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  1. You've just started putting people into Space again. Bravo
  2. The naysayers (and I'm guilty of this myself), perform a valuable service. They're a counter to the worshippers who believe Poots is above criticism, and in this project at least they have legitimate reason to complain about poor communication and delay. The pandemic has hit my bank account quite hard so I've been toying with a refund request but I really do want those miniatures, especially some of the really bizarre monsters.
  3. I went in at the Satan's pledge level, I swing daily between regretting that and being really pleased that I did. Friends and I played the game but it just didn't grab us, it was fascinating but we didn't have fun. However I am a big fan of the minis and it looks like there are a huge number to come. If I sell off the expansions I have and the new ones (if they arrive before the Grim Reaper catches up with me), I could see a situation where I end up with a host of minis and a break-even cost.
  4. Thank you both. I haven't tried priming them yet, maybe that should be the next step. I just had a go with some soap and the wife's toothbrush on the mounted figure in the photo I posted, it removed the stickiness you mention @Gadgetman! but not the overall sheen.
  5. Thanks. The two I've posted pics of are amongst the worst. There are some less badly afflicted that I have washed in soapy water and there has been some improvement. I think you're assuming, as I did, that it's a result of release agent, but now I'm wondering if it's a bad resin mix. Still not sure
  6. This week I purchased a bunch of miniatures from the Loaded game released by Archon/Prodos Games. The miniatures are cast in 'Unicast' the resin developed by Prodos. 75% of the miniatures I am really happy with, the sculpting and casting quality is remarkable. However the remaining 25% all seem to be suffering from....well I don't know what. In the pictures I've posted, the figure on the left is fine, but the one on the right has an unpleasant waxy texture and is either poorly cast or has an extra thin sheen of oily plastic coating it. Has anyone encountered something similar and if so did you manage to treat it succesfully? Thanks
  7. This is England, the idea that civilisation will break down is inconceivable. Technology may become redundant, food chains may break down, but there will always be time for afternoon tea and some cricket on the village green.
  8. Just had ten British Army 24 hour ration packs delivered.....just in case society breaks down . Mrs Beagle is most unhappy, and I received a proper telling off for wasting money. She'll change her tune when the food runs out and she's after a nibble
  9. Godzilla, King of the Monsters - Thought I'd love it, but just couldn't quite get into it The Nun - Really enjoyed the first two thirds, but like so many horror movies they failed to land it. Once Upon a Time in America - An oldie which I've just never had a chance to sit down and watch. Absolutely loved it
  10. I really don't want to back another kickstarter, but I'm certainly interested in picking some of these up at retail. They capture my preference for Tolkeinesque High Elves. Very nice
  11. Kickstarter don't have much of a track record when it comes to protecting backers. Here's my response from them regarding the new project, which I reported: We’ve investigated and determined that it doesn’t violate our rules or community guidelines. If you believe there is an issue that’s not covered by our rules or guidelines, please contact us with more details. If you haven’t already, you can also communicate directly with the project creator. While we won’t be taking action on this project at this time, we value your input. We rely on reports like yours to ensure the safety and integrity of Kickstarter for everyone. Thanks again for looking out for the Kickstarter community. Best, Kickstarter Trust & Safety
  12. Another update, a year after the last (making it 8 years since the kickstarter - maths). Vague promises about completion........and whaddya know, it coincides with another kickstarter being released by Mr Hopp.
  13. Very sad this one, a true icon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LClTjcyNJSI
  14. I saw your plea on another thread and am determined to be neighbourly. Happy to take forward a lend-lease agreement if I can be of service
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