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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/forgottenchapters/forgotten-chapters-purity-seals-and-parchment-transfers My name is Bruno and I recently decided to use my (few) graphic skills to design my own waterslide transfers, as I could not manage to get the details on my miniatures right. Especially the parchment, scrolls and purity seals never quite looked as good as I wanted. After sharing some of my work on Reddit and Instagram, I discovered many more miniature hobbyist had this same issue, which lead me to this kickstarter! Besides sharing my own designs, these transfers will be screen printed by industry leading professionals to the highest quality possible. The first sheet The finished product will be an A5 (210x148 mm) transfer sheet printed in 3 colors: White, Black and Red. The sheet will have hundreds of different designs to give you the most flexibility possible when personalising your mini's. I will regularly add new designs to the sheet, taking into account the backers feedback, until the sheet is full. Now while this seems geared to Warhammer 40K at first glance there is going to be a lot that's of more general interest, how many minis have you got with open books, parchments etc that just don't look great when you try and do it yourself? seems well worth a go, and not bad price wise (if you've ever tried to make your own waterslide stuff)
  2. Lovely stuff, shame I don't have a printer, hopefully the virus will be gone by the time some of it appears as casts on their webstore
  3. Got mine yesterday, very nice indeed... well the minis are, I have yet to try the game but I liked the changes they made from AQ so it should be fun and lovely polystyrene corners for all the stuff in the box so it doesn't get mangled in transit (a no no environmentally, but a big plus for safe arrivals) I like the wee robots, and thankfully they 'click' together solidly (and arrive assembled)
  4. Also previous backers of the Dungeons & Doggies or Cats & Catacombs kickstarters will get the early bird coins even if they didn't back in the first 24 hours (as long as they're using the email address used on one of the previous projects) (you don't get 2 sets if you already pledged for an early bird)
  5. mine showed up too, very nice (perhaps a bit better cast that the volume 1&2 dogs)
  6. and a new add on Tooth and Paw Drawn into a mysterious plot to kidnap awakened animals, the player characters come face to face with the Cunning Man and his villainous Goblin Nappers. But the real threat comes from elsewhere, the Cunning Man’s trusted lieutenant is a terrifying wereshark, and extremely hungry… trust us on this, a wereshark’s bite is definitely worse than its bark! Fortunately, they aren’t on their own. Backed up by the mighty Galter of Hexea, one of the famed Watchers, they should have everything they need to foil the Cunning Man’s plots.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1113411001/odyssey-anthology/description the new human minis the gigantic painters special figures from previous campaigns more figures from previous projects
  8. I'm in for this, to cute to miss out on I also picked up the direct to retail dogs set and am pleased with them too (the smaller box is also appreciated, hopefully the KS cats that will arrive soon will follow suit) Every Guild in Gullet Cove uses these metal coins to gain entrance to secret guild meetings, and to make sure the Watch don't interfere with things that don't concern them. If you back for the Early Bird pledge then you'll get a set these coins absolutely free, but if you missed out or want multiple sets then you can add them to your pledge! Each set contains ten metal coins. The Animal Adventures Pawlyhedral dice set gives you all the dice you need to play the world's favourite roleplaying game, stamped with the iconic Animal Adventures paw, including two D20s for rolling advantage and disadvantage. Now, every crit can feel like a high five from your favourite pet! Probably our most requested item! This set of four enamel pins lets you show the world that you are a person of exquisite taste, both in games and animals.
