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  1. Fair, save the pissing them off until they can't make your life any worse. Ah Vancouver is such a lovely place, could never live there. I do spend almost all of my summers just a little further west though in Campbell River on the Island. I just hope before they screw up the Fraser valley completely they at least design some sort of spillways and such to keep your feet dry. Houston Texas, I am looking at you.
  2. "Look if you don't know either, that's okay" is a great comment for instructors who don't answer questions. Also instructors hate when you tell them, and show them they are wrong. But angry instructors can be entertainment for everyone.
  3. Good for you, not so much for us, your idiot reports are classic entertainment
  4. Ah yes, the "Naked Nazeem with a basket on his head" solution to being pestered about going up to the Cloud District.
  5. Yeah man. Two of my friends are done with it, In the same house. Sounds like you've got the short "I'm going to die, I'm going to die...I'm not going to die?" case like one had. The other is currently in "please kill me" mode.
  6. you Have Rocky Horror experience though don't you? That alone almost guarantees that you could, and most of that budget would be spent on takeaway Chinese or something.
  7. I make a point of not buying anything for anyone I have not spoken to at any point in time in or around the holiday of gift giving in question. Family trees though, Well, I like the idea of following them back as deep into the roots as you can go. As far back as you can find records and history
  8. well, I guess I recovered from New Year's Eve if I am still awake now. Of course I think I slept most of yesterday, except the parts where I was driving, I hope I didn't sleep through them.
  9. Ah, it's not like we're going to be somewhere on the bottom side of -30 or anything, it'll be fine, wear a toque baby dragon looks satisfied with the offering of nom noms.
  10. Well, a Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate the day. I hope loved ones, or jolly old elves provide you with much delight and joy. For those of you to whom this is not a special day, I hope you are having a good weekend.
  11. My Mom's maiden name is Kennedy. Apparently some third cousin twenty times removed or some such went and got killed in Dallas a bunch of years back, and a certain weird bunch of Americans thought his kid was going to pull a Jesus at a Rolling Stone's concert. But I guess that's what happens when you all come from a small corner of a small Island off the coast of a small country. On Dad's mothers side we have United Empire Loyalists, and a Signatory of the Declaration of Independence, some natives of somewhat undetermined tribal affiliation that left the USA during the Civil War and settled in lower Ontario. On his dads side, we're kinda boreing until you get back to the young fellow that went into the Tower of London one day and came out a tad shorter when they took a little off the top sometime around the English Civil War. Which reminds me I need to see if my cousin, who is our family genealogist, has any more information on that guy, I don't know if he did something bad, or was just on the wrong side at the wrong time.
  12. trust me, one is enough to make sure you never make -that-mistake again. Last one I heard listening on a friends system was a cover. Can't even remember which rock standard it was, but the music was okay. The singer, well let's just say following Yoko Ono onto the stage would have been their only chance of applause
  13. Dad and I both slid past our turn at the same intersection today, fortunately we were on a secondary highway and there was no traffic Hey, I know that place (it's like the next town over) Glad no one was hurt.
  14. aww what a cute little dragon....kid's alright too 😜
  15. I do not like to resort to violence, but it is still an option.
  16. only for the more well to do people. Poor folk just said "we;re married now" and that was that. Sometimes with traditional (often very pagan and not at all acceptable to the church) rituals and such.
  17. I understand how this feels, although not having it kept from you. We are watching my own mother at 70 start to slip a little, although mostly due to medications she was on for a while we think, and not actual dementia (I hope) and I watched my grandma develop serious dementia through the last years of her life. It's hard. The only thing I can say is do what you can, but don't let them overwhelm you. Especially if she is in a home, with people who know how to handle these situations, don't feel like you have to be there, well at all even. You want to help someone you love, that's admirable, but in some sad ways, the person you love might not be there anymore.
  18. how on this side of Hell, do you screw up M&M Cookie Dough Brownies?
  19. At this time of year, they could almost have sent it by sled over the top (A team of Canadians and Soviets did that once in the 1980's)
  20. Complete circumnavigation of the globe, or did they just overshoot their target by a thousand miles or so? Ha. Jokes on you. Thanksgiving was last month.
  21. I'd come along and give you back up, but for whatever damned reason P&P won't let me follow you. Too bad to, I can always use another outlet for snark. The Greeks may have invented 'Drama' but the French have mastered it, although 'self righteous White American' are giving them a run these days. But there's no hive for me to be banished to anymore, so I will stay quiet on that thought for now
  22. Sadly true. I hope we revisit it shortly, if other places choose the smart thing and just go back to Standard Time. I'm one of the lucky ones in that my internal clock is pretty constant even if external clocks aren't, and most of the time it doesn't matter what the clock says, if I get up and do my things at the same time every day.
  23. I drank this weekend, and stayed up late. My body told me in no uncertain terms this was a bad idea, I am not 20, or even 30 anymore, and we like our full night sleep, and even though you 'can' out drink your somehow now a legal adult, even though he was like 5 years old, just the other day, nephew. It does not mean you 'should' outdrink said nephew, and now that the matter is settled for all time and eternity, we shall never revisit the matter again. For it is set in stone and unchanging, and not because I learned my lesson. Also, yes I still have the worst luck when playing Settlers of Catan. Happy All Saints Day and Día De Los Muertos.
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