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  1. I was hoping that I missed something on the Power Ups, but apparently not? If so, hopefully something cool is coming down the pike. The past 6 weeks have spoiled me for cool new minis. :)
  2. Did any of the video(s) from the Bones closing-day party make it to YouTube or anywhere? I'd love to watch it, if at all possible.
  3. College football is in full swing, the folks at Reaper killed it with the Bones IV Kickstarter, and it's a 3 day weekend. What a day! Many thanks to Reaper for a great KS and for all of the wonderful people who have kept me entertained in here. You all rock!
  4. And now I know why I couldn't sleep...it's Bones Day! So many cool reveals lately, I really need to get caught up!
  5. Holy cats! When I last checked in, this was at page 414, and now I'm up to 419. Do I dare try to keep up?!? (Good work all around, by the way!)
  6. Good morning all! I'll be off the grid most of today as part of Community Service Day where I work, so have some fun for me and pledge pledge pledge!
  7. Kickstarter needs to add some sort of "hide pledge amount from spouse/significant other" button.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe the caveman is Sir Forscale sans armor?
  9. Sigh. So you can still sell blood, right? Yet another cool expansion, and the classic horror monsters are a great addition to the core!
  10. While I'm sure it's way too late in the game for this, for Bones 5, I'd love it if we could assemble a "fan-created" mini like Four Horsemen did with their recent Mythic Legions kickstarter. It was a great way to engage backers and get some nice social media love going, too. Basically the backers vote for individual components of a figure and then the figure/mini is available to add to your pledge, or incorporated into the core pledge. Of course there are a ton of more options when it comes to assembling a mini, so it would still be a challenging project. But basically you pick a starting mini type and go from there like so: Mini type: A. Giant B. Dragon C. Mousling D. Cavalry And after a suitable voting period, you would add follow-up components to flesh-out the mini. So if the people voted for a Cavalry mini, you would get to vote for the mount: A. Dire wolf B. Stag Beetle C. Hellhound D. Cat Dragon And so on and so forth. Again, just a suggestion on something to kick around for the future. Keep up the great work, folks!
  11. Holy cats, those frost giants are amazing, especially once you take the time to look at the fine details. I should just save myself time and order 2 sets, because I'm sure my daughter will be staking claim to a pair!
  12. Wow, great job! Any challenges or horror stories you would like to share (after you are rested up!)?
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