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  1. I have receive them. To be honest, a little disappointed, the doubloons were the best of the batch
  2. I don´t need them. I don´t have time to paint them. But I´m on litenaunt level. I still don´t know why. I lack self control >-<
  3. Needs more photos, but they look cheap https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-conflict-of-frondglaucous-a-28mm-miniatures-game
  4. Could you elaborate with the "reenactment purposes"? why they need to be shiny for that? legit question in my case, I prefer the new look, but I understand that people could be annoyed with this changes on the middle of this
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/miniongames/metal-dragon-coins https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fantasycoinhq/fantasy-coins-for-board-games-rpgs-larp-or-any-occ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cqgames/the-best-damn-metal-gaming-coins-ever
  6. As long as I know, I have pledged three different coins project through kickstarter, all of them different, but don´t trust me on this.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fantasycoinhq/fantasy-coins-for-board-games-rpgs-larp-or-any-occ I´m in for one of each
  8. Well I´m in (i was in before knowing that. that´s not the best publicity for the project, for sure.)
  9. preliminary data within parameters.As for repeat, asking how future Ks are formatted May be a tad premature. We new no just sales data but fulfillment reports from the floor to see what our changes impacted. I mean, you don´t know already the last stretch goal on KS3? :P But I guess that if the answer is not "hell, no, it was a mess", is enough answer With the current technology of bones, what would be the bigger miniature you could create? I guess it has practical limits on the size. I guess that Kaladrax is the biggest mini right now, what would be the biggest mini you see yourself wanting/creating? (beware, highly hypotetical question) I´m the only one that enjoy the idea of all the numeric data behind these projects? :D
  10. In the end, how well the expansions behave? Will you repeat again?
  11. webcomics I pretty much only doSkin Horse anymore. Paper comics I wait for the good stories to be anthologized as paperbacks Do you read the order of the stick? 3 favourite tv series?
  12. I was going with a simple coin, but I upped for a set of new doblons, one piece of each myth 1, muth 2 and dragons if I can recall
  13. Well, I upped my pledge on the manager... I´ll take photos!
  14. I am a firm supporter of the Right to Bear Arms, and have gone hunting before - and did some Skeet shooting once, and didn't embarrass myself - I got about as many as the group I was with that go every week, only 2-3 less, so it was good. nonetheless, I own no firearms myself other than a .22 rifle for home defense, and while I am drilled in firearms safety, I am not comfortable enough in their presence to be an enthusiast. If I was in a situation where the one firearm I have was insufficient, I would be out of my depth anyway, and a "better" weapon would likely only endanger myself and others. Ok, excuse my stupid mind, I just conjured the idea of a Right Arm Bear as some kind of flag or symbol. If you had another proffesion, what would you choose?
  15. I prefer you to sleep :P What´s was the hardest decision on the project? And the biggest surprise? Did the row percentages varied too much respect ks1? Which one is your favourite miniature of the kickstarter? Do you considerer wings for the minotaur demon? Sorry for the chaingun like questions.
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