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  1. it's amazing how many crazy old coots you run into who are half off their rocker, and been treating it themselves for half of forever.
  2. do not disable the interns, there's all kinds of paperwork.
  3. and this is why the Fourth Little Pig built his house, with dragons teeth and a minefield
  4. I have horses. I get this on a personal level based on profound life experiences.
  5. That's Jeremy Clarkson. He has several blind spots.
  6. I would apologize for the potential earworm, but it would be a lie
  7. was several years ago. Less than 20, but not sure how much less. Besides would anyone in Calgary even know where Breton AB is?
  8. Guy tried that from a power substation near here. We were without power for over a day, and the identified the guy by dental records, because that was about all that was left...it did not go well for him.
  9. that'll never work. People in Florida can't read.
  10. the only reason I don't have scorpions is because I hate crickets and the like.
  11. The people of the Netherlands deserve all the peace and rest, their parents and grandparents have earned it for the next ten generations. And I wish you an equal measure of peace as you remember your mother.
  12. should have specified you wanted her pre-mutation.
  13. The Goblin and I are on much the same page. I used to love AI stuff, back when it was mostly surreal landscapes and such, but recently, well there has been a crapload of copycat art, more "look at me, I'm an artist now" than I care for, and enough Emma Watson porn to make me want to start hunting people for sport. Which is not to discourage you from playing around with it. Far from. Create beauty and find joy where and how you can. But if I see so much as a single Harry Potter themed sexy shot, I know roughly where you live.
  14. One of the most important homeowner, or even renter lessons is learning when you can and should do it yourself, and when you shouldn't. Sounds like Ma and Pa Boot raised a competent and confident Bootling but not a stupid one. and on a totally unrelated note. I need to use this more in everyday conversation.
  15. Looks great, but I'd see if I could get a few Mechwarrior Dark Age, industrial mechs to go along with the CAV stuff.
  16. bad experience breeds good advice. My last crossing on a ferry was a wild one, and as I get older, I am more and more prone to motions sickness
  17. tell wifey to either get to as low a passenger deck as she can, preferable the middle of the boat, where it rolls the least, or go out where she can get fresh air. Those are the two best options for seasickness from waves. Been there, done that.
  18. good thing those stations weren't around back when I was playing Uncle Tim, I like who my nieces and nephews have become, but there was a time....
  19. Miss me? Remember me? So, it's been a week. Dad is, for those of you who might recall, home, and a going concern. Problem is he's feeling better, and not just a little better, but a lot better. So I gotta keep up to make sure he doesn't overdo it.....like wrestling calves by the barn today. What do you do when your parents refuse to grow old gracefully?
  20. Simple, clean, I like it I do wonder how the fine lining on the TARDIS panels will turn out.
  21. The worst part about getting older, is that people you care for are getting older too. Just spent all day yesterday getting my dad taken care of, and into hospital, for what looks to be, and hopefully is, relatively minor angina pectoris, aka, a partial blockage in the veins leading into the heart. Hard accepting your parents are in their 70's, when half the time you are still trying to convince your brain, "no I am not 21 any more"
  22. we had Easter breakfast/brunch before Service, four hours latter, was Easter lunch, and as wonderful as it all ways, I was still hung over from breakfast, and didn't eat all that was on offer, not by a long stretch. I miss those days of yore, when my body would consume any food available, and appear as if summoned any time there was more to be found.
  23. crockpots, sadly take too long, for too little return for most commercial kitchens, but for a family, oh goodness yes. I make chili in ours, all the time. I need to get a few more 'complete meal' recipes for it
  24. So, my main computer cratered a bit ago, Cooling system gave up. Something I wasn't really keen on fixing myself, so I took it back to the shop, to get one of their techs to do that sort of thing. Turns out it was still under extended warranty for like another month. Saved myself about four hundred bucks. I owe past me a drink.
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