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  1. So....that means nothing for us? Blah.
  2. Greenbriar has shipped multiple projects, just for clarity.... There are just some still pending.
  3. I'll second that. The Shadowrun games are Good, Great, and Great. The first one was a little rocky out the gate, but the next 2 were stellar.
  4. CMoN has learned a lot of lessons since Sedition Wars. They have had a large number of successful KS's since then. I'm not really worried.
  5. I got my ship notice today. I had werewolves in my pack.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084608523/lobotomy-board-game Another interesting boardgame.
  7. Received my stuff today. Looks pretty nice. Look forward to playing.
  8. I received my shipping notice for this. Looking forward to it. **EDIT: False Alarm** Miss-read shipping from other soda pop ks.
  9. Interesting Quasi Chibi game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wheelhouse/rivals-masters-of-the-deep gameplay
  10. Got my Stonehaven yesterday :)
  11. I went through the models today a little bit. They look really nice. A similar material to bones but very crisp sculpts for the most part. Really like the cheshire cat.
  12. Agreed. I'm hoping with a nice, tight focus, they can get all this stuff published and out there in relatively good time.
  13. If you run out of zombies...bad things are going down.
  14. That Kraken is pretty boss.
  15. I received my sacred 40 today. I backed in the 2nd campaign at a pledge level that included the sacred 40.
  16. Not to pick nits....but does it really matter which freebie falls where on the unlock schedule? In your head, just imagine one of the shared unlocks happens there, and the big wolf is earlier :)
  17. I think this is the greatest metaphor ever.
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