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  1. All three of my Driders are like that, with Lolth being the worst, but only with her body on her legs
  2. I'm going to use GW modular movement trays cut to size for mine.
  3. In fairness to Reaper, there was a massive delay on mine going out, and me getting the generic email everyone gets. They also don't get stuff picked up till the end of the day, so if there was stuff going on a truck today we wouldn't know for 2 and a half hours
  4. Might just be yours didn't get scanned, sometimes it happens with tracked shipping
  5. Ok, I just got the 'official' email about my stuff shipping, 5 days later. So there could be a fair few people with stuff on its way to them without knowing about it. I don't know if I should get excited or not though, USPS can take 3 days, or it can take 6 weeks to arrive in Ireland.
  6. We're square lol, you indirectly answered a question I had earlier. And wow, your stuff arrived pretty fast if it's already sitting at customs for you
  7. Pretty sure they said if your pledge included at least one Vampire, they'd just mark it as $100 and then shipping in case your country requires it
  8. Is Chicago the last point in the US before going to the destination country? If it is then mine are now waiting on a plane across the Atlantic. If they manage to get to me this month I'll be happy, that way we can get some games in with them before my better half goes abroad for college for three years
  9. Well I have tracking info for mine saying it went out thursday.
  10. I'd imagine they just forgot to scan it. It'll probably still say Denton when it arrives at your door.
  11. If undertaker shipping begins next week then the last truck should be going out relatively soon. I know we don't have solid numbers since the tracker went down but I have a feeling the rest of the ROW stuff will go out either today or monday
  12. Or not. Still nothing on my stuff that was apparently put in a truck yesterday, I'm guessing that was a load of crap to keep me happy, so until I get an email from USPS I'm not gonna believe a word they say
  13. I didn't get my 'official' email either, but there was an issue with my address so I asked if it had been resolved and if my stuff went out with the rest of the stuff tuesday. Got an email like an hour ago from the employee I'd been emailing saying it went out today and that I'd get an email with tracking info later
  14. Wait a couple of hours before worrying, I got an email saying mine shipped today, so could be that's the last truck?
  15. I'm Irish and waiting on an email about kaladrax, a drider set, a set of swamp things and my Vampire, so it's not just you not yet sent
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