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  1. We were gifted a charcuterie for Christmas. So 'Lunchables' but for fancy people. some five different cheeses. It's hard to improve on cheeses
  2. Yeah, for the last 20 years, we've had a flowing well, providing water to the house, and running off to fill a tank for the livestock. But then one day it quit flowing out there, and we've had troubles and a whole lot of monkeying to keep it going. It's strange, can go from five gallons a minute, to nothing, in a couple of hours.
  3. Me neither. But guess whose cows and horses water source froze off....Yeah. This be heavy parka weather
  4. I hope your son "isn't like he was in Chronicles" too
  5. the makers of Advanced Dungeons and Duergar, of course.
  6. I hope she starts off with the midol and donuts... for the sake of whomever the rest is for....
  7. good luck. Not having much luck sleeping myself tonight. I wish it was just ear-worm related.
  8. wooo, after cancelled flights, and snowstorms and all, it is so good to be back home.
  9. I will miss you Ed. Rest well, my friend.
  10. new thread smell is gonna have me sneezing for a week (taking a new car with my brother out to the coast tomorrow for a delivery, not looking forward to the chemical aroma)
  11. So fill to me the parting glass. And a toast we raise towards a new thread.
  12. the "smoke" way I hope, not the "chimney is on fire" way Had an odd experience today, was out running errands with my brother, and we went for lunch at this place that makes really good home made bread and sandwiches and stuff. This is normal. Eat there plenty. Today though was different, in the month or so I've been away, a new change has come upon the place. There was a counter in the back corner, next to a Warhammer paint and box rack, and opposite it was some other miniatures, including what looked like a set of Reaper's Pathfinder licenced figures, and a few Bones USA and such. The odd thing is this is in a tiny little town, off the beaten path, and I would have not been surprised to find I was the only person involved in this hobby for miles in any direction.
  13. Ribs should never require anything more to eat than your fingers, or a fork. Wherever you went, it is a place I think best be avoided. glad you're back. Sorry about the pain, but I hope that's only a small hiccup on the way to mending up.
  14. not even Doom messes with Squirrel Girl. "Kicking butts, and eating nuts"
  15. what did you do that has them ready to fire you off into deep space?
  16. Hasn't gotten that bad here yet, but it's coming. Just literally got home from driving out through Jasper park from B.C. Couple inches yesterday, couple more coming in tonight
  17. -15 C (a nice balmy 5 degrees for you Fahrenheit speaking people) this morning. It's only November, I shouldn't have to bust out the parka for another few weeks.
  18. Well, that aptly named Jon Snow fellow was right. Winter was coming, and now, it is here. Snow and icy wind all day today. Tomorrow Dad drives to Saskatoon and back to get my uncle, so Friday we can drive out into central BC, into the mountains. Funeral Saturday, then Monday and Tuesday see the proceedings in reverse. I find the whole prospect rather upsetting to be honest. I don't like Winter.
  19. the Germans have a word for grief-bacon. surely they have a similar for anger-bacon.
  20. so with the advent of things like Irish Cream and chocolate liqueurs and such in coffee. Does that mean it's acceptable for me to start drinking at breakfast?
  21. Unless the perpetrator(s) were very careful, and clever, I can't imagine it will be long before the police they tried to play with are knocking upon their door. Assuming they are local anyway. I've personally known guys who were on the equivalent of a S.W.A.T. team. They might be inclined to exercise the warrant with extreme prejudice themselves.
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