  9. i think most with reservations dropped out before the end, to not give them even a euro so a lot fewer who can say I told you so in the comments now
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russrmc/animal-adventures-secrets-of-gullet-cove Painting Polygons NeW Animal Adventures Kickstarter launches January 28, 2020! Set sail for a mysterious portside city where magic and adventure await... 21 brand new minis (including a Kickstarter exclusive!) Fully illustrated, hardback sourcebook with artwork from leading industry artists Collection of maps With a host of colourful (and questionable!) non-playable characters, compelling locations, and a collection of multi-part adventures, Secrets of Gullet Cove opens up a brand new universe for you to explore. Don't miss the Kickstarter launch at 4PM GMT/8AM PST on January 28th
  11. Oh and the Mythic version is in their KS update, and Bernard's response was from Boardgame Geek
  12. well this has been hit with an ip dispute from the games writer Mythic's version Mythic Games, Inc.Creator January 3, 2020 Dear backers, As you may have noticed, our Kickstarter page for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5 has been “frozen” since December 16, 2019. We did everything we could to try and resolve this problem amicably before it went public, but unfortunately, we couldn’t do it despite all our efforts. Before going any further, it should be noted that we are very confident in the upcoming resolution of this issue, since we are advised by a very good lawyer, who is specializing in this field and has worked with the biggest game publishers. We have also discussed with fellow publishers, who have given us good advice and also share the same confidence with us. A summary of the problem Pascal Bernard is suing Mythic Games for non-payment of part of his royalties, and therefore requests the cancellation of the contract which binds us to him. Mythic Games, from their part, are simply asking Pascal Bernard to establish an invoice of the right amount to pay him the balance of what they owe him. According to the contract, it was agreed that Pascal Bernard would receive the balance of his remuneration after the final delivery of the game. The contract specifies that Pascal Bernard will receive a percentage of the Net Turnover Excluding Tax. When the game was delivered at the end of the summer, Pascal Bernard sent us an incorrect invoice based on the amount displayed by Game on Tabletop to which he applied this percentage directly. We dispute the basis of his calculation since the percentage was not applied to the Net Turnover Excluding Tax. To give you a simple example, the shipping costs paid by the backers shouldn’t be part of a turnover on which Pascal Bernard can ask for royalties, it is the same for taxes or customs fees, etc. How should we calculate the remuneration base? One of Pascal Bernard's challenges concerns the remuneration base. The contract mentions that this remuneration relates to the net turnover excluding taxes (cf. article 10 of the contract) for “the work”. Let’s go back to the definition of Net Turnover Excluding Tax: - Net: means that fees and royalties must be withdrawn. These as an example are the amounts collected by Kickstarter and Game On Tabletop. - Turnover: this is the amount of total sales made and actually collected by Mythic Games. This amount is lower than the amount displayed on Kickstarter because some transactions are not successful (expired credit cards, unfunded bank accounts, refund requests ...). - Excluding Tax: means taxes must be excluded. Therefore, VAT and other comparable taxes must be withdrawn. Other elements to take into account: - The card sleeves are not branded « Time of Legends: Joan of Arc », these are generic game accessories that we sold as intermediaries during the Pledge Manager, they therefore do not have to be included in the calculation of net sales. - Mythic Games sold the Time of Legends: Joan of Arc role-playing game during the same Kickstarter as the board game but on behalf of another publisher. According to the agreement with the role playing game publisher, Mythic Games' remuneration for the role-playing game is a percentage of the margin achieved on this game. Mythic Games therefore collected a certain amount for the role-playing publisher during the Kickstarter of the board game, but the final sum that Mythic Games actually cashed for this role-playing game, the one that counts for the base calculation on which the royalty percentage should apply, is much lower. The position of Mythic Games We work with many authors who are all happy to work with us. We have always paid them, on the games that we published and delivered, on those being delivered and even on the games in preparation for this year. We have always paid the agreed amounts and had good relations with all our service providers and partners. In this case, we are sticking to the contract which binds us, contract whose drafting was proposed by Pascal Bernard himself and which should be the sole point of reference. We do not ask Pascal Bernard for lateness penalties. We are ready to pay him the balance immediately. We provided him with all the supporting documents. We agree to pay him on the reprint 