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  1. four wheel drive does not equal four wheel stop. A lesson a number of folks around here seem to need to relearn every winter. 'Am I on the road" is a game I do not like, and is part of why I don't drive much in the winter. I've had the slip and slide feeling a few times, and it scares me too much.
  2. 92. That ain't bad at all. Rest in peace.
  3. A kneeling chair might also be helpful. Anne Forrester uses one.
  4. Yeah. Not sure how Red Deer and south are, but right here it's not good. It's still October, and I'm already sick of winter.
  5. got my Ghoulie bag today. The starburst knocked out a filling in my tooth. I am both happy, and not amused
  6. it's snowing pretty heavily here. I am, in a word, not at all happy.
  7. this is why I don't understand how you people with pets can keep doing it. It hurts so much watching them age, and eventually pass on. I don't think I could ever do that again, even though sometimes I do wish I had a furry friend to take companionship and comfort with.
  8. well. I was going to get in a live game this weekend, but then I just got a message on discord that someone in someone's biology class tested positive, and since I live with my parents. That visit is off the table for at least a week until we get test results back, and probably two weeks or more because I'm paranoid.
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