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  1. well, I feel better today. My chest, not so much. Fever seems to have broke sometime last night, and the current congestion, and pain, has settled into the chest. Now if I could just stop coughing. stay safe my friends.
  2. wow, not every day you get to take away a whole troops firearms badges in one go. I hope at least one kid there had his first aid badge.
  3. well. I am not the sort to ask for prayers and good thoughts and that sort of thing on the regular. But a friend of the family, whom my parents saw on Sunday at church is in ths hospital with Covid, and your friendly neighbourhood Shadowraven is also currently rather sick in the head, in a fashion that doesn't relate to bad ideas this time. I don't 'think' the two are related, I am mostly sure this is just a cold, but I don't exactly relish the idea of being wrong, at least not this time.
  4. And in a couple more weeks, on My (and Doc Bedlam's) Birthday, Frodo gets Wraith Shanked. If they are like their wild partridge cousins, they can't teleport when scared, because their brain shuts down and can't control their powers. I know my Grandparents chickens used to teleport, especially 'that damn rooster'
  5. That's my problem, I just need to get a super suit.
  6. Yarr. Tis Ten minutes t'midnight. Just enough time fer me to come in an let ye scurvey dogs know. Storm Chasers Forever!!!
  7. Welcome back, my old nemesis. You have been missed. My aim however is improving 😜 Luck. There will be accidents, of waiting too long, or even just 'I forgot" for a while, but it's going to make life so much easier in so many ways from here on out (and a change of clothes is a lot more portable than a diaper bag)
  8. Sounds like the kind of twist I expect from a Grump Story. "so in between saving the charming prince with narcolepsy with a smack on the kisser, and saving the dragons horde from tax collectors, I got hired to run the finances of the place, all with a naked pixie on my lap for some reason"
  9. Just for once in your life, could you stop being so damn interesting?
  10. stealing wheat and barley, and all the other grains...
  11. Just got back from camping. Great time, except the storm that fell on top of us. What a deluge.
  12. gotta love dealing with people who have no idea what they are doing, and won't listen to simple directions.
  13. oh yes, I looked at that. Bronze indeed, it's a bit blotchy, and the plinth is filthy, but oh no, can't let his hard work be downvoted like that. I've half a mind to comment, but I know how that half a mind gets, and it's a jerk, so I'll keep my lip.
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