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  1. I live about 45 minutes from the Reaper facility. Does anybody know if they offer classes of any sort? I remember they offered classes during ReaperCon, but I was away for work and could not make it. Before I start painting all these Bones and Darklands minis, I sure would like some real, hands-on, over-the-shoulder instruction. There's only so much one can learn from a video or a book; and most of the videos do not really take the time to show every step or explain things all that well. It is more like...here's paint, here's a mini, and...voila!
  2. A considerable amount? More than just the Vampire Box? Vampy Box, 3 paint sets, case, undead horde, owlbear, storm giants, golems. And I have one of almost every other item coming after that, whenever it is ready.
  3. I just spoke with Matt at Reaper; they are pulling a considerable amount of my order and putting it aside for my friend to pick up on my behalf this afternoon. I live an hour or so from Reaper, so this is fantastic. I'll head in tomorrow when the weather is nicer, take her out to dinner as a "reward", then leave with a good portion of my Bones! Happy dance.
  4. I picked up a handful of washers with very small holes. Going to try those out and see how they work for bases. Ya'll recommend any particular kind of prepping, or should priming them black suffice? I'll probably use vallejo air primer on them if I can't pick up a spray can of primer somewhere....
  5. I noticed a lot of square tiles....I rarely game with based minis (laziness) but want to get into the hobby paint scene hard-core. I'm sorely tempted to pick up a few hundred of the 1" diameter (1/8" internal diameter) washers and use those for my "common" Bones minis, I like the idea of them having a bit of weight and they are cheap (are they easy to make scenic?). For the folks who use a lot of minis in games (whether RPG or wargames) do you prefer round or square, and why?
  6. I live about 30-45 minutes from Denton. I'd have no problem picking up my order, or anyone else's order that wanted me to. I mentioned something to Bryan about a mini "release party" for the locals or whoever, and he said there was no plan, so....
  7. What about these? Not much of a hole to worry about, and you get 100 for a little over $10 (and I have Amazon Prime so shipping is not a problem). I have not based a model in about 18 years....what do ya'll think?
  8. Got in a few days ago but unfortunately missed the Early Bird. I'm in at the 25, which seems awfully steep considering I'll only use probably 3 of the brushes...but as I have been out of the hobby for close to 20 years and cannot find decent brushes near me, I figured what the heck. Double brushes = twice the use, plus blending. I'll stay with the KS unless I find a better deal, though I'm tempted to order the individual brushes on Amazon (I have Prime membership, no shippping charge). I will wait and see; if the stretch goals do more than reward folks who have pledged more than I have, then i
  9. What I REALLY want to know is.....what came after Cthulu? What would have been the 4 million goal? Alas, the answer may elude us for eternity....<sobs>
  10. I'm with DwarvenRanger on this one; for the small cases I see little use for the DM. It honestly would be "just another thing" that I'd have to carry; I like to take most of my minis with me, because though I have encounters planned - well, my players rarely stay on a planned path so I have to think quick....which means I need a lot of minis on standby. As a PLAYER case, however, it's fantastic. 2-3 standard minis, one complete dice set (plus spare d20s....players are superstitious and need to switch out their dice lol), two pens/pencils, an ERASER, and maybe a marker or two. Room for a no
  11. Alright, so....when's the next Reaper KS? I have more money to give you....
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