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  1. There's clearly something in the water effecting you and TGP adversely; everyone knows Last Knight doesn't really exist.
  2. Unless things have gotten seriously weird since last I posted here, Mrs. Boot neither indulges in nor requires coffee. She manages wrangling this particular herd of cats on native grit and the occasional cup of cocoa.
  3. 4 according to my Paint Rack. Think I've only used it once, for a cyberganger's hair.
  4. ...except Pingo is trying to record a video, and blocking out noise for her personally isn't going to help much. =D
  5. Pretty sure the barge was Bones Classic (in grey), the Bones plastic has generally done pretty well in larger, thicker models.
  6. I actually like the cold and can't stand the heat, so anything in the Middle East is just a nightmare for me. Also, nice; I've been sailing Military Sealift Command for a dog's age, minimum 4 months on but your relief is guaranteed late, 30 calendar days off and they're demanding you come back. I'm about ready to hang up my seabag and try something shoreside.
  7. I don't think Bones Classic would have worked for this, but Bones Black might... on the other hand, it doesn't seem to jibe with Reaper's "play it right out of the package" philosophy for Bones. Are they still sticking with that?
  8. Almost seems more appropriate for "Fifteen men on a dead man's chest/Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum..." I am also reminded of the skeletal guardian from The Last Unicorn, getting drunk even though the wine poured straight through his empty rib cage.
  9. Those are the worst, man. I spent last Christmas standing gate guard and quarterdeck watch in Qatar. Do not recommend. Who are you sailing for? What's your tour, four on and four off?
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