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  1. those of us who know the "Taming of the Grump" story can attest that even working her strengths was slightly too subtle.
  2. I understood we where going to check out that shipwreck
  3. Sure they do, and make them Commander of the ISS on top of it. You may not realize it, but we are capable of much more than just saying Sorry and Eh.
  4. "I might have some skills that could be of use, but I am not an investigator. My experience with matters of law are, shall we say, less than encouraging for the accused. That said, I would be loathe to let an innocent face the punishment for murder, and have even less desire to see the guilty go free."
  5. Though Slash had enough hair for any two bands. Does anyone know if there was actually a face under there, or just a pair of lips to hold his cigarette?
  6. Having never been normal, I have no idea how people socialize for any period of time. That said, I am still planning to visit a house full of people. If travel is allowed anyway.
  7. With the whispering of murder already in the air, and now this he let out a sigh, muttered something under his breath in the elven language, and rose to follow
  8. (k. 17+2=19 on Aerys, and 14+2 on Ishirou)
  9. (are we able to roll to aid on more than one person, or does the socializing take too much time?)
  10. So, my brother's job is going to be folding, probably August sometime for the end of everything. Can this year be over already, please?
  11. Jan will agree to bring back a live dino if at all possible to do so. Thinking to himself that giving Sasha something outside of herself to worry over it might help draw her out of her slump.
  12. it's pouring rain here, and expected to do so for another day or two. I am so bored.
  13. Sasha...and I didn't think you could
  14. (79%) (botched any diplomacy with a natural 1 for a 3 total)
  15. Jandir volunteers for the same watch, and will take the time to talk to Sasha about the dinos, if she is interested in them at all.
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