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  1. @BuzzardB, I would say those bonewalkers of yours came out looking quite sharp
  2. Great looking fungi. My gaming group has a well delveloped fear and loathing for mushrooms, and something like that would be a wonderful addition to some of our games.
  3. Soon threads like this shall spring up like dandilions in fresh mowed lawns, but I figured I shall get myself a head start. first up, that dirt digging, hero chomping, totaly not phalicly named, Purple Worm Comments, critiques, and hurled money all gladly accepted.
  4. I have to agree with Buglips on painting with red. it is a pain in the butt. There are some tricks to work around it, but for the most part, red is the colour that takes the most practice, followed by white and yellow. That said, I love the green, it looks great, but I think you really should do yourself a favour, and try painting something, anything, in red, following the L2PK's advice.
  5. oooh. I like that Banana spider. Now if only I had a mini with similar dimensions it would get my attempt at duplicating it. Maybe i should do up a bunch of drider in fancy spider colours.....
  6. True dat. Of course, your fast and dirty Bones look pretty darn good regardless.
  7. if only I had something like this when I began the hobby.
  8. excelent work. Not the sort of thing you want to meet in a dark alley on a rainy night.....or anywhere else for that matter
  9. Poor Buglips. A sensible Goblin, it's like a Hobbit that goes adventuring. Happens from time to time, but it still comes as a bit of a shock to the community. Makes for great stories to tell 'round the fire over a pint mind you. I have to agree with you on your numbers. It's one of the nice things about these Bones, they are priced low enough that you can set up an army of foes to face and not break the bank. My own group is going to split the cost, and do something like colour code the bases so we know whom each monster belongs to, so we can face down a couple dozen orcs, or a shambling horde of undead withut the need to proxy.
  10. Off to a great start. Love the skin tone. The furs look great too. Looking forward to seeing him finished up
  11. That nightmare unicorn is looking really good. The highlights, as you said, do need a bit of smoothing, but you have them in good spots, and the colours you have chosen to use for them are great. Love the flameing main, tail, and fetlocks. Perhaps a touch of a drybrushing on the dark red with the middle orange to bring it out a little more, and add more of a glow? Any plans on what you are going to do to smooth out the highlights?
  12. oooh a victorian handsome cab Steampunk and Sherlock Holmes type settings would rock with something like that. Come to think of it, a fishmonger with their barrow, or a street sweeper, or a bunch of those other common folk would be pretty cool too.
  13. Just found this and read it through from page 1. Buglips. I never thought I would say this of any goblinkin, but I am in awe of your work on this. I also wish you the absolute best in your removing of the nicotine from your life. I used to smoke cigarettes, but I have developed sleep apnea amongst other health issues, and had to quit, It's tough, but hey, if you can paint tiamat without having your brain disintigrate like C'thulu's underwear, you will make it.
  14. The problem is the pet tarantula never follows direction, and frankly makes patently illegal moves. Not even my dragon can cover that many squares in a single turn.
  15. I have just begun using the dip technique myself. Mostly on Battletech minis, but I will do a lot of my Bones this way when they show up. Minwax Polyshades Tudor works great. If you don't have room to shake, and you actually do dip rather then brush on. When your done wrap the mini in paper towel and roll it about in your hands a bit. It soaks up a lot of the excess and leaves you only a little to dab up with a Q-tip. And as a major bonus, for those who are used to playing with 9or in my case, are themselves) clumsy gamers, the dip adds a very solid layer that does wonders for protecting the paint underneath. That said. This is not the technique for display pieces. it looks good, but good is a long ways away from great when it comes to minis.
  16. oh the old black rum's got a hold on me, like a goblin wraped 'round me leg
  17. ah, Just the thread I was looking for. Good to know i will soon be able to order duplicates of some of the minis, especialy the dragons. mmmm dragons. I didn't order the bones version of the pathfinder red, but now that I have a metal one, I find I want at least one more.
  18. I have never tried it on my finger prints. I do run my brush ver the base of my thumb when doing drybrushing to make sure I have just enough paint left (another friendly tip. Coffee filters are IMHO the best thing to use to brush paint off the bristes before drybrushing. Lint free and pourous enough to do a great job of soaking up the extra)
  19. I must wan from experience though. Washes can be hard to get right, Pre-made specific washes are a good place to start, otherwise I can almost assure you, your first attempts will be too thick and fail. Only with experience do you learn that 'too runny' is almost thinned enough
  20. ah you will get over it. Once you paint it up, and it eats the first would be trasure hunter to come along.
  21. Yeah, if I had someone to do that, I would get my Sophie profesionaly done. As it is, I will do my best by her.
  22. Yup, I could show you some of my real disasters, and some of my real succeses, and trust me, some of my worst disasters happened after some of my greatest triumphs. So long as you don't get fed up and ragequit and keep on painting, in no time you will be able to put out table ready figures you can be happy with. Once you get happy with those, then you can try and build on ore new techniques, some will just save you time, some will improve the look, some will blow up in your face.
  23. that might work on your friends Buglips, but mine are not near so trusting
  24. Ah, alas, I am by far the most skilled painter of my friends, and the only way I am going to get a golden demon is with a mini and a can of spray paint. Still, the friends will have fun, I will have fun, and when it is done we will have several new figures for the table top
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