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  1. Update #17 PDFs going out! Exciting update this week, as digital deliveries begin and the printer gets fired up. Plus some details on the stretch goal content. 5e THULE ready to ship (digitally)!We are ready to release the Primeval THULE 5e Campaign Setting PDF to backers! We are sending out download codes to all backers that pledged for the Digital Thule bundle. This includes all backers at the Digital Thule, Book+Digital level, Deluxe, and Premium levels. We are using DriveThruRPG to fulfill digital rewards. The download code/link emailed to you from DriveThruRPG will take you to DTRPG and add the title to your shopping cart with the price set to zero. Simply check out to get your title. The Digital Bundle currently includes just the Campaign Setting PDF. As the stretch goals are completed, we will add the files to the bundle and they will become available for download. If you haven't seen the code yet, check your spam filters, and send us a kickstarter message if you don't see it within a day or so, and we can resend you your download link. Stretch Goal Content UnderwayWith the 5e update of the campaign setting out of the way, we can turn our attention fully to finishing the stretch goal content. Robert J Schwalb and Steve Winter have already been working on their respective adventures, and we are enlisting the aid of Steven Townshend to provide some content for the GM Companion. We've got exciting new content planned in the GM Companion, including two new nefarious organizations, a new Great Old One, a campaign arc, monsters, adventure sites, and some optional rules for GMs to add to their THULE campaigns. Slacker Backer Page Coming Down SoonWe'll be pulling down the post-kickstarter page from our website shortly, as we need to finalize the lists for fulfillment. You've got a day or two before it's gone, if you've got any last minute add-ons you want to grab! Printer Getting ReadyWith files ready to go, we've got our printer warming up. We'll have a firm timeline in the coming days once the printer lets us know where our run fits into their print schedule. That's all for now - more detailed outlines of the Companion books will be forthcoming, and we'll nail down our delivery dates for physical product. Plus we have to record a video of Sasquatch yelling out a bunch of random stuff! Carry on! -The Sasquatches: Stephen, David, and Richard
  2. I've only painted a dozen or so resin bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures, Fenris Games and Micro Arts Studios. I do the usual 'wash them in warm/hot water and dish soap and scrub them heavily with old toothbrush' and then prime them with Liquitex white gesso thinned just a little bit of water, roughly 5-1. So far I haven't had any particular issue, though Fenris Games stuff usually takes a couple of coats to get good coverage.
  3. This should just be the final address/pledge verification email. Based on what Arthur said, shipping should start 3-4 weeks after the verification emails, so late September/early October.
  4. Update #10 Stretch Goal Progress, Softcovers SoonPassing the $38k mark has unlocked the THULE 5e Player's Companion, which gives us even more opportunity to create content, get awesome art, and expand the world of Primeval THULE with new narrative and background rules, and flesh out player options such as class builds or new spells. We've got great ideas to add to the world, and we also want to hear what you all, our backers, want to see expanded upon in these new Companion products as they keep getting bigger and better. Softcover Add-Ons Up Next!We've decided to move up the availability of our Softcover Stretch Goals to the $43k threshold. Once that is unlocked, we'll open up all three softcover add-ons to all backers, so anyone can get the full-color softcover for the THULE 5e GM Companion, the 5e Player's Companion, and/or the Adventure Anthology. The value of these add-ons will only grow as we get through more stretch goals in our closing days! Remember all backers with the DIGITAL THULE bundle will get PDF versions these titles. We also moved up Steve Townshend's adventure - once we've boosted the content of the GM and Player Companion to 32+ pages each, there's an outside shot we'll hit that stretch goal, too, Speaking of add-ons, we've also added on the opportunity to get the PDF of the Campaign Setting for other game systems at a discount. If you are interested, for a $10 add-on, we'll send you the PDF of the Setting book in your choice of 13th Age, 4e, or Pathfinder. Thanks Again!This wouldn't be possible without all of you! You all have done tremendous work spreading the word and offering us support with your pledges. We've endeavored to provide ways for our existing backers to pledge more support through add-ons and new reward tiers - so we won't ask you for more money, but we will encourage you to consider the value you might get out of getting a GM screen, or adding on a softcover (or two). Every bit helps us make THULE more awesome, One more thing -- if you'd like a behind-the-scenes look at our art process, we've posted exactly that on our website, so check it out! Adjusted stretch goals:
  5. enworld.org, rpg.net, /r/rpg or /r/dnd, the official 5e forums, or fantasygrounds. Share the shortlink to the kickstarter page (where appropriate and permitted): http://kck.st/1CLEXI0 or the full link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/809579963/primeval-thule-5e Remember we've got previews of monsters, narratives, and the GM screen up at http://www.sasquatchgamestudio.com/news/. The Primeval Thule Traveler's Guide is still available as a free download on DrivethruRPG. We are pretty excited about what this campaign has been able to achieve so far, and we hope to be able to fund even more content through the kickstarter. Where will we finish? 700 backers? 800? It's too early to tell. We are bracing for a big finish early next week, as there's always a flurry of activity in the closing hours of a successful Kickstarter. Here's to hoping for a big finish! -The Sasquatches
  6. A friend of mine named his daughter in a way that translates to "Blessed". His last names translates to "Sword".
  7. Based on Kicktraq, this has been Reaper most successful Kickstarter in terms of average pledge per day: Bones I 100,552$/day Bones II 121,870$/day Bones III 143,703$/day Congratulations!
  8. To me it looks like D&D 4e, but I never read anything d20 Modern.
  9. Good point, I edited the post. Thanks
  10. Edit: removed link to DrivethruRPG
  11. FYI, the 4e, pathfinder and 13th age version of the setting are already available online through several stores, both paper and PDF. Depending on what you are interested (paper vs. PDF, setting only or also the adventures) it may be cheaper and/or faster to get those, rather than pledge the KS.
  12. The only mention of D&D5e in the campaign page is in the list of the author credits. There is no claim that the book is designed for D&D5e:
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