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  1. I would like to see a Putin-like figure on a motor-unicycle similar to the Putin On a Ritz meme/animated gif.
  2. The orange in the christmas paint set is awesome. No more yellow and brown tricks. Got a nice mat semi-dayglo orange now.
  3. I ordered the Christmas paint set and the Halloween knight because I think he'd make a good "weirdo" pulp supervillain "Sir Dreadmore". I liked the Christmas knights but...nah, not this year.
  4. 03538: Stefan Von Kruger, Vampire Warrior 03387: Kaspar Von Mondstein, Vampire 02867: Matthias the Twisted 14184: Bloodseeker Vampire,Necropolis Solo 14359: Crimson Knight, Necropolis Grunt 03357: Golgoth the Ancient, Skeletal Knight 02804: Plague Harbinger 14149: Deathrider, Necropolis Adept 03083: Requius, Death Warden 14169: Dauron, Necropolis Hero 14581: Oakhearth Warden 02813: Reaper - War
  5. I bid $1 on Black Plahue. I intend to buy the $150 set though once the pledge manager opens. Between paying off my Deadzone: Infestation KS this month on it's pledge manager, and tomorrow's Bones III I'm stuck with pledging $1 and putting off payment to later on when the pledge manager comes out.
  6. I slapped the bulldog together mostly as a distraction from working on my Shadows of Brimstone: "Swamps of Death" Box. They made nine of the twelve tiny undeads in the box mult-part. Flying Frog are insane. And I now have them all slapped together awaiting putty and sanding. Now I need to put the Malifaux RPG multi-part male kit together to make some more 1880's gun and sword dudes. The le paint, or le procrastinate and put in bins.
  7. I tacked it to the base that came in the blister. I think a larger one would be better. I'd post a pic with the lid down but it doesn't fit quite right and I'm not keep for bending,filing, or putty just to get a quick assembly photo.
  8. The metal Enforcer captain is from Mantic's Warpath line which predates the Deadzone stuff. It represents the same "thing" but a different sculpt, The restic one is a little bit bulkier. I was afraid to slap one together for the lineup so I used my old metal one. The Warpath line also has a couple of metal forge fathers characters and a large metal Orx captain with a clawed punch dagger/gauntlet thing..
  9. It's quite a bit smaller than a deadzone strider. Here are some blurry Lineups. R to L: Dust Axis Heavy Laser PA guy, Warpath Enforcer Captain, IMEF Bulldog, Warmachine Cygnar light warjack, Confrontation dysatis critter. Reaper bones Ogre captain, AT-43 Red Bloc Kolossus, Warmachine Khador Heavy Warjack. The Heavy Khador warjack on the far right is roughly SM Dreadnought size, though not as wide, and both are a little smaller than the Deadzone Strider. Here is the IMEF Bulldog trooper with some other Bones and metal figures including three IMEF troops, a Chrono-agent gu
  10. I'm in for $195, the King pledge and the KS exclusive stuff. I might get the rest in March via their pledge manager. They have lots of dungeon furniture and some cool crossbowmen I'd like to add. And the Expansions might be nice too. I just hope the US shipping is reasonable. But what do I know, I joined the Heavy Gear kickstarter as a slacker backer on their pledge manager too. In for two starter sets at around $205 USD.
  11. When does the IMEF Bulldog 1 go bones? (Glad to see Chesty Puller get some love in the Near Future sci-fi genre)
  12. It might help a great deal if the Mantic werewolves were painted as werewolves instead of goofy "more realistic" versions of the celt tattooed Confrontation Loupes de Goofe' who each have their own associated fruity yogurt flavor such as creamy summer apricot and blueberry banana.
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