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  1. Those are some crazy awesome mutant goblins. I think I may have to pledge here :(
  2. So this is tangental at best, but I thought I'd post this here... I just ran across this kickstarter for an album that I think is pretty cool... It isn't fully traditional music (which I also think would be cool), but it is "inspired" by traditional Anglo-Saxon instruments and music. Link is here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eleniviolaris/rainstriker-a-fantasy-music-album-by-eleni-violari/ The artist has decently long (~2 minute) excerpts from the majority of the songs on her homepage, which I think is pretty cool (I like "Rainstriker" and "Morwetha's Spinning Song"): http://www.eleniviolaris.com/Albums.html
  3. While I understand the wish, Adam has stated that he doesn't intend to set up a pledge manager (which would likely cause a large increase in complexity for the ordering). That isn't to say that it isn't possible that he could change his mind, but I wouldn't plan on the eventuality.
  4. I'm afraid I'm not well set up to create or deliver pics at the moment :( I'm not big on social media, so a lot of the sharing options aren't easy for me. I'll see what I can do xP edit: Are you looking for a close up of the image to show the colors, or just a "someone is happy wearing our shirt"?
  5. Got my shirt in! The maroon shirt makes a pretty good color match for the colors in the Sophie image, though I think it did darken the image just a little bit. Still, it looks good to my eye! Plan to wear it tomorrow to gaming :D
  6. Ah, looks like it was my misread of the phases. I thought the phase in the video was the "Hunt" phase, with "Showdown" and the "Settlement" phases afterwards. Instead, the video was the "Showdown", so there is apparently a phase prior to that where the monster and/or survivors hunt eachother. Still pretty cool
  7. I'm curious about this showdown phase - the main antagonists have so far been billed as the monsters. I'm wondering if there is some tension between the survivors?
  8. Another mini kickstarter? *Whew* I was just saying to myself "I don't think I'm going to have anything to paint next year. I hope some Kickstarter fills that gap." If the sculpts on this are good and I feel compelled to pledge, I am declaring now that I officially hate you all.
  9. I attribute my being able to back these kinds of things by the distinct lack of other high-end expensive habits (smoking, alchohol, other recreational drugs) :D Of course, considering how neurotically I'm checking various KS pages for updates, as well as trendlines in Kikctraq, and visiting forums... I can't really say that this is necessarily more healthy xP
  10. So... with regards to the goblins sets, do you know if the goblins have some interchangeable parts or anything? The reason I ask is that I can see that the exact models that are in the goblin set are mostly shown below as stand-alone buys (the troll druid, shaggamaws, shrikes (the three models in the lower left of the group picture), and the cat eater (in the lower middle of the group picture. The goblin foot seems to have some discrepancies. I can see the axe wielding guy with the small horns on his helm (lower row, third from the right). However, the other two are at least somewhat different. In the goblin foot pic, there is a goblin with a long-horned helm. The goblin in the group pic that is second from the right is holding his weapon similarly, but the head is a different sculpt. In fact, I'd say the head there matches up with the goblin at the bottom of the goblin foot photo. Again I can see that goblin's pose in the group pic, but this one has a completely different head. Thus my question....
  11. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know how Kicktraq decides what is "Hot" and where they place in their top list? I was curious what the projection was for this project (not enough data yet), but I noticed that this project was listed as #8 on the list so far today, which I would normally think is pretty cool. My question is this ... #7 is currently an apparently quick board game called Dungeon Heroes. And I have not the sligthest idea why kicktraq would rate this as #7 and Kingdon Death as #8. Dollars raised so far today: $65 to $17k+. Number of pledges: 1 to 36. Dollars per pledge: $65 to $400+. If prior days' information is included the spread is even more extreme. Any theories?
  12. It would be on the same page as the regular mugs. There is a set of "style" options on the right side under the price and purchase options. So for mugs, you can get a frosted glass or a stein or the like. I'm looking at getting a long-sleeved shirt in maroon instead of a white or black t-shirt. It looks like there are a lot of color and style options, which is pretty cool.
  13. <3 You guys are the best. I thought this thread was a shot in the dark, but I'm super happy that you pulled through on this! Thank you for listening to the voices here and producing the shirts and mugs! Now I shall do my part and buy and wear the shirt and make my friends super jealous so they need to buy one too :D
  14. Sigh.... I was doing so well avoiding kickstarter so that it wouldn't drain my wallet. I can't not sign up for this though - I collect artbooks, so this is pretty much right up my alley.
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