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  1. Maverick is a great movie, only dampened somewhat by the main actor being the turdwaffle that he is.
  2. too soon gone. Another lost to a disease that should have been better controlled months ago.
  3. we're in the same general situation here, only the close down date was yesterday. The rest of my comment would be fit for the late "great" beekeepers so I'll just sigh and carry on. Got an appointment in an hour and half with a psychiatrist anyway. No need getting worked up now.
  4. Weirder and Weirder, and it's crossovers with both Petticoat Junction and the Beverly Hillbillies make it even weirder still.
  5. glad you got to the old sarge. it was his last day on the job before retirement....
  6. Back to the topic of dead stick landings, My Cousin is one of the few, if not only pilots to land a Tudor trainer without power. His instructor was ready to eject, but my cousin really didn't want to. So they brought it in. Me, I'm scared of flying.
  7. Thanks Buglips. Nice to know your level of concern is unwavering
  8. Help. I've been trapped on Twitter for the last couple of days.
  9. MORI!!!! Good to see you back, and here's hoping you're recovery is as quick and painless as bodily possible.
  10. From here on may all your questions be answered, and your answers be question. What is "gone to soon" ?
  11. it is various shades of 'not really pleasant' here. Mostly cloudy with a bit of rain, threatening to turn to snow in the night if it doesn't quit by then. but +1 by the end of the week. https://youtu.be/wkDvqQKGgDA
  12. four wheel drive does not equal four wheel stop. A lesson a number of folks around here seem to need to relearn every winter. 'Am I on the road" is a game I do not like, and is part of why I don't drive much in the winter. I've had the slip and slide feeling a few times, and it scares me too much.
  13. 92. That ain't bad at all. Rest in peace.
  14. A kneeling chair might also be helpful. Anne Forrester uses one.
  15. Yeah. Not sure how Red Deer and south are, but right here it's not good. It's still October, and I'm already sick of winter.
  16. got my Ghoulie bag today. The starburst knocked out a filling in my tooth. I am both happy, and not amused
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