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  1. pickerel smokes nicely, and smoked deer jerky is excellent. Duck is another good choice. There are a million and one things you can do with a smoker and some patience
  2. So, we had about two inches of rain....in the house....we've got a notable leak if the rain comes in hard enough, and it is a problem. -sigh- and of course of course, it is still raining, so no one really wants to go out on the roof and see if we can figure out where and why and how it is coming in.
  3. Bert is as unrepentant as ever I see Yeah, I was slightly confused. I know most major and many minor towns in Alberta, being that I live here. I was confused where Walker Hill was supposed to be.
  4. but not purple kitty hats, so they really are all missing out
  5. I assure you, I was not responsible, and if I was, you couldn't prove it.
  6. That's because half of those who are afraid of Canadians Are Florida Man. And are not smart enough to realise they should in fact be afraid of themselves.
  7. Just be glad they gave you some advanced warning. Also, Hope you enjoy the Multiverse of Strangeness, get in a good late lunch, maybe a stroll down town if the weather isn't crap. A nice peaceful afternoon.
  8. less dead is more alive. Which is a few good steps in the right direction. Hope a good day with family, and a few more days of recovery gets you feeling like you want to again.
  9. Cinco de Mayo was just an excuse to have burritos for lunch. I am now back to being completely and totally, 'glow in the dark white' Canadian
  10. the real question is, did the pogo stick the landing? or did the landing stick the pogo?
  11. Likewise in Canada, at least for services based on usage, such as electricity and gas. I don't know about water and sewer, or if they are included in property taxes.
  12. that's not the issue. We know whom his previous owners are.
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