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  1. Righty oh then. I have set myself a new personal goal. So far it is going well. I am currently running a Pathfinder RPG Campaign called Dwarves! Dwarves! This is self made taking heavily from Raging Swan Publications. As part of this I have set myself some goals: 1) Log the games played and session logs on a Wordpress Website for players and anyone else that wants to read. 2) Each week paint the encounters from my pile of Bones miniatures or use miniatures I've already painting from Bones, post gallery pictures to the website and here 3) Make sure everyone has fun!! (This is number one really) Last weeks painting was these two miniatures (plus one other that I can't reveal because my players didn't end up encountering it. I also can't tell anyone whats coming next week until they encounter them! lol Mimic Rust Monster (The Fighter in plate loved this when it touched him with its Antennae)
  2. Beatrix, my daughter (5 yrs old), was playing a Montessori game on the iPad to name animal parts. Then I hear "anal fin". I turn amused did I hear true? Yes, Yes I did. Fish have anal fins. The little boy in me delighted. Today as I sit putting together my aboleth from Bones II I realise that my aboleth, despite numerous fins, has no anal fin. If an aboleth has no anal fin does it infact not have an anus and if so is this why they are so diabolic!
  3. Windsor and Newton - Artist water colour sable round number 7. Wet blending ;)
  4. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm so over excited. That dragon looks absolutely incredible. I'm def going traditional colours on it. Will be a great end to a D&D story arc. One player dies in each mouth. Mwhwhahahahahah. Thanks for all the pics guys. My excitement is growing rapidly!!
  5. Mashaaf WIP. Trying to speed paint her/him it. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62577-77375-mashaaf/ Plus doing these chaps for my Cavalier character in the Kingmaker Campaign I'm playing in and the guy in red is for a bard in the party. :))
  6. I'm speed painting Mashaaf. This is approximately 5-10 minutes work!
  7. Thank you ever so much Talae :)
  8. Had a couple of big real life wins last week so good times. Furthermore I am back to painting as of today! Thanks for inspiration Buglips et al. :) Giant purple worm photos and two heroes pictures coming soon!!
  9. When I did my great worm I boiled the base for over 20minutes and that mostly did the trick. ;)
  10. Relentless and inspiring. I'm going to pick up my brush again tomorrow after far too long and bash through some miniatures. Thanks for sharing. That was crazy!! :))
  11. Ok. If you have clicked here looking for sneak peeks at the new bones you are either going to be disappointed that it's just posts from people wishing to also see stuff or you can post links for me to other places on the forum where I can see some sneak peeks to WET my appetite before the main event in just over a week.
  12. Keep them standing up and stored in trays. Thus:
  13. Last 22 hours. Looks good and been game tested at the UK Conventions here in UK. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1233586901/neon-sanctum
  14. I've successfully used copper pennies under the sponge to prevent mould growth! Tried and tested and it works well. Doesn't prevent forever but till you next use it :))
  15. Looking forward to following this WIP. Are you using a normal camera? I think that your minis would look better with a steadier photo, maybe a tripod? :)
  16. Very cinematic paint job. I love the cloak!
  17. Excellent conversions and a great composition of miniatures. :)
  18. I believe here we can see some "pants" confusion. I also think the Buglips would steal British pants and the pants across the pond would not hold as much appeal.
  19. I boiled my worm the other day. With the thick stuff you want to boil it for longer to heat it through and through. It all fits together sweetly now :).
  20. I'm so happy to see you finish this and it look spectacular. Watching you deliberate over time and the WIP was fantastic. Corporea this is certainly an "artist defining" piece for you. I love love love this. Thank you for sharing :)
  21. I'm having a tough year. I'm fighting on various fronts for justice and truth. I'm not going to go into depth. My pile of reaper bones, looking through them, touching them and painting grants me escapism which allows me precious moments to empty my mind and regain my strength. I just wanted to share :). Does anyone else use the hobby in this way? And thanks to all the great people on the forums. Pierre X
  22. Anyone playing / running this at the moment? I'm running TLP Eris-BetaV starting next week and I am very excited :)
  23. I HAVE A 15LB BOX OF GOODNESS IN UK CUSTOMS! EXCITED IS UNDERSTATEMENT! (really ought to finish up painting these Bones I first?)
  24. When I have mixed water in with acrylic paints and then left it on the wet palette for a while it separates out a bit and "looks" like mold. But it just the medium separating from the acrylic.
  25. I've received a shipping update notification. wave 2 UK. my package has left Reaper HQ and has gone to: Location Date Local Time Activity (What's This?) Bensenville, IL, United States 02/19/2015 11:54 A.M. Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations Exciting!!! :)
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