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  1. Have you considered an exterminator? Or someone that specializes in relocating?
  2. must be nice. And then there's me. I can sing, I do sing, I just...probably shouldn't. euphemisms and snarky comments are always a good thing to have on hand.
  3. Comic Sans is always an option. Also Papyrus.
  4. Stay in, wait for my hide to turn from red to tan, and hopefully not peel off in the process (sunscreen and hats kiddos. Always a good idea) Depends on if it rains or not what else I might do this weekend.
  5. Yesterday was full on crazy. With everything planned going wrong. Equipment we were supposed to be renting to seed the neighbors field (we farm it for the lion's share of the hay crop) was returned broken. So we had to spend better than half the day securing and picking up a replacement, that is about half the size, so in addition to lost hours, we've got almost twice as much work to do, in somewhat less time. So if the weather holds, it's gonna be at least a 14 hour day for us today. Not -too- bad when we can spell each other off on the tractor, but there is talk of rain this evening. Which
  6. Damn Dragons. Had to chase a couple away from our garbage the other day. Of course these were Rural dragons, so not near so used to people and pets and all that. You ought to get that mounted on a plaque and hang it up somewhere. Nice looking specimen
  7. Because I sleep in the same room as my computer, RGB is something to be avoided rather than explored fully. Which is kinda too bad, if I had a space where I could set up and run a proper rig, there would be lights in abundance. In All the Colours.
  8. well. Spent a bit of time with a really pretty young lady yesterday. Sadly it ended after she stabbed me in the shoulder, and now I have to wait at least another four weeks to do it again. I feel fine, but I can scarcely use that arm today.
  9. a very regional thing, which is why I am over here looking at you funny.
  10. and the chairs if you manage to duck the first assault.
  11. SO a thing just happened. I was GMing a game for a few friends, and was throwing a pretty sizeable monster at them. a Wendigo. First round my brothers halfling paladin goes "he's evil. I'm going to smite" Now being an evil outsider that means first round he gets to add twice his level (15) to his damage. Next thing I hear is 'so does a 37 confirm a crit' He's using a polearm that has a x3 crit range. so 187 points of damage latter, it's still there. Next came. "another twenty and...does a 38 confirm?" So yeah...I didn't have a whole lot planned for after that tonight. Time to wing it.
  12. Okay. Yes, that is a fair point, both movies are called "The Mummy" but one is not a remake of the other, and are completely separate in what makes them classics. I repent for my crime of overlooking the legendary Boris Karloff. (please call of the death squad)
  13. you didn't need to explain. That is the ONLY version of The Mummy
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