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  1. Just curious...and I know the Reaper peeps have enough to do, making great miniatures. I was wondering if there are any plans to update and add to the painted showcases. Personally I find these to be one of the best resources on the website, not that I ever paint the same colors but the ideas and inspiration are pretty great. Since I only post about twice a year let me say thanks for the wonderful miniatures and the closest thing I'll ever have to a drug addiction.
  2. "I still need to pick up some of those townsfolk, even if they are for cannonfodder." (see above) I never understood that really, I always figured most people were playing DnD with reaper's minis, seems like townsfolk and such would be an intergral part of a scenario, I also wonder why Reaper has never issued a town guard set or a royal family of sorts. I would be interested in seeing "what games are being played?" in the next unofficial survey.
  3. I don't game at all really, but I have played one game of warhammer using some of my painted minis. I got into minis becuase 1st) I like model railroads but don't have space 2) History major (like the historical, folk, and mythology angle of the miniatures), 3Love the artwork Anyhow, what I would like to know is, will this poll change in any way Reaper's future production? I hope they continue to put out Townsfolk and such...
  4. PS I was watching TV.... As I was writing this, I remembered that Vallejo is made in Spain, where there was horrible terrorist attack today. I hope the families and survivors can find blessings in thier lives again soon. And I hope that cowardly terrorist murderers die the deaths they deserve.
  5. The Vallejo "Smoke" is great. I also use it in scenery to detail some of my stone buildings. Also try the "patina green" glaze from Vallejo. I'm painting a Reaper orc army and using the patina green over a darkened bronze plate mail motif. The idea is to give the army a look like they had too grave rob and scavange thier old armor. Fitting for lowely orcs... For rust I use a pretty standard trick 2parts GW brown wash to 2parts Yellow wash to 1part water. This can be drybrushed over steel, especially chainmail to give an overall dirty and rusted effect.
  6. "DHA is still available at my FLGS, the Warroom. they had several copies." This store is located in the Atlanta (Norcross, GA. to be exact) area and is also one of my favorite games stores. I was there a couple of weeks ago and they did in fact still have a copy of Dark Heaven Apocalypse. I'm sure they would be willing to ship it. http://www.thewarroom.com/
  7. I agree completely with more monsters. I would like to see the Kobold war party and the Goblin war party (can't recall blister pack numbers) expanded to about the size of the current Reaper orc offering. Also... Pack mules or camels And off topic, I would love it if Reaper would move into some scenery pieces similar to those produced by Grendal (but, uh you know, made in the U.S. so I could actually find them in stores)
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