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  1. Bryan, thanks for coming here and trying to explain things like the shipping timeline, even when you didn't have to.
  2. Guess Kaladrax is on the last boat. Or maybe Nethyrmaul.
  3. My impression was that box size dictated the order, but those three are in boxes the same size as the Vampire box. So a significant delay, but not automatically the end of the line.
  4. BTJ


    So, they're going after Necromunda now from the sounds of it. The minis so seem to be getting a bit better though.
  5. Well, Reaper just updated Kickstarter to say they've started shipping out after Reapercon, So Bryan has what, three weeks? if he wants to make it out to Origins. So most of us should get emails by then.
  6. And likely all we're going to know until it's sorted
  7. I thought they were starting back up yesterday? Or did I read wrong and the 23rd was the last day of the break?
  8. Shipping restarts tomorrow, with a tracker on the web up ASAP. And box size is a factor, not just what add-ons you got
  9. Old ones like Devlan Mud/Army Painter Strong Tone? That's the ones. Alongside painted minis imho they're too flat, I just want to give some definition to the mini. Might paint a bit on the underside of the base to see. I'll be painting the surface of the base anyway, and gluing them to metal washers. They'll be the first minis from it I'll paint anyway, so I'll mention how it goes.
  10. Is there any way of getting GW washes(the old ones) to stick to the translucent Bones?
  11. maybe after the reapercon they ship the bones Well it ends on the 21st, and they said shipping resumes on the 23rd. Gives them a day off after the con, which they deserve. I'm assuming we'll start hearing about pledges with more than just Vampire minis, paints and cases being shipped out then too
  12. Just to get in on the whole 'craft paint vs. mini paint' issue, learn to paint kits are $20 for 10/11 paints. That's not dear at all, and teach you how to use them at the same time.
  13. I've heard that to be the case many times, with people saying it's similar to venison. I really want to try it before I die, but in the US we have these weird taboos against eating certain animals that other cultures don't seem to have. I'd also eventually like to try dog, cat, pigeon, dove, guinea pig, and armadillo. In fact, if it's meat and it isn't endangered, I want to try it at least once. It's as simple as that. Head East then. A lot of that is rather easily obtained in the Orient. Sometimes without you even knowing... Or go to an asian market. I'm in Ireland and I'm pretty sure the market near my LGS serves dog meatballs.
  14. Not necessarily, last I heard they spend two days packing US, one packing Canada, and one packing international. International make up 20% of pledges, so the bigger pledges for us should ship sooner
  15. Didn't Bryan say they just got out a thousand orders as of last friday? I honestly can't see half the pledges being for just Vampires, Vampire extras, Paint sets and Cases. I wouldn't be surprised if 6,000 was a more accurate number for where they're at. Bryan, for the benefit of all us speculators, would it be possible on monday evening after all the shipments have gone out for someone to post up how many pledges were sent out?
  16. And then the figures began tearing at their individual baggies and then into each other like some kind of horror movie hacksaw show, and then they organized themselves in to little regimental squads, counting off and checking the internet to see if even one of them was missing and then they began rolling dice in a sick kind of madmax style thunderdome battle which lasted for hours!!! it was terrifying!! i think there's a graveyard in the basement, i hear little bones rattling... It's even scarier when this happens and they all line up and start chanting, "KALADRAX! KALADRAX! KALADRAX!" I really have to take a photo of mine in a circle around Kally when I get now, don't I?
  17. If they stopped today wouldn't today be the last day? Or yesterday if they meant that they wouldn't be doing anything shipment wise today?
  18. So they just bend themselves back into shape when you soak them? That makes mass re-bending handier. (Dump pile of minis into water for half a minute, then drop into ice water for a while, no actual effort needed)
  19. Some of us in europe will get the bones not before June. Maybe not, there's a lot less of us than in NA. There's a fair chance Europe will finish getting shipped before the US Reaper have said that they might move to 2 days US, 1 Canada, 1 RoW as demand needs Still adds up to 25% of the time for 20% of the pledgers, and that's only if needed.
  20. Some of us in europe will get the bones not before June. Maybe not, there's a lot less of us than in NA. There's a fair chance Europe will finish getting shipped before the US
  21. IIRC they're using USPS, not UPS. And I'm not sure about that, depending on what you got you won't get charged anyway
  22. I counted all of the options up. Tier two is 2-5 options though, they've said it's not entirely straight forward.
  23. You have successfully locked your Bones pledge stuff into our system. Here's what you got: -- Vampire x1 $100-- Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10-- Spider Centaurs x1 $10-- Swamp Things x1 $5 On the 29th of september too. That should be before a lot of you guys too :P
  24. If you swapped out Sophie for extras are you still just one Vampire Box? Just curious wether I should be hitting F5 on my email inbox now, or in a week or two
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