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    I enjoy playing d&d 5e and painting high level table top minis for it. I live in whistler and love snowboarding the local mountains and getting into the back country. I often go back to my homeland of NZ in the Canadian summer to enjoy more snowboarding. If I do..do a summer I like hiking, camping, disk golf and hanging by the lake also I'm always keen to sneak in a game of settlers.

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  1. Amazing thanks for all the replies. I'm glad there are some alternatives to testors. I've found sunward hobbies stocks testors at a reasonable rate.
  2. $96.19 ouch! It was $8 a can from Michaels, I know inflation is high but wow 😛 Does anyone know if these 2 products are the same?
  3. I'm still working my way through the Bones 1 & 2 KS boxes (which are amazing) and I have successfully been sealing with a coat of Testors Gloss cote (spray) and then a cote of Testors Dull coat (spray). I'm having trouble sourcing these cans in Canada now (Michaels seems to have stopped stocking it) has anyone had any success with the older bones models and a spray sealer? I combed the FAQ but could not find anything concrete. Bonus points if you know of anywhere in Western Canada I can buy Testors Dull & Gloss cote.
  4. Thanks for all the help. The 1/8 to 1/4 was bit of a run around, for me its strange that iwata and badger use different fittings. A friend of mine has another compressor that I'm going to borrow for a while which fits 1/4 so I ended up getting: NEO CN Gravity Feed Dual Action 0.35 needle Airbrush Moisture Water Trap 1/8 Quick Disconnect set 1/8 10ft Braided Airbrush hose 1/8 with 1/4 Adapter fitting Air brush cleaner kit (washing tools, pot etc) Cleaner Vallejo Airbrush Thinner 200PCS 3.0ml Pipettes I'll let you know how it goes!
  5. After reading more and the advice here I'm now looking at a kit, Here. I would add cleaning pot and cleaner + flow improver, its is $200CAD all in and I get a compressor though that is the very top end of my budget and would look to upgrading the airbrush in a few months. Any thoughts? Again thanks for all the great advice thus far
  6. Whats the best way to check if this compressor is OK with turning on and off often? Also with a tank is a moisture trap necessary? The Website says; Campbell Hausfeld 2 Gallon Air Compressor and Inflator is great for inflation, brad nailing, stapling, and air brushing But im not confident that it means its ok to be turned on and off, or that it will be any good for air brushing. I appreciate the safety tip, Ill be working in a garage (with doors open) and wearing an air filter mask. The next big purchase will be a new compressor as I dont feel this one is very good (super low price point and like you said more of a handymans compressor) and then ideally a spray booth.
  7. Thanks for the tips!! Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver will be added to the cart! Great to hear about the Neo CN, Ill try to be careful stripping and cleaning but i think i will order an extra needle shortly after. The compressor looks like this one pictured: Here I believe its pretty loud but at this stage the noise isnt an issue. If it has a tank is the moisture trap needed? (they arnt to price but it all adds up)
  8. I'm taking the leap and about to buy my first airbrush for mini painting and was hoping I could get some advice on what to buy. The Airbrushing: compendium has been very helpful and I've spent hours, days, what feels like years researching and I want to pull the trigger... I live in Canada and after ringing around some hobbyshops etc it seems amazon is the best bang for my buck. I have paint and access to a Campbell Hausfeld 2 Gallon Air Compressor (I will purchase another compressor in a few months once I have some more disposable income). My main concerns are does this compressor work with the airbrush listed below, do I need anything else? Heres what I've got in mind: NEO CN GRAVITY-FEED DUAL-ACTION AIRBRUSH $97.20 CAD Paasche 10-foot Nylon Braided Hose $18 CAD Airbrush Cleaner 4 Kit, Washing Tools - Glass Cleaning Pot etc $22 CAD Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner 85ml $7 CAD any advice would be appreciated
  9. Project has 18 hours left looking at completing set 4 of monsters.
  10. Sorry I’m late to the party just got my MD last night. These are great as usual, Cash your one of my favourite artist. No more “taking a break” from painting please and no airbrushing as then I feel I would have to get one and learn it. awesome work
  11. I just got the massive darkness KS last night and what a haul! This was the first mini I picked up. What great color selection. The eyes are incredible. You have done an amazing job and I’m going to save a picture of this for inspiration when I do mine. Looking forward to the rest of your massive darkness collection.
  12. I completely agree, they are unlocking currently the 3rd deck of monsters but even if they had the whole MM done what’s the point? The NPC and conditions decks are what I’m looking forward to. I’m going for the full set as it’s only $50 and feel I will use some decks a lot
  13. Yeah that's great idea with the spell cards , (I print spells off) I do like how these cards are tarot size.
  14. The Deck of Many is a series of 5e reference cards for Monsters, NPCs, Conditions and Weapons. The Deck of Many is a tool used to assist Game Masters in their role-playing campaigns, freeing them from traditional reference books and allowing them to only bring the references they need. Each card features original artwork and easy to reference information. Should we be successful, all funds raised from this campaign will go towards producing the 4 decks and other campaign rewards. Starting price: $16 for your choice of 1 deck including shipping to U.S & CAN http://kck.st/2iXieoF
  15. I finished the gaming face! It looks awesome. I wIll do a 100 things differently on my next one. The table top heavily cupped and needs to be re cut, put through the thickness planer & joiner & then glued and bisque joined. Heres a pic of the top about to be put onto the legs and then pics of it in the house and in use !
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