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  1. two separate incidents. My Aunt, has had a number of small strokes over the years, from what I understand this was the big one. Sending my parents out to see her while there's any chance to talk still. Cousin-in-law, has cancer, of some aggressive type. She had a fall while visiting her parents, and was taken to hospital, now they are unwilling to move her even back home, because she won't make the trip just got notified about both this morning. So suffice to say, today has been a very stressful sort of elfing and dwarfing kinda day.
  2. so. My Aunt, and also her daughter-in-law are both in hospital, and it may be that neither will ever leave again. If y'all could send some happy thoughts out for the family, I'd be mighty grateful.
  3. all the good thoughts I have, I'm sending your way.
  4. Likewise I have just about convinced my other brother to do this in his kitchen. They have this corner cupboard that probably, one time, before they lived there, had a lazy susan for more functional storage. Now it is devoid of such, and a useless, empty space. He also has a 10 year old boy, whose old clothes would fit a Halloween decoration sized skeleton just about perfectly.
  5. After she gets all that silly wedding and honeymooning and stuff out of the way. Then she'll be back providing us with much needed entertainment.
  6. Reminds me a bit of a particular novel by Mercedes Lackey I read a while back. Very well written.
  7. most people's plushies don't have a six foot long drool coated tongue to tell you they love you with.
  8. Thank divine entity of your choice and from what I understand, that was pretty much the sum total of his usefulness to the species On a happier note. woo, got me a swag box. Pitty I can't use the store credit in the swag box to buy my swag box 😛
  9. YAAAAS!!! 🎉🎉 let's here it for corrupting the youth!!!
  10. Not pointing fingers, or naming any names, but I know a few of you will get this sentiment very well
  11. I understand. There are a couple of us here who have experienced things like this with friends family and loved ones. My private messages are open if you want to rant at someone, and well, I don't think anyone here is going to begrudge you putting your thoughts out there, here either. I won't bother you with empty platitudes, but cat videos are always good, and don't be afraid to grieve even while he's still with you.
  12. Well, that does mean you may not be allowed to criticize the State government, as an employee, but I submit that being unpaid gives you full rights to 'Snidely Whiplash" anyone you don't like and tie them to the tracks. Only regulation is you must wear a top hat, coat with tails, and a thin moustache waxed into a tight curl at the ends.
  13. I know. Had a very dear friend waste away with cancer. It sucks so much, that all you can do is so damned little.
  14. yay Agreed. My deepest sympathy, and all my prayers and good thoughts. I know neither is likely to help much, but it's all I can do.
  15. missed Anne's puppy because of work. Which sweetie did she bring home?
  16. one of our largest Naval Stations is still in the middle of Saskatchewan. As far from the actual wet as you can get in Canada.
  17. the first picture still has more realistic proportions. His pecks are actually beside one another. Seriously, how did no one look at that picture and go 'well, you're fired' rather than let it go to print.
  18. never forgive either. Crappy artist, and general arse of a person.
  19. my eldest goddaughter just graduated high school. I know what you mean.
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