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  1. $125 IIRC, basically the price of Vamp+shipping, no options added
  2. So even when they get around to packing ROW they start on the opposite end to mine lol. I'd be annoyed if it wasn't in keeping with the last two weeks lol
  3. I'm happy to see non NA addresses, but they're only being packed, not shipped. So I can wait to be excited.
  4. Sweet. Are we getting emails as our packages are packed, or when USPS pick them up
  5. Ok, so US domestic is finished according to twitter. And Canada's possibly gonna be done today. I wonder will the ROW issues 'magically' be fixed when they finish Canada? Or will Undertakers and distributor orders go first while they wait
  6. I wouldn't go that far... Looks like the average order size for the first hour or so was 12.something. A while before we see Salt Springs I think. Also, crap, I just recounted based on my actual order confirmation. Come on 59 line item orders..... They've done 326 so far today, and have like 5 hours left of packing. I guess yesterday was spent re-doing the first batch's labels, so based on orders shipped they're on track to finish the ~750 with some time to spare for the bigger packages
  7. So, today seems to be finish Canada day. I'm happy for the Canadians, and it appears we will actually be last
  8. YAY! There's non-US stuff going out. Guess Buglips didn't screw the Canadians over
  9. So, looks like there's only 200 US orders left. If the ROW or Canada issues magically clears up the day after they're finished(which will be at the latest tomorrow) I'll be exceptionally suspicious
  10. Regardless of what's easier for Reaper, as backers any information about our pledge rewards should be delivered via a medium all backers are guaranteed to see. We shouldn't be forced to go looking ourselves. Take the comment from the 3rd posted above, with Bryan saying he's in daily contact with reps. That's all I wanted to know, but as it was somewhere I was expected to search for it, as opposed to somewhere I'd be alerted of the information's existence, I missed it.
  11. Honestly, an Update either saying they're (truthfully!) chasing up USPS for a date, or an estimated date from USPS for the truck's arrival what they need to do. That way we have an idea roughly when ours should ship, and it'll reassure people thinking like me(I can be the only one out of 2,600 people thinking this) that they do in fact care about the orders outside of North America.
  12. So we're now at the stage where a group comprising ~20% of the original backers(ROW) make up more than half the outstanding pledges. Wow. This has actually been enough to put me off buying Reaper fullstop. Fine, it's not their fault, but they could at least give us a timeframe or an idea of what's going on. As it is, they don't seem that fussed about two and a half thousand people who gave them money for this project.
  13. Yeah, I think we need a KS update to let everyone know where we stand. If it is that they're purposefully holding us back, then that's really poor form. If it's just that they don't expect it for a while, we still deserve to know when we can expect it.
  14. If there was anyone in the US who actually thought it appalling the Internationals might get their stuff first then they need to re-evaluate their priorities. We had to pay to pay shipping where they didn't, we deserve at least equal treatment, if not preferential. And they needn't have worried, because apparently USPS don't care for the pile of orders they're going to get a considerable amount of money for
  15. Is it just me or are we getting bad about reminding people about it? I grant, I probably won't stop, and from my POV it's justified, but still
  16. Looks like no joy for us non-US backers. Again.
  17. Yup, |I think the International backer's thread has turned into a bit of a support group lol
  18. There was a quote from Reaper saying the first ROW book is awaiting approval. So it might not just be they're waiting on the truck. And what does that mean? USPS have a busy schedule so they don't know when it will be available? They rang but got someone on a desk who didn't know but they'd pass the message on to someone who did and they'd ring? And will USPS conveniently ring before hand or will they get a call at 4pm after a day packing US orders saying the Truck will be there at five? And Cassu, I've the same reaction as you. People worried that they're ~30 items won't ship before the 4th, when I've no idea when my FOUR will go out. Definitely not backing the next KS, maybe I'll buy their stuff if I find somewhere here selling it, or at least somewhere in the UK with an online store.
  19. Seeing as how there's only ~250 massive orders, getting 40% of them done isn't bad
  20. I hope today is finally going to be a ROW day, or at least Canada. The US got a week solid of shipping, it's our turn now!
  21. Could be playing catch up with the stall that happened earlier
  22. Ok, the orders sent is updating, but for me at least everything else is still frozen. I R confuzzled
  23. It's frozen at five orders sent, no change to destination, items left or orders left. I wonder what's going on
  24. Orders shipped seems to be the only thing changing
  25. Yeah, I have to say I'm happy enough that it goes through An Post once it reaches here. One lad I know sent a letter to one of our other friends, forgot the address and instead wrote down (wrong) directions. Still went to the right person.
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