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  1. never forgive either. Crappy artist, and general arse of a person.
  2. my eldest goddaughter just graduated high school. I know what you mean.
  3. So, you're going to move into the Winchester Mansion?
  4. Considering the way the job market here is. I share that hope I uh, I know a guy who can get you a pound, but I don't think we're talking the same kind of shroomies here....
  5. Of course not. Knives are faster, you can clean out a whole furniture store in minutes.
  6. It's not that I have been behaving myself, it's that I've been keeping quiet about it. Especially the quite illegal parts.
  7. after a long few weeks, I am finally home. Broke, but happy. Now if only the coffee I had to keep me awake while driving wasn't still keeping me awake....My own bed, at last, and I am leaving it lonely
  8. Oh Goodness no. Him I would at least trust to both know what he was talking about, and to not try and give actual medical advice while in low earth orbit so to speak.
  9. Sounds like the doctor I went to see about medical weed for my anxiety disorder. I don't care if it might help, I am not taking medical advice from a guy who went into medical weed for easy access to medical weed.
  10. Yes, but it happened in between panels. Which is where she is the most powerful and dangerous. Whenever the reader/viewer can see Squirrel Girl, she's only comedically overpowered. Put a panel line or worse, a page break, in between and she's God-tier. Wolverine may be the best at what he does, but Squirrel Girl is absolutely the best at what SHE does. (Eating nuts and kicking butts)
  11. As a proud Canadian, I too shall miss this war. Sadly, international politics in Europe and Asia have forced us and our Danish foes neighbours to seek a peaceful resolution.
  12. Brother and I both passed our firearms course. Second time for me, because some dummy lost his paperwork.
  13. Pezler, you're in Saskatchewan. There is no way I am going to go and get something printed. It would require me to go to Saskatchewan.
  14. colour me jealous (which in this case is a nice, clean black) Not that I should speak, I had one once, but it is on a semi-permanent loan with my parents church. Sometimes though i want it back. I so rarely print anything, but still.
  15. Young Miss Danger might have something to do with it. Or it's just because "Shrek, the Musical". Because I mean I see no problem with either options
  16. It is Monday mine has begun with an entire up of coffee, in my lap and all over the floor. I am also glad for splash/moisture/spill resistant keyboards.
  17. Iron Maiden? Nah, Surely HRH would be wearing something from "The Ramones", or "The Sex Pistols" She's old school punk, I'm sure of it.
  18. I have been known to play entire campaigns by myself for this very reason.
  19. Passwords and PIN numbers. Interestingly enough, it hasn't changed jobs since the 90's Phone numbers for people you used to know, who no longer have those numbers, or live anywhere close to your childhood home make great additions to passwords. https://www.reddit.com/r/MXRplays/comments/v2no05/magical_roll/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 on an unrelated note.
  20. So, my God-Daughter is graduating here at the end of June. She contacted me and asked if I would join the livestream, because she knows I can't come due to distance. Her mom contacted me, and is paying for my flights. Boy is she gonna be surprised. 😁
  21. My last playthrough of Skyrim, I (through the use of a couple minor mods) completed every single major sidequest, and most of the minor ones before advancing any of the main plot more than was absolutely necessary to continue with the side quests. Nice to know I am not alone.
  22. I would have been okay with Cow-Town getting further, but I do still have a soft spot for Edmonton. Even if I really haven't cared about Hockey since Gretzky got traded some three quarters of my life ago... You grow up in that golden era, and nothing else seems half as good anymore.
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