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  1. On board ship, much of the cooking is, or at least used to be, done with steam heat, rather than anything resembling an open, hot surface, and it used to be a lot of things were hung on a gimbal that if the boat moved under it, it would still stay more or less level. How much of that has changed, I can't say. As my only personall experience with the stuff come from WW2, or prior vintage vessels, and a lot has changed, I'm sure.
  2. I know. Sweet Sexy Marauder Strut shall once more dominate my battlefields I understand. Though in my case it's going to be "how much I back" more than "if I back"
  3. Not sure if I've said anything since before my body tried to kill me in a new and novel fashion (for me anyway) But I've got good news.
  4. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/88dd643f-2118-4d2e-9170-453f47297d92
  5. some place in need of illumination, as the sun seldom shines there? I agree.
  6. Oh Yeah, 100% agreement on the headlights. I am rural, so I want the brightest high beams I can get. I've had enough close encounters with wildlife, but there needs to be a major reduction in power on the low end. (anyone who drives, on a highway especially ,with a light bar, should have it removed, and destroyed)
  7. Good to know, as I am currently saving up for a smoker. I probably won't run it much below that, but I want bacon, and brisket, and turkey, and ham.
  8. You're a real life Disney Princess?
  9. more like 'shouldn't' but the way housing contractors work, and cut corners to save money, yeah yeah, I would.
  10. The thing that sucks about getting older, is our heroes do too. Until they don't.
  11. Oh my, I could just eat her up... It's not even like it was a bad album. And hey, giving a whole album away for free, seemed like a great idea. I have no idea how they could screw it up so badly. But they did. I think she would be the one doing the eating .....
  12. only by applying firmware to the software of the person who did it in the first place.
  13. Sounds like my dating career, which is odd, because I am very straight Nah, they do that in real life too. And its generally less visually exciting, and a whole lot more stinky, when it happens in reality.
  14. My best friend was adopted by a feral Norwegian Forrest Cat. (we bribed her into our lives with fish scraps from cleaning and processing) And when I visit, well, Diddy claims my lap for her own. You described her well, fluffy, laid back, prone to murder. Won't eat rats, but will sure kill them. Doesn't much bother with birds, since they fly away, and anything else is fair game.
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