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  1. responding to some input they received, it seems they have unlocked four tubes http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monstertome/goblin-miniatures/posts/478639 to make more intereseting higher pledge levels
  2. I´m going to say it only once. Everything is better with skulls
  3. I asked something similar to this, but no answer.
  4. Yeah, from 82$ you can get minis from 2.25$ each + freebies. Im tempted...
  5. I have been Finarfin since almost forever. But as he is a elf from lotr, sometimes is not available and I have to use a different one
  6. http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-and-paint-minis-1/
  7. any word about getting this minis after the kickstarter?
  8. Im not fan of the shirt, Im the only one? I haven´t answered yet. Maybe it was a too much "personal" question. Which will be the final price for this minis?
  9. I have asked if they have thinked about a lesser level with all the miniatures and stretch goals (without shirt and pdf). I´ll let you know his answer
  10. Without looking, I regret not getting more cases
  11. You mean 70$ to shipping to Europa? (dungeon forge kickstarter) :P
  12. 18$ for a dragon could be nice One question, I don´t know well Sword & Wizardry, but I understand that if I wanted to use this on 3.5 I better go with the pathfinder version, correct?
  13. Sorry if asked, but what will be the store price of this? :D
  14. you'd be surprised. the slathering hordes of DF fanboys seem to think that DF invented 3D dungeon pieces and anyone that does something comparable is stealing from them. the worst part is that stefan (DF "artist") believes it too. i don't know how many of you here are old enough to remember D&D 1st edition, but there have been 3D dungeons life DF since day 1. anyone remember Ainsty? Actually, the last thing I wanted was to start a fire :P I was asking more about who was giving more bung for our buck
  15. someone has compared this one with dwarven forge? :)
  16. OMG!!! You're right! There's only one logical answer! Attention Reaperites! Don't go to ReaperCon! It's a Trap! The Bones! They're... The Bones are... They're made of People!!! The Bones are made of People!!! AAAGH!!! I understand now how the "material" they are using for bones is so wonderful.
  17. Any chance to have this pictures updated? :P http://www.reapermini.com/Bones It would be nice to see all the miniatures with better quality :P
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