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  1. Ack! And I'm stuck at work! At least the wife and daughters brought the little box in (left at door so no fees, tariffs or duties). Mine was but 21.6lbs I'm just outside Ottawa so I guess that's 3 confirmed for Canada's Capital!
  2. I got my "out for delivery" email about 2 hours ago... sadly I will likely have left for work before it arrives...
  3. Got digital confirmation that they arrived on my doorstep at 2:42pm today in the East End of Ottawa. Wife confirmed this at 4:07pm when she got home. Now I gotta wait until almost 7:30 when I get home from work to get my grimy little mitts on em!!! WoooHoooo
  4. Well Rahz it looks like our boxes are probably sitting side by side on a UPS shelf somewhere in Ottawa, now hopefully they can't make it out to Orleans until after 4pm when there will be someone home to accept the delivery...
  5. So there is a departure scan on my box at 8:17pm tonight at Concord ON, a quick Google Maps "directions" search shows that is 4hrs and 44 minutes away from my house, so logically, they should be delivering to me around 1am tomorrow morning, right? Right??? All I need to do is stay up waaaay too late and then I will have them in my grimy little hands, must consume caffeine, more caffeine.... Oh wait, silly me they will probably wait until daylight and maybe have one or two other deliveries to complete on the way. And of course tomorrow is my first day back at work after a week and a half off, of course... Damn you Reaper!!! Praise you Reaper!!! Damn you Reaper!!!
  6. So would that be the best gauge, the price? I was hoping for a "standard" dragon the size of one of those two undead dragons, I don't think any of the other dragons are a similar size...
  7. So looking at the concept art which model is going to be the largest; Nethyrmaul, Kaladrax or Cthulu?
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