1.5 version upon delivery under the same conditions, the same percentage of the Net Turnover Excluding Tax. We therefore request that Pascal Bernard abandons his prosecution once he has been paid. We are open to discussion and possibly to a mediation. How does this affect you Please note that you are not affected in any way. It is important to know that Kickstarter will not ask us for a refund and will not prevent us from delivering the game. In the meantime, we continue to work on Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, just as initially planned. We will continue to send you revised scenarios and details on the progress of the project. Overall we will deliver our current games as planned, the next on the list being Reichbusters, which will be on the boat before the Chinese New Year, January 21. The Joan of Arc reprint is well on track and we aim to deliver it as planned in October. We would like to thank you all for your trust and the love that you have shown for this project. We are truly blessed to have supportive backers like you to our journey in this industry. From our part we commit ourselves to providing you with the best games made that will give you a mythic experience. Right of reply from Pascal BERNARD, author of the game Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.Dear all,As everyone knows by now, I am going through a legal dispute with Mythic Games, publisher of the game Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.Mythic Games has chosen to make this conflict public and to recount the events in an untruthful and outrageous manner, seeking to discredit and tarnish my reputation as an author.I therefore have no choice but to respond in order to restore the truth, that is far more prosaic and simple than they claim.Who is Mythic Games?Mythic Games is a company from Luxembourg, which I have never signed any contract with. In 2016, this company acquired the French company Play & Win, then co-owned by Benoit Vogt (co-owner with Pascal Vesperini, alias Léonidas Vesperini, of the company Mythic Games) and Piotr Borowski, manager of the company Sans Détour (http://opengazettes.com/gazette_notices/395547292).It is with the company Play & Win that I have signed. No other.Where does our contract come from?Mythic Games, which has not even signed my contract, claims that it was me who drew up this document. That is not true.It was provided to me by Play & Win.Even if I had drawn up this contract, it is not clear, moreover, what difference it would make regarding its performance.Non-payment of royaltiesThanks to the 10,000 players who pledged, the game raised over $4 million, which were paid to Mythic Games between 2017 and 2018.According to our contract, I should have received 6% of the net sales revenue.It is now January 2020 and neither Mythic Games nor Play & Win has paid these royalties to me (except a small advance).While we are going through a dispute over this clause, Mythic Games finally acknowledged that it owed me important royalties.I ignore whether they cannot or do not want to pay those royalties to me. The fact is that they have not paid them.The fact is also that despite their obligations, they still have not provided me with the supporting documents for the "net turnover" collected, or for the payment of the various taxes (VAT for example).Infringing " 1.5 version ".By completely omitting the " 1.5 version " dispute, Mythic Games wants you to believe that our conflict only involves my royalties payment. This is not true.What actually triggered our dispute was the launch, without my agreement, without prior consultation and even without giving me any information, of a Kickstarter and a Late Pledge for a new version of Joan of Arc, that Mythic Games presented under the name "Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5".I naturally alerted Kickstarter on the infringing nature of this campaign.This brutal launch, in violation of my rights, while I still have not been paid for the first campaign, obviously makes me fear the worst: that Mythic Games will deliver an altered or botched version, or even never deliver this version, and that they will use the collected funds to pay-off possible losses.In reality, I am only defending the outcome of years of hard work, efforts and of historical research conducted more than 20 years ago, before the release of my first game Montjoie!I also wish to protect the projects and extensions of Joan of Arc that I am working on, that this so-called " 1.5 version " seriously jeopardizes.My own rights set aside, what is actually at stake is the future of the license and the best interest of the many pledgers and players.I take this opportunity to thank my professional friends, as well as the communities of players and pledgers. Many of you have shown me your comforting support, which is incredibly heartwarming.Pascal Bernard, author of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc , it doesn't really seem as if this will effect delivery of the game but it's certainly burnt bridges between mythic and the original designer it's also impossible to figure out the rights and wrongs without knowing what was in Bernard's contract with P&W (was there any mention of special things to be done if the company was sold, did the IP revert to him, does he retain any degree of ownership that would prevent them doing a 1.5 without him), what happened to P&W after being bought (was it absorbed into mythic or does it remain as a company owned by them even in name only), and what the net profits on JoA were (and we all know that net profits can be almost nothing even on a huge project... I think I remember reaper saying Bones 1 only 'made' $15,000, so it's not impossible that Bernard didn't even earn out the advance.... always try for cut of the gross even if it's a lot smaller piece of the pie, it's a lot harder to legally make gross numbers vanish)
