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  1. I think they already have plenty of options. This isn't a basic store after all. There also needs to be some incentive to go back and purchase more models once they hit normal production. Wanted 3-4 owlbears but didn't have use for that many girffons? Well purchase the owlbear on its own when they are released. I also wouldn't be surprised if many or all of the models in any given goal group are all part of the same mold. It might be possible, but probably a fair amount more work, to cast just a single model out of a mold. So they might not be able to cast Dark Elf with Swords and Dark Elf with Spear separately, or if they do it might be more work, so they wouldn't want you to be able to buy them separately at this point. With *just* the pledges to vampire level, not counting multiple vampire purchases or options they are at 3.95 million models. And with the average pledge per backer being at $193 you know there are a lot of multiple vampire purchases and a lot of options as well. And just because... with 21 working days in March 2013 they would have to get out 835 orders per day to get all 17546 orders out (backers -skeleton and zombie levels whom don't get shipments)
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