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  1. Also, you could check with your local FLGS and rummage through their clearance bin. You might be surprised what you might find.
  2. It's gotta be a 'venti' sized cup... I need my mounds of caffiene, and I need my coffee mugs deep to hold it. Amateur. *adjusts IV drip* There is nothing more I would enjoy than a cup of Aged Sumatra in my imaginary coffee cup.
  3. I'm going to bathe in them, like champagne - but a bit more prickly.
  4. I'm I the only coffee nerd here? I'm hoping for a coffee mug - since I see a lot of late night painting in my future. Gonna need my gogo juice.
  5. On my previous kickstarter pledges, once the project ends there was no way to change your pledge. I don't know if reaper going to do something different though, I don't know if they can.
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