  13. I think I may have got mixed up about who owns what (I blame a cold from hell that's just not shifting)
  14. Fingers crossed this goes through ok, FFG has just closed their digital games division & most of the RPG folk have been laid off too, and one of the folk on Reddit talking about it is (apparently) from Asmodee North America who are also laying off folk including him/her https://www.reddit.com/r/boardgames/comments/elfkbq/massive_layoffs_at_ffg/ it's clearly a rationalisation by Asmodee (they've got their own digital division), but it's worrying that somebody from Asmodee NA is also losing their job as that could have implications as to whether that will survive, and whether any of the games they're invested in, including Myth make it out to Asmodee proper if they don't
  15. yes people are now seeing what shipping actually costs (which keeps rising fast too) I do like chibis but i'm not interested as the proportions on these are just not to my taste (thankfully)
  16. as this is primarily designed to sell the 2 player 'wargame' your going from a smaller scale game to a larger one you'll need more of some minis to play it so that's why they're included (and it also helps make the sets look better value by bumping up the number of minis since actually casting from a paid off mould is far cheaper than making new stuff from scratch) it's also why your getting the 'discount' to account for the cost of these duplicate minis
  17. DaveC on Dakka posted this from the project THE MAILS SHOULD BE IN YOUR INBOX NOW !!! UPDATE FOR THE MYTH CROWDFUNDING It took us a long time, but finally it will go on with the shipping for the Myth crowdfunding. Some of you are still missing essential products and this is something we want to change. First of all: The miniatures are still in production. We expect them to be ready in mid of 2020. For the other physical products: We have a limited stock of 59 different products. Every Backer will receive an eMail (by tomorrow) with all relevant data and stocks. Please reply to this mail with the following info: 1. Your updated shipping address and name 2. A list of the products you are still missing. You have time for this until the 31st of January 2020. After that we will check the orders and prepare everything for shipping. We will ship everything for free, so there will be no additional shipping costs for you. IMPORTANT: We can only send missing products to the backers who reply to the eMail and we only have a limited stock. We do not have any more products. If you did not get the eMail or if you have any questions, please contact us via [email protected] We also want to apologize for the whole process behind the Myth crowdfunding. Thank you for your understanding! Please check your order and let us know, what exactly you are missing. Let us know until the 31st of January 2020. After you provided the missing products we have to check your order. This is necessary, as we have a limited stock. Some info about the subsequence distribution: If you do not reply until the 31st of January, we cannot send out any products anymore You will only get your products if you reply to this mail, we have no option to automate this process. So we rely on you. We are sorry about that! We will update you about the stock of the products There will be no shipping costs for you! so if you are owed stuff tell them by the end of January
  18. The English language version is KS exclusive as Diemension Games who would be selling it talked to distributors and they won't pay enough for the product to make it financially viable, however Diemension Games licence their foreign language stuff, so if a German publisher (for example) manages to put together a deal to actually sell the game into distribution they didn't want to close off the possibility hence why the other languages aren't KS exclusive to allow this to happen (but they don't expect it to)
  19. Last day for this one, 9 hours or so to go they carried on loosing money slowly, but actually pulled in a lot more backers ($1) so it looks like the enthusiasm is potentially there but the time of year was just wrong (plus some wanting to have more gameplay details, and that's still evolving) I've enjoyed what they've done with Deep Madness so i'm in and look forward to seeing how this different style of game from them goes
