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  1. BuzzardB

    Basing Simba and ground vehicles

    I take a piece of 1/4" cork thats larger than the hex base then pick off the edge of one side so its tapered enough for one of the flat sides to fit in the hex base while the top side is larger. Tanks seem to fit a fair bit nicer on it.
  2. BuzzardB

    CAV Dictators

    Damn those are pretty.
  3. BuzzardB

    Some baddies 02434 and 77005

    My coworker bought this boxed set http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Boxed%20Sets/sku-down/10027 which came with the T'quan skoli warrior among a bunch of other neat guys. After sitting on his desk at work for a year he gave me the box knowing he would never actually do anything with them.
  4. BuzzardB

    Some Heroes for Pathfinder 02600, 60070, 02661, 60004

    Same with me, these are my favourites. I once painted Harsk and I know it's not easy to make everything distinguishable whilst keeping overall structure tight. Excellent lighting placement! Thanks everyone. Yeah I was getting pretty close to finishing Harsk and was pretty happy when I realized I hadn't even done the quiver yet and im just like....mannn. Im painting Oswald the Overladen right now and he is that issue to the extreme.
  5. BuzzardB

    Some Heroes for Pathfinder 02600, 60070, 02661, 60004

    Thanks friends. The second and third guy are two of the five players in the Rise of the Runelords game I am running along with a bloodrager and a witch who I have posted on here before and a archaeologist bard that I have not yet painted up. The fourth guy is my Deep Delver Dwarven Deep Walker for an Emerald Spire game I am playing in.
  6. Man I really wish I had stuck to Reaper brush on sealer instead of trying Rustoliums Flat Clear spray, hes so shiny now. So here we have Generic Human Paladin, Kai the Varisian Oracle, Scruffy Slingblade: Dwarven tripper extraordinaire and Thorazine the underground ranger.
  7. BuzzardB

    D&D NPCs: diverse undead

    Those skeleton shields are my favorite thing. Amazing work
  8. BuzzardB

    60008: Hook Mountain Ogre #1

    My players are about to clear out Hook Mountain, so this looks EXTRA amazing right now.
  9. BuzzardB

    02420 Sir Richard the White, ticked off a sorceress...

    Heh, I live in Langley in the B.C. "shire"
  10. BuzzardB

    CAV 'Halberd' in Templar colors.

  11. BuzzardB

    Mantic Balefire Catapults

    Thanks guys! Im tempted to go back and paint all my skeleton troops shields in the same manner for some uniformity, but...soooo many :(
  12. BuzzardB

    Bones 77106 - Frost Giant

    hot damn.
  13. BuzzardB

    Mantic Balefire Catapults

    My undead armys hardware is now finally in colour.
  14. BuzzardB

    60115: Shoanti Barbarian

    Did this one up for a friend today who expressed interest in playing a Barbarian for an upcoming game. Been trying to do NMM and wetblending recently.