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  1. Yeah wasnt really worried after people posted that the higher you donated the later your shipment Makes sense i guess, the Dave Ramsey shipping method allowed them to not have to hire many (if any) extra temp shipping employees so helps their bottom line at the delay of a couple extra months wait Not the business tactic i wouldve used to delay the biggest spenders and the foreign spenders the most as that may hamper future business and expansion But i do empathize with the massive size of this kickstarter so i'm okay either way and mine got to me just fine All in all i love reaper and this kickstarter
  2. Bump Using this in trade talks
  3. Thanks again for the replies Mainly worried about nasty shippers loving to leave packages on my front porch which in TN july heat would give those minis a definite time limit before some softening which could compromise the ability to stand on their own So was hoping to be off work on that day but my vacation ends soon so prolly not I dont speak internet sarcasm from the recent posts so i cant tell if the international backers were expecting to get their shipments from a US company before the US backers but either way i do feel for your wait time too
  4. Thx for the quick replies I got the vampire set and one of just about every addon I live in tennessee, USA So maybe just a big enuff order to not be processed yet?
  5. Got an email on May 6 that said we will send an email when we are ready to send your package I have patience but after two months am beginning to get worried that something is wrong with my order and it may have been skipped, overlooked, lost, etc? Also have a trade partner who received his a long time ago and worried he may try to find a new trading partner Checked spam folder and nothing there either Am I right in that no email means my order hasnt even been processed yet?
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