  20. Imagine my surprise when on of my failed KS projects got this update, and I got a link to download the pdf! Here is an update from Andrew Shields. I want you to have this game. I acquired the rights to the Axes and Anvils game from Mike Nystul without taking on his obligations from this Kickstarter. What can you expect? The chart shows how I plan to give you this fantastic game as thanks for your enthusiasm, even if it was over seven years ago. I do not have the resources to send out print copies (much less patches, miniatures, stones, and other extras.) I did not have funds from this Kickstarter or from him for development, and in the end I did not have a publisher (though we've been through two over the years.) I cannot give you what this Kickstarter promised, but I will try to make things right as best I can. I am approximating here, rather than inviting specific corrections or cross-walks between add-on rewards and my future plans. If you want to discuss the gifts I am offering, I'm available to do so, but if you want to talk about what the Kickstarter owes you, that is beyond my scope. How will you get your digital gifts? I will use your emails as recorded in Kickstarter to send complimentary copies through DriveThruRPG's system so you can add them to your libraries there. If you do not get an email and think you were supposed to, contact me. [[email protected]] I get a confirmation email from DriveThruRPG with codes for each email address, and I can give you your codes. (Give it a day or so, I'll be sending the emails right after I post this.) How does the "Shields Up! Axes and Anvils" compare to the "Castle Nystul Axes and Anvils"? My version of the game is not exactly the same as what Mike Nystul would have made. However, I used the pitch on the Kickstarter as my guiding inspiration as I developed the game. The creative contributions of the faction-level backers are included in the finished result, credited in the book. I plan to continue development of Axes and Anvils resources that will include some greater detail from the contributions they have already made. I used a professional graphic designer, art by David Okum (who designed the seals for the dwarven overclans and other factions in consultation with the high-level backers), other purchased art (by Marcin and a map by Vandel), and my own art (for the GM book). I do not have the art by Jeff Laubenstein, as he did not grant me permission to use it. Where can I find out more? You can find the Axes and Anvils game products on DriveThruRPG.com {sales link removed] . You can find links to the products and descriptions on the Axes and Anvils blog here. The quickstart has an introductory adventure, and it is "pay what you want" so you can access it for free. I do not anticipate making a hardback copy of the rules at this time. "Under the Mountain" is the GM book that is attached to the main rulebook as a second half, and it is nearly ready to share (in the final round of adjustments with the graphic designer; it's laid out already). The Clan Book is built out and is with the graphic designer now. As digital files are ready, I will share them as reflected in this chart. What Delays Remain? The print version of the rulebook and the quickstart have proofs in the mail to me now. The rulebook was out, but I changed the link when I bought a domain for the official website, so the print version is offline until I get the new print. The quickstart proof is also in the mail to me. As the work neared completion I was attempting to get everything together and finished to triumphantly release all at once, but the process of delays and revisions can be disruptive. The GM book and the clan book are going through the final stages, print will be available for everything but the character packs, and the suite of Axes and Anvils game rules and supplements will be available. How can people support Shields Up! Publishing and Axes and Anvils? If you want to express your support financially, I invite you to buy any of the print products to go along with your digital copies. Also, you can go to the quickstart (which is "pay what you want") and contribute in that way. What comes next? I currently have plans for a number of Axes and Anvils resources, including a book on adventuring in Stoneshadow (the default setting). Updates will be shared on the Axes and Anvils blog. I will also be writing fiction for Axes and Anvils, integrating stories into my Patreon offerings. Axes and Anvils is poised to grow. The format is designed to encourage casual gamers and open tables, and the creative options reward experienced players too. People can try out the quickstart for free. The game's basic rules are inexpensive, and for all the products, if you buy the paper copy you get the .pdf for free. Thank you. Thank you for your faith in a game that places more emphasis on "we" than "me." In the coming year I will be running an open table online, and I will invite you to come and try the game out if you have interest and availability. Now you will have what you need to make your own legends in the world of Axes and Anvils. So many thanks to Andrew Shields who took this on after the original project creator failed, may it be successful for him
  21. so more progress, and a new target, there's about 20 hours to go now, hopefully we get 'the fool' stretch goal as Iove that bit or art
  22. belated happy returns old chap, kickback, relax and squeak those toys
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