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  1. I imagine they'll be up on DriveThruCards which does support POD; TBZ's pdf is on there, so I can't imagine Ryuutama and its associated goodies won't be, at which point if you're not going to do a full-scale printing of the cards it seems a waste not to sort 'em out for POD. Have to say, this is one of the few KSs that actually made me stop and really consider the art pledges. Love the style, and they were really quite affordable. Fortunately they sold out before I could bankrupt myself >.>
  2. There's no problem with loving beautiful hard-cover books. No problem at all. It's so true! Thank Hastur for disposable income, I guess. If nothing else I should never run out of things to do once it dries up >.>
  3. He could basically be sure he'd get it back until exactly what did happen does: someone goes "hey this is kinda suspicious, we should look further into this." Which will usually be the people being cheated rather than the CC/payment company, who for various reasons don't have a lot of incentive to investigate. Unfortunately, this can take a while, and since most scammers and criminals are, in fact, pretty stupid, chances are they'll have racked up a bunch by then ("I got away with this 10 times, surely I will continue to get away with it forever!").
  4. Pixies, pixies all the way down. Bow pixies, knight pixies, magic pixies . . . pretty well any kind! Ones that could easily be modified to sit on top of other figures and/or owlbears would be a plus as well
  5. No minis, 5 RPGs. So less money than just bones last month (spoiler alert: I went in on waaaay more than just Bones last month >.>) It's sad that I look at expensive hardcover books and go "oh thank god that won't cost me too much." I . . . may have a problem.
  6. A friend of mine who got us into the game has a useful painting convention: all Runners get their clothes painted in very bright colors (vivid oranges, etc). This makes 'em easier to pick out in groups, which prevents poor strategic decision making due to missing any of 'em lurking in adjacent squares, waiting to pounce! There are definitely skills that are better than others, but having played several scenarios most of them are the most useful in some circumstance. That being said, I love the new Steady Hand one; it's aces in any map with a car :)
  7. I was just thinking to myself that I didn't have any Kickstarter projects I was on that had the sort of party-excitment atmosphere of my various favorites and the first Bones one in particular. Looks like the next month is going to be good times! Also my wallet is already silently weeping.
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