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    Well miniatures of course. Above that gaming in general, with a preference for Pathfinder and Battletech. Martial Arts are one of my greatest loves in life, having studied, and continuing to study several styles.

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  1. 4th full day, coming to an end, and we're starting day 5 as of noon.
  2. And ride.... Silently through the night to the sultan's tent where he Would secretly meet up with Fatima of the Seven Veils, Swingingest grade "A" number one US choice dancer in The sultan's whole harem, 'cause, heh, him and her had A thing goin', you know,
  3. I was think it was overly Basic.... Light the straw on fire. It won't break the Camel's back that way, and you will have the fastest in the Caravan...briefly...
  4. 47.5 Hours clean and clear. Keep being awesome peoples. Some of you are pretty cool. some of you are just insanely entertaining
  5. Gonna avoid the rant and the anger. But May he get some level of justice.
  6. well. I am 24.5 hours clean and free from weed. Just in case anyone else here, among the tribe is experiencing issues, like addiction buying minis is totally not or such. It's a struggle, but it's better than chains of your own making. Now...am I a human? Guess so?
  7. Tea break for me. Green today, with a bit of honey. Life really is full of simple pleasures.
  8. Still attached. Still sore. I don't know if the horse has a headache or not, she hasn't told me
  9. I think my first guardian angel quit....
  10. Oh yeah. They've got a brain pan that'll stop a lot more than a skull full of wet cement, and forgotten dreams.
  11. any of you local Albertans want to go pick up the buckets I left out in the pasture? Silly horse knocked me cold, with her head this morning, concussions are "fun" All the foggy brain and loss of focus of weed, without the pleasure and everything being hilarious.... And yes don't worry. I'm fine, but nothing is happening fast today that's fer sure....
  12. My friend, whom do to situations, ended up adopting his niece and nephew, as well as his own two kids, had a "magic school bus" sticker on the back window of his mini van, and a smaller text block that said "please alert driver if child falls from vehicle" That was yesterday, I blinked, and his youngest is now a legal adult, and 3 of the 4 have cars of their own.... I thought that getting older, would take a little longer.... start sending out invoices to those who needlessly waste your time?
  13. Can guarantee the acting would be a lot better, and the dialogue would be 100% an improvement from the original.
  14. A mid 70's (for mechanical reasons) on Cabriolet is my retirement goal/mid life crisis (I'll have to make at least 110 if it's gonna be mid life at this rate, but still) goal. Should I ever aquire sufficient funds I find this almost offensive, and at the same time very attractive.
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