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  1. He said last night that the first book of 1500 ROW orders is printed, and ends at nine items. So we're waiting on USPS to send around a truck . I'm not holding my breath.
  2. So I'm in the first ROW book @4 items. Now you have me even more impatient Bryan!
  3. I actually wouldn't be surprised if ROW was the last to go out
  4. Columbus, OH. So another of US shipping apparently. Yippee
  5. But to where? It's saying Jamaica, NY since last night
  6. It's saying two shipped, but not to where, and they usually don't start for another half hour(3p.m-midnight GMT)
  7. D&D 3.5, D&D 4th, D&D Next, and Pathfinder for me and my group, maybe with warlords thrown in when I get around to buying the rules for it. SoB&H is tempting too I have to say
  8. At least you guys got some shipped. Especially as they seem to be holding off on ours till they get the Canadian stuff out the door. And I've never had cause to hate the US's trend of naming places after existing European areas, but then I saw Dublin on the tracker, got excited, and then saw the CA after it
  9. And so Buglip's plan to get his Bones quicker actually failed due to being pointless in the end
  10. I'm Vamp +3, so as soon as we see ROW, I should be getting my notification, right?
  11. All this talk of backers in surprising places has me wondering if anyone else at all from Ireland backed. I know around 20% of backers are international, but the only places I've seen mentioned here are Down Under or the UK Well, that depends. This bit of Ireland (where I live) is part of the UK. If you're only interested in ROI orders I don't know, but there are at least 2 of us in Belfast. I've got 29 line items coming. I was thinking mainly the Republic, but North works too. I always just feel we're kinda behind everywhere else for awesome stuff, so knowing I'm not the only person on this Island that knows Reaper exist is kinda reassuring
  12. I'm not too sure all the ROW pledges would be really high, I only pledged Vamp and it was €102 with the shipping, so saving on shipping wasn't an issue with a whole stack of models for 30c each. But yeah, I guess the customs forms will take some time, but they might have them pre-filled already or something like that
  13. Fear not. Quite a number of people have identified their orders as having totals in the twenties or more. You're hardly the far end of the bell curve. Or even near it, seeing as how one undertaker level was for 60 vamps + multiples of everything
  14. All this talk of backers in surprising places has me wondering if anyone else at all from Ireland backed. I know around 20% of backers are international, but the only places I've seen mentioned here are Down Under or the UK
  15. If Canadian orders are going out today, does that leave hope for ROW stuff tomorrow?
  16. Doubt it means anything, I've a simple enough order and I got the email
  17. Considering how long mass emails can take to go out, I'm not surprised there's still people who haven't gotten theirs yet
  18. Yeah, it's not that you're immortal if you never paint all your models, it's that you die when you run out of unpainted minis.
  19. Well... that was more discussing secret, accidentally leaked, information rather than speculating... In the updates from the four corners of the web section here is what ReaperFacebook had to say yesterday; "We did get the container last week, however the resulting possible orders that could be shipped are so minimal we are waiting for the next two containers (that will show up together) before setting up the line. They are scheduled for the end of next week. Then, once we start shipping the last container should arrive while we are shipping what we can from the previous receiving. We are hoping to have everything out except maybe all of the Undertaker levels by the first of July give or take a day or two. All product is on the water now so keep you figures crossed that a ship does not sink!" Personally I'd ignore that done by July first since it really doesn't seem to jive with the rest of the post as it would mean packing and shipping everything remaining in a two week period. There is also some wonky sounding information they currently up on their facebook page about the total amount currently shipped that I won't repeat here.. Why does the July first not sit right with you? Pretty sure Bryan said it should only take around two weeks to actually ship stuff once they get it.
  20. If it goes VERY smoothly, could be in ~2 weeks. They're waiting on one more to reach them, and D shipped on the seventeenth, which was 2 weeks ago. So there's a very, very slim chance they could get it in two weeks time.
  21. Didn't the IRS or some group like that come after Rich because of the KS as well. So he had to spend a lot of the time he was going to use fulfilling pledges filling out tax forms and stuff?
  22. According to Heisler in a different thread they're waiting for one more container to arrive before shipping starts back up again. They have three of them, one more left China on the seventeenth and the last one left the 21st. Going by the 4-6 average Bryan mentioned before expect them to receive another container in about 3 weeks if we're lucky
  23. So, roughly 3-4 more weeks before shipping resumes if it's condition number one, and also assuming condition 2 only affects the canadian pledges already packed up and waiting to go. And assuming customs don't hold it up again or it runs afoul of pirates. I can live with having another month to work on the Room of Regret before they get here. I guess they want to wait and get everyone's out roughly together, as opposed to shipping what they can now then stopping and waiting for the last lot(s) to arrive.
  24. Yeah, IIRC the phrase used was 'we have paperwork saying we should have it any day now' or words to that effect. I assume that hasn't changed seeing as how we haven't been told shipments have resumed.
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