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  1. From correspondance with, I'm guessing, 'Reaper Ron' The foam on the Outrider site is only for our small figure case which you referenced. At this time, there are no additional foam trays for our larger case featured in our Kickstarter. Ugh. So, I went and got 36 paints from the Kickstarter, because I figured I could, you know, get that pretty paints foam from Outrider and stash them in my shiny new case. Show of hands to anybody else who did this? Welp, time to get back to the ol' inventory!
  2. Very cool, Mr. Boot, very cool! Okay, I will send email to the Outrider person and figure out if the 'reaper' case trays will fit the new cases. And also check if he still fulfills orders etc. So...I may have squeezed a pile of minis that don't quite fit into my case. a) so, presumably, this means that paint will rub off of them eventually. That's good to know b) if you position a mini just so, and it started out bent, if you wait long enough, will it get bent the other way? I ask because my warchanter goblin is doing the limbo, and maybe if I squeeze her into a little slot she'll come out better. Would that work?
  3. Hi folks, So, I'm a bit nutty about, well, containers, and I really like the Bones minis briefcases I got with my Kickstarter. a) Uh, it looks like the foamcorps.com guy has some personal issues blah blah orders aren't being fulfilled. I think I want to get some different trays for my cases (a paint tray, some of the bigger figs trays), but that up-top message doesn't fill me with a ton of confidence. What's the deal and/or should I place an order? b) Has anyone gone through a vampire box and figured out which minis fit in which little slots? I picked up 3 cases, and I think this is how the loadout should work case 1: 1 paint tray and 1 1.5" FCR006 (for paints and large figs) case 2: 2 1.5" FCR005 trays (for larger than normal figs) case 3: 3 of the trays I got with the case, for all the little guys What do you think? Should that work? Or should I just go to work with the trays I've got and a hobby knife because the site/store is toast?
  4. Vampire Fire Giants Ice Giants Mind Your Manors Here Be Dragons Paint 1x2 Paint 3 3 cases a) I don't have any paint (ie, I'm a total noob) b) I have a three year old. Proper containers are important :)
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