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  1. puts a birthday cake in @Last Knights refrigerator

  2. Last Knight

    ...which of you did this?

    Yeah, they have an option for "larger, easier to clean up" glitter; which is the one I would use for my friend, if I glitterbrick her. I should for so soon, or the eye will already be healed by the time it gets there! Tiny, herpes of the craft world glitter is reserved for enemies...
  3. Last Knight

    ...which of you did this?

    I'm just profoundly grateful that my brick sender didn't spring the extra $3 to have the envelope filled with glitter, too. ... Although I'm seriously considering sending glitter and a get well card (and a brick) to my friend who loves glitter and recently scratched her cornea...
  4. Last Knight

    ...which of you did this?

    About $7, according to the postmark! Edit to add: I think I've found the website they used, actually... Which means the NY postmark is useless. https://funkydelivery.com/product/mail-a-brick/ So, someone spent about $14 to confuse the hell out of me while making a meme reference. ... money well spent...
  5. Last Knight

    [SPLIT] Secret Weapon - Dispute over molds

    Didn't they have a hostile takeover by the Chinese factory owners a few years back?
  6. Last Knight

    ...which of you did this?

    A random brick! It's a play on a Facebook meme that's going around - "tag a friend in a random stock photo." But - pretty much everyone I know IRL would have sent it to my address, not my folks. Return address was fake, postmark was New York.
  7. Last Knight

    ...which of you did this?

    Received an unusual package at my away-from-home mailing address (aka, the parents' house). Too odd!
  8. Last Knight

    FLGS Confusion Over Pewter

    I was just in my FLGS the other day; mostly Bones, but pewter DHL and Chronoscope available (including a 2015 Reapercon Sophie). Quite nice selection, really.
  9. The weapon sprues from Bones 3; can they be painted up the same as ordinary Bones, or do they require priming? I'm doing my first ever weapon swaps to replace some bendy swords, and I'm not sure if I can just slather on Brown Liner and go, or if I should go with brush-on primer...
  10. Last Knight

    Cheap Figs at Wally World

    I knew someone was going to interpret it that way... Congrats on being today's someone, I suppose.
  11. Last Knight

    Cheap Figs at Wally World

    Could you share some pictures of the bare figures?
  12. Last Knight

    Sculptor Sandra Garrity posted about IP infringment on Facebook

    If you would like to buy the minis in question, they're available legally from Armorcast.
  13. Last Knight

    Itar's Workshop - Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter

    " This is a post no creator wants to write but it is long overdue in this case. It will come as no surprise to anyone that this project has failed. In addition to dealing with the impending end of my father's life and my wife's continuing health problems I have been pushed into complete bankruptcy. I had hoped even up to a few weeks ago that I could somehow finish this project but I have been forced to admit that trying to do so at this point will only further damage my own health. I simply have nothing left to give. I know that nobody is happy to hear this and feel free to call me whatever names you want (I deserve it). My sincerest apologies to the 57 people who haven't gotten their stuff. You deserve better. Here is a breakdown of how the money was spent. I think I've posted this before but I'm too lazy to go look at which update it was. Equipment. (spin caster, vulcanizer, etc) $10,534 Resin and filler $45,600 Molds $18,327 Postage $18,654 misc (shipping supplies, packaging, paper, mold release, etc) $5213 Total Spent: $98,328 Good luck to everyone in the future and again my apologies that this project couldn't be finished."