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  1. I am finding issues with my bones (finally getting to my Bones 2 box) and assembly with Cyanoacrylates. My Bone devil took about 10 tries before the wings would bond and it was only after soaking in soap water that it worked. My ice devil (the one that looks insectoid) is just plain not bonding at all, The tail fit is snug enough but pulls out readily. The arm fit is snug but also doesnt seem to bond but I'm letting that sit and am praying that it will take and the head (requiring the hollow head to fit a protuding neck) doesn't bond at all. Any suggestions on using cyanoacrylates with bits that refuse to bond?
  2. Take my Money!!!! I think Bones 2: Kickstarter Boogaloo will be better than the first. They learned all the nasty stuff about international shipping, time needed from China, logistics best practices etc.
  3. I got an email about 3 weeks ago saying that if you've changed your shipping details then you need to update them, otherwise your order will ship soon. There was no change on my part and I left the matter alone. That email, IIRC, was from Reaper. About 23/June I got an email in my Junkmail from DHL saying an order had shipped and then again today saying the order arrived 1/July ago, also from DHL, saying I wasn't home to recieve it (was away on Holiday)... the thing is I am not sure if the emails are spam or not and if the shipping notification comes from Reaper or for DHL (I am in Australia). Not trusting the mails I took the number from the emails and then went to the DHL site, rather than use the links in the email, and tried searching using that number on the DHL site and found nothing matching that number (ref in the email: 75264282). Whats the go with shipping notifications? Who will I recieve them from, Reaper or DHL? Can anyone from Reaper reach out to me to get my details and confirm if its been shipped or not and where it currently is?
  4. Its a suggestion - not a demand. I even tried to make a business case for it. Sheesh.
  5. I'll be honest - not sure what to get... after stripping out Sophie AND with the $75 extra I added to my pledge, I have $100 in extras. I AM extremely tempted by the paints - I don't know why as a) I have a BUNCH of paints (I used to do a lot of Battletech painting) b) I don't have anything resembling the time I'd need to get into it in a big way. The Case is attractive, simply because I will have 240+ figures AND about 30 or so D&D figures. I do on the other hand have about 600+ starwars minis'. Then there is the Giants and Demons - I simply don't have any. Dragons I can get from my Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Asalarlon but giants I lack... I can see myself getting ALL the Giant options plus the Mind your Manors. However at the end of the day, I'll see where the mood takes me and what options the Bid Manager opens - the embedded video says it will have some additional features that people will like and I am hoping its the ability to buy singles and/or from their existing Bones catalog... and if that happens? I may just fork out another $30-50 via paypal.
  6. If no one ever suggests it then the odds are infinitely lower... plus there IS a bottom line benefit in increased sales AND using it as an incentive for backers to push back the shipment dates a bit so that they can get SOME sleep in March 13'
  7. There are a few of the sculpts out there that I'd have liked to have seen multiples of - is there a chance to have them added to the pledge manager tool as extras? Example - the Direwolf figure. IF you add that to the Pledge Manager, I'm likely to add 3 to 4 more to my order within my current 'spend'. The wraith with sword? Heck, will take another 2 of those etc. Make the price at $1 each (more expensive that the current average of 40-50 cents each), or maybe $1.50. Also how about the idea of including some of the current range - use the current pricing if you wish (though I'd not say no to a discount on that :D) but it saves a lot of hassle and shipment if you can just make a mega order of the new and current and send it out in one hit and again, taps into those who have already spent but want MORE... Hopefully either or both of these ideas will get more of your products to your new customers AND get you some extra revenue. Edit: Additional idea? Anyone wanting to use these options to get additional singles OR current range? Simply say that this option is for any customers willing to let their order ship April instead of March - gives you guys some breathing space otherwise March will simply be hell.
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