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  1. I've finally had a chance to sit down and have a good look through the contents of Bones 5. I have to say that I think the content is the best yet. Bones 2-4 were good but a little underwhelming after Bones 1, but this time around I think it's fantastic.
  2. Beagle

    Halloween ideas?

    Given that most of us on these forums are fans of the fantasy genre I'm surprised there isn't more of a Halloween buy-in. I have an image of America as being very enthusiastic about Halloween. How would you describe Halloween in the States?
  3. Beagle

    Halloween ideas?

    Good idea about the hang-out. I'll mull it over Come over, I have most of October off of work. There are plenty of spooky locales in London for Halloween, lot's of haunted pubs and strange alleys leading who knows where......
  4. Beagle

    Halloween ideas?

    This thread is a bit self indulgent, so apologies in advance for that. I've always been a Halloween nut, I absolutely love it.....or at least I absolutely love the idea of it. I was thinking just yesterday about past Halloween experiences, and it occurred to me that in terms of Halloween experiences I've actually done very little. I remember sitting with my granddad in our garden, watching a bonfire when I was about 6 years old, we cooked sausages and scanned the sky for witches on broomsticks, the lights from my parents house were only metres away but it might as well have been 100 miles. Ever since then I've had the Halloween bug. Six years ago Mrs Beagle I moved to an idyllic cottage in the countryside, at this time of year it's quite creepy and has a wonderful atmosphere. The downside is we have no neighbours, and visitors tend to be few and far between, so whilst the house looks great when decorated in Halloween props, there's no-one to show it off too. We don't have kids so kids parties are not an option, and my wife and the dogs are somewhat indifferent about Halloween, they indulge me but certainly wouldn't do anything to mark Halloween if I wasn't here. In years past I've bought decorations, carved pumpkins, baked cakes, watched horror movies, gone for spooky dog walks in the woods at twilight and burnt my 'Halloween scents' candles all over the house. BUT all of this feels like a too much of a solitary experience. This year I managed to persuade my wife to help me host a fancy dress party, but my attempt to sell it to friends and work colleagues was met with lukewarm enthusiasm at best. At a bit of a loose end this year and with lots of time to kill, the best I could come up with is to decorate the popular dog-walking path in our local woods. I've been growing pumpkins and squashes this year, so have an abundance of potential jack-o-lanterns to festoon the trail with. It's all a bit desperate and unless I'm prepared to hide in the bushes and risk arrest, I'm probably not going to benefit from seeing people's reactions. So, I suppose the point of this thread is to ask you if you have any secrets for enjoying a solitary Halloween or social events that would work for child-free middle aged types?
  5. Added two more models to my 54mm World War One range Petty Officer, Royal Naval Air Service, Antwerp 1914 Italian Marine, San Marco Regiment Second Battle of Piave River 1917
  6. From FF3, the Forest of Doom, and the first one of the series I bought .
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/atlantisminiatures/fighting-fantasy-legends-28mm-resin-miniatures Miniatures based on the art from the Fighting Fantasy books. I was an avid fan of the books growing up so I'm definitely in WHEN IS THE KICKSTARTER?Our kickstarter release will go live approximately October 16th. It will feature all of the new models and the updated versions of some models with plenty of extras. If you can't attend FFF3 or don't get exactly what you want, then join us on Kickstarter and check out what's on offer.WHATS BEING ADDED TO THE RANGE?The 10 additional models will be gradually revealed on here and social media in the build up to the kickstarter release. Why not generate a little hype! HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN ITS LIVE?If you sign up to our newsletter via www.atlantisminiatures.com, email notifications will be sent during the build up and once we are live.WILL THERE BE AN EARLY BIRD OFFER?This is something we have always struggled to get right. This time we will have a first 48 hour discount on some of the rewards options.There will be no super early bird discounts on this release.WHAT ABOUT STRETCH GOALS?There will be some stretch goal additions to the Collectors options. We will not be using miniatures as stretch goals in this release. Instead, we have tried to get the prices as generous as possible on box offers. It doesn't feel right to separate some of the release as freebies. Each character from the franchise deserve their own spot in the box, which is why we have priced accordingly on the box offers.
  8. Beagle

    Ebay - it's just not fun anymore

    I’m not so sure that’s the case here. The ones I’m watching are consistently buying up collections and rarer items and then reselling
  9. Beagle

    Ebay - it's just not fun anymore

    One of the figures I've been watching is 'Osrim Chardz', the dwarf commander from Bloodbath at Orks Drift. One seller has him listed for.....wait for it.....£179.99! Makes me laugh that they feel the need to have the 99p at that price, why not just go £180? In fact why not go £1.8 million ?
  10. Beagle

    Ebay - it's just not fun anymore

    When I was in my early teens I loved (and still love), the Warhammer campaign packs released by GW. The First was 'Bloodbath at Orc's Drift' (based around the historical engagement at Rorkes Drift in 1879). I received this as a present on Christmas day and was, apparently, completely unsociable for the rest of Christmas that year as I indulged in the battles using the cardboard figures included in the set. And then there was 'The Tragedy of McDeath' - based on the Shakespeare play This was followed by 'Terror of the Lichmaster' All three were complimented with a small range of figures I collect GW miniatures from the time of these releases but right at the top of my wants list are the minis from these three sets. They're hard to find, but just a few years ago I was making steady progress, and now nothing. Some are available from the sellers I mentioned in my first post but at crazy prices, I've been watching them for months - they don't sell and the prices don't come down. The business model has to be a very low turnover of stock, but clearly the profit made from the sales that do happen allows the business to continue. Frustrating
  11. ...at least not for me. I've been collecting Citadel Miniatures from 1988-1991 for a number of years now, for me these represent a nostalgic period when I really started to enjoy collecting, and when the quality of the miniatures began to improve significantly. For a while Ebay was a great place to find and purchase these miniatures, and I could spend an hour at the weekend knowing I'd find a few pieces to add to the collection. But then I noticed opportunities to pick up these miniatures started to dry up, sellers no longer seemed to be using 'Buy it now', and auction prices were suddenly going through the roof. And it became clear after a bit of Holmesian digging that the reason for this was the emergence of dedicated sellers of vintage miniatures. Now I can hear all of you capitalists shrugging and muttering about market forces, but here's why it's sad. There are maybe half a dozen UK buyers/sellers who have been hoovering up the miniatures, I'm guessing that they constantly scan new listings and buy collections and rare figures as soon as they appear, they also compete against each other in auctions driving the prices up. So where I used to be able to pick up a figure for between £3-£5, I'm now seeing these re-sellers list the same figure for between £8-£15. I'm sure re-selling in the collectables market is a practice as old as time, but it's bloody frustrating for those of us who just want a fair shot at filling the holes in our collections. And where does one look if not on Ebay? Just wanted to get that off my chest.
  12. Beagle

    Happy Birthday Thes Hunter

    Another Birthday, how many does one girl need!? You've had at least 6 since I joined the forums Happy Birthday.
  13. Added two more 54mm miniatures from the excellent Tommy's War range. The first is a Nurse, Voluntary Aid Detachment, France 1916 and the second is a Trooper, Australian Light Horse, Beersheba 1917
  14. My own personal cannon for the story is the wonderful 'The Boy King' campaign from Chaosium and for the 'Pendragon' RPG. The campaign is broken down over 80 years, with details and adventures for each year. It draws heavily on Mallory