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  1. I was going to recommend Andre Durand. tiime chaser for George, but you'd need to do a bit of converting on him. I don't know where you might find a Victorian gentlemen in worn afternoon apparel, or a semi-futuristic teenage girl with the proper expression of innocence to be Weena. I hope you are able to find the pieces you need though, since I would love to see this diorama from The Time Machine, if and when you are able to make it.
  2. Some kind of Beholder-kin? Maybe a proto-behoder before they developed their eye-stalks?
  3. I feel for you. If I got everything I wanted I'd be in for over a grand.
  4. This is definitely my most expensive Bones KS to date. Thank the maker for the PM. Bones I - 120$ (100$ pledge) Bones II - 250$ (100$ pledge) Bones III - 300$ (100$ pledge) + both sets of Bonsylvanians & Savage Avatars II (not sure how much they added since the B3 PM is now down) Bones IV - 883$ (100$ pledge) not including shipping and this is after pruning it down. Every time since Bones 2 I keep telling myself I am just going to get the Core, I am just going to get the Core, I am just going to get the Core, and every time the cool factor drags me in further and further.
  5. Yes!! Also a younger, thinner (though still adult) female Hill Giant with regular (albeit very "Brutish" [think Neanderthal Woman]) features, dressed as a "gatherer" to complement the Male Hill Giant "Hunters". Also a couple of young giants in each group would be nice - Stone, Hill, Frost, & Fire (though Svetlana, the Frost Giant Princess, cover's the teenage frost giant pretty well, and Yephima, would make a great young Cloud or Storm Giant, assuming that Reaper ever increases the sizes of those two giant types to bring them in-line with the Frost, Fire, and Hill Giants) I also want some Trollops (female Trolls), ACROSS all types, but particularly the Rock and Marsh Trolls, but with a massive amount of sexual dimorphism from the males, gorgeous versus the brutish males (backed by Norse Mythology, Teutonic folklore, and Robert Asprin's myth Series).
  6. Translucent Flumph Ghost, to show their extinction :)? Translucent Human-sized rabbit in a topper and tie (Phooka) Flesh-eating horse with a sea-weed mane (Each Usigke) Human Cannibals (Sawney Bean and Family) The Erlking (Horned Hunter leading the Wild Hunt) Gabriel Ratchets (Hounds of the Hunt) Spear-finger (Cherokee Skinwalker) The Raven-Mocker Tzoo Noo Qua Sisuitl Uktena the Water Serpent Glooscap Thunderbird Other's from North American Indian myth and legend (there are literally a couple hundred different tribes with their own myths to draw from). B'rer Rabbit B'rer Bear B'rer Wolf (These three probably should be a Chronoscope thing) Nande Bear Mokele M'bembe Kongamato Chemosit Kagen Bat-winged Gorillas (More gorilla-sized than the Gorilla Demon, about the size of the Killer Apes in Bones IV) Cloaked and Hooded Killer Ape Chaungar-Faun Hastur Rhan-tegoth a Gnoph-keh Wilbur Whately (Lovecraft) Nicodemus Whately (Deadlands) More deep-ones Mephits, YES!! China's warring states's period? Absolutely! Snakemen with legs (Stygian-style) Absolutely! Now all we need is an ape in a hooded cloak, and a Kaiju-sized gorrilla. Just noticed that in the Kobold leaders there are 2 females. Now if only we could get some female Orcs (5 or six combat and non-combat, say an Orc Bag-lady for a fantasy city . . .), female Ogres, some Trollops, and maybe a squad of Goblin Amazons :) Odd wish list here- Rabbit folk (a la Ral Partha's old Thumpers) - Sci-fi and Fantasy, Space and PA Duck folk (Glorantha?) Various other anthros (Cats, bears, turtles) All done in a "non-cutesy," serious manner.
  7. Someone wanted a breakdown by Expansion? Chrononscope - 38 unique pieces, 48 pieces overall Dreadmere - 43 pieces, a couple of them on the larger side (Giant catfish?) Darkreach - 45 pieces, several of them on the larger side Lost Valley - 18 pieces revealed so far, most of them fairly large (only the Sarians and the Cavies are really human-sized)
  8. As have I and I had to fight to get it, but the PM is going to get a HUGE boost over time :) Still it is a fun and wild ride in the last two days! I can't wait to watch.
  9. Damn, wish I hadn't gone to the PM now, I'm sitting at just under 600$. My wife is going to kill me when this is done.
  10. I see people continually mentioning the pledge manager. How can I get to it, is there a link somewhere I missed?
  11. Probably a stupid question, but has anyone compiled a list of existing figures making the jump to Bones with this KS?
  12. Now you're just being silly :) Dragons have more soul than that, it would be the Boogaloo that they would be doing.
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