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  1. For enhanced vision, I have had a lot of luck with the magnifying glasses sold almost everywhere (pharmacies, Walmart, etc). I had a visor set up, but it didn't feel right and seemed to clash with they way I paint.
  2. You can always see if you can get IT to lift the blocking for Reaper forums. I have done so at my work for a number of sites that were blocked due to having the word "game" somewhere on the site (like toy stores).
  3. Was anyone else paranoid enough to go and make sure that a subtle hacker hadn't been involved, and check that your shipping address was still the correct one?
  4. ShadowRaven, If the shipping company was UPS, then there is a good chance that they were the ones to charge you the GST/HST and added a brokerage fee. They do this automatically, which is why a lot of us don't like using UPS.
  5. You have to remember that it isn't Canada Post that charges the GST/HST or the handling fee, but the Canada Border Services Agency (part of it used to be called customs). Part of the VooDoo is based on how new or experienced the Border Services Officer (BSO) is, if there is a blitz on, if a company is being looked at for verification of it's declarations, or if you have been lucky enough to get hit by computer selecting you randomly (or the BSO is having a bad day ). There are likely other parts, but I don't want to tempt fates. If Reaper did play games with the classification codes and got caught, then there is a good possibility that every order from Reaper would be examined, possibly for years. I would rather that they declare the items properly.
  6. Yeah, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping that it is the exit, where the backers get their rewards , and not an express train heading the opposite direction.
  7. This is another issue. If the 3D models are in the poor condition described by Defiance, then a chunk of the blame can be laid at the feet of the (unnamed) 3D sculptor. Now, whether that can be traced back to the TA side of things for hiring the wrong kind of 3D sculptor or if the sculptor is really the one to blame is another (likely) unanswerable question. Well, if memory serve, we were told from start that they were told by the manufacturer can make a mold directly from the 3D file, did they show the 3D file to the manufacturer while getting a quote? Is there a estimated minimum order in the quote? How formal is the quote if the manufacturer wasn't shown the 3D file? EDIT:and it is very hurtful when she post this in her facebook Is that all we are? stranger who give her money? and if we know nothing about the facts she didn't do a very good job at disclosing it Unfortunately, not everyone can access your links as not all of us have facebook accounts. Could you provide copy and paste extracts? Some people have been slamming Torn pretty hard over the whole situation, with a lot of them not being backers of the kickstarter. With pretty much all of the critism being based on hindsight (that is they know things now that had not happened at the time Torn was signing the contract with Defiance). In June/July, Defiance was supposedly under new management (Tony was out of the picture - no longer in charge) and paying debts. Sort of like Wargames Factory after Tony left, but on a compressed time scale. No company will (or should) provide all the facts on any specific case - the public has shown them that that is not a smart thing to do. Even with facts being disclosed, they are subject to interpretation and being used out of context. Take a look at the whole question of the 3D files. Torn provided the files in the format that Defiance requested. Defiance is saying that the files were crap. The new 3D person that Defiance had work on the files (unpaid work of 40 hours). He has said that he had to do a lot of work as he did not have the original 3D file types that would have been easy to work with and update - he only had what Defiance provided him. Why didn't/couldn't Defiance provide him with the proper format? Because they didn't have it? Becasue they didn't ask Torn for it? Didn't want to admit that their requested format wasn't going to work? The fact that the last 3D artist wasn't paid for 40 hours of work would seem to be another mark against Defiance. However, the artist has stated that he didn't submit an invoice/bill for his time, as he doesn't do that until his work has been accepted. The only real error that I see Torn making is providing the full miniature funds to Defiance before seeing any masters or demos (but there may have been a valid reason for doing so). Am I happy with the whole situation? No. I am a miniature only backer. Am I willing to give Torn time to get things settled? Yes. I would rather see the game on store shelves (even a non-mini version) than get a partial refund. Part of my objective in backing kickstarters is to see/help get new games and products on the shelves. The only group that I am holding responsible for most of this mess is Defiance. Regardless of who did what, when and to whom, Defiance has not and does not appear willing to return the money (less a small fee for work done). Defiance has said that they don't have the money. Edit for grammar
  8. I would probably go with an adventuring company/club. A club in a town/city would have a rotating membership, and will likely avoid the whole payment issue (if folks are desperate, how can them afford to pay for mercs?). Have them go look for a lost/fabled mine. Lots of exploration adventures there. Once found, lots of adventures clearing it out. Then puttting a road. Then defending it against xxx
  9. Since the migration, I haven't been able to quote anyone or copy and paste anything into the forums. I plan on waiting a bit longer to see if it clears up or if someone posts instructions for a fix, if not, I will send an email to Kit asking what I need to do.
  10. While this isn't a miniature or terrain kickstarter, I thought that it would be appropriate for gamers. Dustcloud Kickstarter Upgraded version of laser tag/paint ball/spy vs spy games. You can play anywhere, with Bluetooth enabled smartguns.
  11. I am unable to quote anyone. And like OneBoot and Darsc Zacal, once I refresh the page, the option to unlike a post is gone.
  12. I can't access the forums at work anymore - page not found. At home, I can't access it before 5 pm eastern time - otherwise I get a blank page.
  13. I went a bit overboard Sigh We're pleased to tell you that you have successfully completed your pledge for Reaper's Bones 2 Kickstarter! Here's the stuff you ordered: 2013 Core Set x7 Gnolls & Bugbears x4 Dragon Hatchlings x2 Pathfinder Villains x4 Narthrax Dragon x4 Lords of Darkness x4 Mouslings x2 Unleash the Kraken! x4 Oh, Rats! x3 Heroes and Villains x10 Gelatinous Cube x4 Greater Demons x5 Water Elementals x4 Hill Giants x5 Demon Lords x5 Dungeon Decor x10 Blightfang Dragon x5 Devils x4 Cinder Dragon x4 Master Series Paint Set x2 Figure Case x5 Verocithrax Dragon x3 Expansion Set 1 x3 Bag 'O Bases x5 Master Series Paint Set 2 x2 Expansion Set 2 x3 Mister Bones x2 Numenera Monsters x1 Expansion Set 3 x3 Bag O' Bases Medium x4 Bag O' Bases Large x2 Mashaaf, Great Old One x4 Troll Slayer Sophie x4 Burrowing Horrow x3 Barbarians x1 Khanjira, the World Breaker x4 Dragons Don't Share x6 Thank You Set x3 Cadirith x3 Your stuff will be sent out in shipping wave 1. I am order #1303 But in my defense, there are 5 others in the order with me
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