's this all about, I hear you ask? Here is a quick summary: A cold wind moans, its sighing a thousand alien voices breathing in your mind – meaningless, tenebrous. Yet promising everything. You look up at the great gates before you and at the impossible tower above. The gates are open. You take a step forward… Middgyr: Tower of Chaos is a co-operative dungeon crawl board game for 2-5 players set in a world plagued by war and the increasing influence of Chaos. Players fight for their lives as they explore the mysterious Tower of Chaos, high above the swamps of Middgyr, united in their quest to end the war, yet each with their own veiled agendas. Players take charge of four grim anti-heroes as they set out upon a vital quest that will take them through the twisted forests, crumbling bergs and foggy meres that crawl, slither and gibber from Ian Miller’s wonderfully dark imagination. One player takes control of the unknowable Tower of Chaos and its many devious denizens, acting as Game Master. The labyrinthine Tower of Chaos will offer an immersive gaming experience, fast-paced and intense combat, and many challenging puzzles for the players to overcome. Middgyr aims to deliver an experience that will capture the very essence of Ian Miller’s legendary artwork with an expansive, story-driven campaign mode containing many twists and turns, as well as a number of different outcomes. Make the right choices and untold power, fame and fortune awaits – make one wrong decision and oblivion is your only reward... If you are on Facebook, you can join the fun here [link to commercial site removed, if your on facebook just search for Middgyr and you should find the group] If not, watch this space as I will be creating the mailing list soon. Cheers everyone and stay safe! James
  6. Printing is complete - the Grim Tarock is (finally) on its way! James SherriffCreator July 9, 2020 Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and well. Good news (finally)! I received an email from Cartamundi to say that printing is finished and a thousand Grim Tarock decks are ready to be shipped from Belgium to me, here in the UK! I am so happy and excited to receive these. As soon as I do, I will be posting plenty of pictures! Once I receive them (hopefully within the next week or so), I will begin the arduous task of packaging, labelling and shipping. There are more than 900 of you wonderful backers and there is only one of me, so please bear with me as I will need to ship these in waves. :) On the subject of shipping, some of you may be aware that last year, the UPU (Universal Postal Union) agreed to allow the US to set terminal dues/prices themselves from 1st July. This met the US administration’s objective to increase how much they charge other countries for delivery. It will see a significant increase of over 100% in the rates Royal Mail pay for last mile delivery in the US from 1st July. Sad times for small businesses in the UK sending packages to customers in the US. You can read more about it here: [Edit, removed link to commercial website, please view the update on KS to read about this if you want to] What this means is, essentially my costs for shipping to the USA have gone up massively. I am now having to pay close to GBP3000 extra in shipping to the USA. Fortunately, I kept some money from the Kickstarter as a contingency against something like this, although I still have a shortfall which I need to make up. However, I will not be passing any of these costs onto our American backers. It may mean that some backers in the US may have to wait a little longer for their pledge, since I need to source the extra funds from somewhere. I will reiterate, I won't pass these costs onto any backers. It is not your fault that the shipping costs have risen so astronomically. I just had no idea until very recently that this would be happening. So, please everyone rest assured that you will be getting your pledges soon and I will be swallowing all the extra costs. You have all been incredibly patient and understanding over the past few months, and I want you all to know that both Ian and myself really appreciate it! If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop me a message anytime. :) [edit: info about a new KS project removed to it's own thread] (quite a few of us have now commented that we'd be happy to kick in a bit to help out with shipping to the USA from the comments, it's good to be part of a project with a stand up creator and nice backers)
  7. there is a green 'late pledge' button at the top of the KS page (just to the side of the first image if your using a web browser)
  8. Hello everyone, This is a long overdue update. As I mentioned before, I tested the first samples and although the resolution is phenomenal, I found them to be a bit on the thick side. They are not much thicker than what several companies provide and they reacted fantastically well to decal softer solution, but I think I can manage better. So, after some back and forth with my first choice printer I ended up ordering the decals from them. I know that they will be significantly thinner and the detail quality will be at least as good as the previous samples. The order was placed last Monday and I expect to have them shipped in 3 weeks time. In the meantime I re-opened the late pledge page and I will be accepting pledges until the transfers are printed and shipped to me. This week I will be updating the add-on page and, in time, I will give you further information. Thank you, Bruno not sure why this update is pasting in extra large font?
