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  1. Though Slash had enough hair for any two bands. Does anyone know if there was actually a face under there, or just a pair of lips to hold his cigarette?
  2. Having never been normal, I have no idea how people socialize for any period of time. That said, I am still planning to visit a house full of people. If travel is allowed anyway.
  3. With the whispering of murder already in the air, and now this he let out a sigh, muttered something under his breath in the elven language, and rose to follow
  4. (k. 17+2=19 on Aerys, and 14+2 on Ishirou)
  5. (are we able to roll to aid on more than one person, or does the socializing take too much time?)
  6. So, my brother's job is going to be folding, probably August sometime for the end of everything. Can this year be over already, please?
  7. Jan will agree to bring back a live dino if at all possible to do so. Thinking to himself that giving Sasha something outside of herself to worry over it might help draw her out of her slump.
  8. it's pouring rain here, and expected to do so for another day or two. I am so bored.
  9. (79%) (botched any diplomacy with a natural 1 for a 3 total)
  10. Jandir volunteers for the same watch, and will take the time to talk to Sasha about the dinos, if she is interested in them at all.
  11. No point in taking the eggs then, they aren't fit for food, May as well take ourselves back to camp and settle in for the night.
  12. (nat 1. It's all Arune's smart comments fault, I'm sure)
  13. Denton was nice, Dallas actually was a nice city. I can't understand the traffic, and thank God I didn't have to drive. Everyone I met was wonderful, oh and the barbecue was amazing. I've only been there once, so I am not a font of knowledge, but I liked it.
  14. going to start in Y 12. draw my longbow, and take a shot at A 14+4-2=16 knocking an arrow, he let fly at the one still on the ground
  15. "we should find someplace private. I would see each of you get's your equal share of our reward, but for reasons I am sure you can understand, do not wish to hand out such coin where others might see"
  16. "oh? I didn't know you where an acrobat, I used to be quite good at that sort of thing myself....how interesting.... And while you did your little show, somehow the dragon got out of it's cage?" He said, before looking to the others to see if they find that little bit of information as suspicious as he does.
  17. "There is a slim line between bravery and foolishness" He said with a soft smile and a shrug, "and it is a lot easier to be brave when you find yourself surrounded by people willing and able to help"
  18. "I go by Kendrin Alfyr. Well met Karl Ritvason. You are very good with a tale. I must say, it has been some time since I have heard one spun so well" The elf said as he dusted himself off, keeping an eye on the lizard, ready to jump on it again should it struggle free
  19. (gonna have to add 'wrestled a dragon' to Ken's resume now)
  20. "I agree, I can climb well enough, but it would be foolish to find ourselves being attacked while hanging on the face of the slope with nowhere to go"
  21. "if there are young, we probably would never be able to drive them away"
  22. (looks at +6 handle animal and ponders)
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