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  1. Well you still have a month to save up for those or the paint.
  2. The KS paint sets are the cheapest high quality paints (by this I mean paint actually made for miniatures) available. If you want cheaper than that you can get craft acrylic paints at your local art store, though that will probably end up giving you more in quantity rather than actually cheaper dollar wise. Even cheaper than that, I dunno, try watercolor or ask buglips how to make paint out of crushed bugs (I heard some lipsticks get their red color that way).
  3. I thought you can't offer stuff for sale in this forum?
  4. When I asked reaper, they said the bones will be shipped via UPS (for US, dunno international).
  5. This concisely sums it up. It might seem like a veeeeery small difference to a consumer to pay during the KS or afterwards on the RPM, but for the manufacturer that funding from the actual kickstarter represents the capital they needed to make it all happen in the first place. Reaper simply decided to still let their initial sale of the new minis still be at a big discount (as in new people getting vampire at $150 on the RPM). Saying you weren't able to enter the KS because the server was crashing during the final moments is no different from coming late on the last day of a mall holiday sale. If you come late, you'd expect there will already be long lines at the cashier and there's a very good chance the store closes even before you get there.
  6. I agree with you. I expect that the initial idea for the bones and their prepainted figs. was to help DMs flesh out their dungeons. After all it was mostly monsters that are in the initial bones releases and they were selling like pancakes. As much as I also only wanted more monsters during the KS, I also understand that reaper wanted to bring their line of heroes into bones. I was particularly underwhelmed by the familiars. I guess reaper thought it would be more popular since there were more people asking for it. DMs will always be outnumbered by players, so the cry for more monsters was probably deemed a minority. Similar to hero miniatures, players would simply get one copy of each familiar and never buy another, whereas with monsters you'd need to get half a dozen or so. With the familiars turning to bones, a gaming group will end up saving, what, half a blister in cost? If it was a monster and that gaming group buys half a dozen that's more savings, which will probably end up being used to buy yet more monsters. In the end, I still decided to get as much as I can, coming out to 4x vampire. Because even just the monsters in the vampire pledge were well worth it's price.
  7. As for me, Vampire x4 Substitute 1 Sophie for UL Sophie Trade in 3 Sophie for $75 Fire Giant King & Queen Ebonwrath Ice Giant King and Queen Mind Your Manors x2 Demons Deathsleet Mythos Monsters x2 Undead Giant Clockwork Dragon Pathfinder Red Dragon Fire Giant Warriors Spider Centaurs x2 Frost Wyrm Forces of Nature Pathfinder Jabberwock Deep Dwellers x2 Nethyrmaul Hydra Kaladrax Cthulhu Paint Set 1 & 3, think I'll add Set 4 as well
  8. Nope, reaper guys are resting now, it's been a hell of a month for them. Your best bet would be to read comments by reaper at the KS after it ended.
  9. Iirc, what Bryan said was that you can change your options, you can also add options at same price(paying via paypal), but not reduce what you've already pledged via KS. Those who did not pledge enough for Vampire, will be able to avail Vampire only options but at a higher price. Those who pledged enough for Vampire but pledged for a different type can still change it to vampire and add options at same price. Headclot, I think your best option is to look for a friend who pledged at vampire, ask him if he could add another vampire in his pledge and you just pay for it. Because I don't recall any mention of those who pledged below vampire to be able to change to vampire.
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