  9. They're hard PVC so closest to Bones Black in feel no option for just the minis, but i'd say most of them will appear via steamforge games (minus any KS exclusives) as that's happened for the two previous projects (plus a no KS release of another set) I've PM'ed you a link You can still get in, visit the kickstarter page and hit the late pledge button and it will take you to the pledge manager where you can sign up and pick what you want (note if your getting all the add ons the shipping is cheaper if you pick the bundled option (there are two as those who backed during the KS got the coins free, late backers don't and have to add them)
  10. Hi everyone, Steamforged Games here! It’s really important you complete your pledge before July 10, because that’s when the Gullet Cove pledge manager closes. Have You Completed Your Pledge? As of right now, 1,416 backers still haven’t completed their pledge. If you haven’t completed your pledge by then, you might not receive all your rewards, and there may be additional shipping costs. How To Complete Your Pledge To complete your Gullet Cove pledge, you’ll need to access your Gamefound account, provide your latest shipping address, and pay for shipping. Could one of those 1,416 incomplete pledges be yours? Then take a moment to check on Gamefound [see update, link to commercial website removed] Need Help? If you need help, or if you have any questions, just get in touch with SFG support [see the update, link to commercial website removed]
  11. Me, although they may have been on Brian's desk for packing recently so hopefully not too long now (unless they end up on a boat rather than a plane which USPS is apparently doing for some stuff now in which case I've still got a lot more waiting to do) now had my official shipping notice (and warning that it may take a lot longer than normal in transit)
  12. enjoyed the game (but the tacked on campaign rules were a bit rubbish), and the minis, especially the evil gnomes were excellent looking forward to part 2 and hope they plan on campaign rules from the start this time in which case they might be worth using
  13. They're selling via Wargames Atlantic so anywhere that gets their stuff should get the fauns too (or you can order via the Wargames Atlantic website which I won't post due to forum rules)
  14. Pledge manager for this one is out (and those that got the STLs have been sent their links Tom managed to negotiate a deal on the resin he's going to use to print these so the price of the various pledge levels has come down in the PM (so you can buy more stuff, put the spare cash towards postage) I got another tank (after all who doen't need another cute little tank)
  15. Poland's national postal carrier actually totally shut down international postal shipments both inwards and outwards around the middle of March (several of the small resin mini companies posted about it on facebook, either saying shipping was suspended, or only offering couriers which were still moving) checking it looks like things are moving again now but i'm not sure how long it has been going again for
  16. My delivery from this has arrived (I was judicious and just cherry picked the best value stuff as the single figures were a bit too expensive for my tasted, and most of the really iconic characters i'd have sprung for at the higher price arrived with season one), and shipping is ongoing across Europe after a period where it was France only due to covid issues, so hopefully anybody else still waiting will see theirs soon
  17. Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe during these times. This is just a very quick update to share the link to the official Cartamundi COVID-19 response (this is actually dated from a few days ago). You can read their company-wide update here. In other, Ian Miller-related news, there is a very big project underway - one that Ian and myself have been collaborating on for the past couple of years. We will be making an announcement fairly soon, but in the meantime all I can say is that it is a board game and that it is set in a fantasy world born from his wonderfully grim, deliciously dark artwork. As a teaser, here is a piece of concept art from the project. I hope to have some news from my print manager at Cartamundi soon, and when I do I will be sharing that news here. In the meantime, stay safe people!
  18. They've shown the parts breakdown for some of the infantry too, so you can get an idea of their conversion potential
  19. Thank you for all your comments, I decided to give it another try and see what happens. Since I don't really have details of what images were the issue I decided to change pretty much every single icon and making sure they are either from public domain or have distinctive marks. For now, I leave you with sheet #1 which is, as before, focused on Knightly Orders and "motivational speech". Please let me know what you think about it. I would also appreciate your help to scrutinise the new designs looking for any kind of issue that might suggest IP infringement against anyone. If there is any shadow of a doubt with any icon let me know and I will replace it. First sheet prototype - You can click on the link for a high resolution image. The tinny unreadable text is from a public domain book and the inspirational quotes are my own. If you actually have any idea of inspirational quotes let me know. Refunds If for any reason you don't like the new designs and want your pledge back, send me a message. I will send out the revised second sheet as soon as possible. Thank you for all the support and understanding. Bruno Disclaimer: Forgotten Chapter and this campaign is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorised, or sponsored by GW, Gamesworkshop Limited®, or Citadel®. All product and company names are the registered trademarks of their original owners. The use of any trade name or trademark or product is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder of their product brand.
  20. Unfortunately problems with the designs submitted to the printer as GW is claiming some as IP so the printer(s) won't go ahead, He doesn't want to get involved with a legal fight with GW (hardly surprising) so he's looking at either redoing whatever they have a problem with (not specified but i'd guess either god or legion specific stuff?) or seeing if he can refund and cancel the project I hope he can just redesign whatever is the issue since I don't need this to be 40K specific and have posted as much in the latest update, if you agree (or if you prefer a refund) please let him know so he can make the best decision possible
  21. Backers should have got a KS message with the option to register to swap sheet 1 & 2 with another backer if they prefer to only have one type (printing means the company will be getting equal amounts of both so they can't just let you do it freely) also access to a webstore where you can order a few alternate transfer sheets as add ons (Warhammer space marine squad stuff for the most part, nothing I want but if you backed worth checking just to make sure there's nothing you want) looking forward to this
  22. I wish mine would, but EU shipping (other than to France) is on hold (and that's bringing out the crazies in the comments). Hope you enjoy it when it's sat long enough to detox
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