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  1. Yea I was among the PO Box shipment. Another Canadian got theirs Monday (on Kickstarter's comments) too.
  2. Alright, small update on the post canada stuff : I got mine so they did ship this time.
  3. Vile : "The last of the Canadian shipments have already shipped. They will not have tracking because they did not get on the original UPS truck. They will now be driven up to the Canadian border and drop into the Canadian mail system so there still will not be any customs fees associated with these packages. It might take a week to drive up there and get into mail system, then however long it takes to Canadian Post to deliver. We are unfamiliar with the time it takes Canadian Post to deliver so we can not speculate on delivery times. Hopefully you are more familiar....maybe a 2 week time frame from today?" ~02/AUG/2013
  4. I'm in the same boat as Vilegrimm, school et all. I might be one of the very few in the east who hasn't been boned yet :(
  5. Delivered On: Wednesday, 07/17/2013 at 17:23 Left At: Front door UPS did it again! (my porch is empty and I was home)
  6. Vile, I didn't receive any emails (UPS included) either but I contacted Reaper and they gave me my tracking number. Not sure what's our issue since Bryan found my tracking number using my email adress...
  7. Were the emails sent all at once or are they slowly being sent? Seeing peeps on the forum, kickstarter and even facebook bragging about them is starting to make me worried that I really am in the troublesome bracket...
  8. Mmm Didn't know about the email hiccups or considered that something might throw the average off... Guess the wait is making me angsty
  9. If they really are at the 16 items mark, I received no email (and I'm only at 7). Pallet loading would explain much...
  10. I regret only getting one copy of Kaladrax, shuning Nethyrmaul, not noticing how cool a C'thulu in a fishtank would be, and, finally, not getting all the dragons. I always disliked dragons, they seemed dull and over-done. Why couldn't my love for the little critters be there for the kickstarter? I do not know.
  11. Here's my crazy idea: a "voting" system that you can either like/comment, or comment. Popular entries will rise to the top, so to speak, while getting feedback. Less-than-stellar entries won't get as many "likes" but, with enforced comments, will still get criticsm in some form. Comments could be cut into categories, such as blending, colour choice, details, basing, etc; With, let's say, 3/5 being required to post. This would ensure that every area is covered so people would at least feel silly to comment "I like it!" in every categorie they can. In order words, actual feedback with some thoughts put into it! This system seems friendly enough to me, but what do I know, I'm no pro and dread to have a number assigned to my work (except schoolwork)
  12. Interesting. Do you mean the paint or the Bones themselves? And if so, I wonder why. And how is hardening a bad thing? The bone themselves harden, the paint disappeared weeks before. Also, the bones smells aweful, no matter how many baths they got (though I had no issues painting them).
  13. I've been itching for Kaladrax since I saw it (Doesn't help that I've been meaning to make something akin to WC3's frost wyrms for some times). But the Frost wyrm (the Reaper model) is also one I wanted to get for a long long time...
  14. Don't try to strip Bones in Pinesol, and forget them for 3+ months... They'll harden.
  15. USPS Increased shipping rates I'm probably late to the party on this, but the shipping changes for international orders seems pretty steep... Isn't this going to affect Reaper's free shipping? Or the upcoming Bones March Frenzy? Am I fretting over little? Also, sorry for linking to the competitor's website, it just happen to give useful highlights.
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